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hello proxy notice it is sizzle fizzle here I just wanted to do a quick video at the request of Matteo or mate jot not quite sure how to pronounce that but hes requested a video covering the collateral or great process this is the last time that were going to be doing one so I thought why not lets go all out in a nutshell Ive got twenty four thousand locked on a current existing master note as we can see here its down as active zero zero currently just click startling so thats legitimate if we go to tools and open master node configuration file we can see that it is set up here and that is the TX ID that we used previously and the output ID that goes with it now what our next step is is if you have 50,000 spare coins which I currently have you can see there five one four four zero all well and good you can use that 50,000 send it to yourself in a bundle like this and that 50,000 will be working as your collateral and you can right click go into transaction IDs collect that one head over to the to the Explorer place that in open it up see where your 50,000 lies now if thats in the first row there it is actually row 0 so your output ID is zero not one this is one down here this is zero so that is how you would do it if you had 50,000 spare coins now in the event of you only having your 24,000 in your master node currently and you needed to go and buy twenty six thousand from the exchange you would need to buy twenty six thousand send it to yourself then you would need to send the full fifty thousand after unlocking your original color so were going to open masternode config and in the start of this line we press hash that is it we then click Save do file save on that to disable this master node minimize that way and then we go tools wallet repair and upgrade wallet format now this is gonna be the longest part of the video because the wallet will just restart with the new master node kampf applied so once this loads up the initial 24,000 collateral that you had prior that was working on a master node will be released and you can spend it on whatever you want now id strongly suggest buying twenty six thousand for each of your common each of your nodes by the coins in and then send them in blocks of fifty thousand to the address of your existing master node wallet now that was obtainable from the previous master note app it tells you your public key on the far right inside I should have demonstrated that whilst I was recording however Im now stuck in this loop so I cant get out of it once youve got the public key from there you can go to your receiving addresses find out what the public key is copy that and then send the payment to yourself but as I say it has to be one single payment of fifty thousand so as we can see the public key that was receiving my master noon rewards theyre back at the two forts hes in the 160s was of that address and thats the address that I have sent fifty thousand to but as you can see I no longer have any locked coins I also dont have a master mode so what you would now do if youd bought in an extra twenty six thousand to go with the twenty four thousand that you had already if you would now go to pay to put in the address that you wanted and then the amount would be exactly fifty thousand it cant be anything other than fifty thousand has to be exactly fifteen thousand three times I said that please pay attention now once you understand that it will require 21 confirmations before you can actually start your master note successfully it will tell you that it started successfully but it wont work you have to wait for 21 confirmations you can check that by going to transactions going to the line wave 50,000 has been received and you can go to show transaction details and it will tell you their status and how many confirmations this is 31 because I received it from the mask master account where Ive sent it for this demonstration now because I have this what I can do is I can go to show transaction details copy that transaction ID and then paste that in to the master node comm file replacing this fourth section okay so as we have a via the format alias IP import must know private key collateral outputs exid so thats my alias thats my IP thats the project key and that is the TX ID so the TX ID Im going to delete it and then paste in the correct one gonna put a space to make sure these are separated now I know that mine is zero yours may be one or two that can be checked through explorer picking the line zero one two and it will continue down this is all thats required to do the upgrade and you would then need to remove that hash you would then save it Im not going to because the 50,000 is not currently active and it wont be I wont be able to demonstrate it working after the fact Im just gonna close that without saving and then yeah that was pretty much it after that you still want to have a master node in here so your tools wallet repair and you upgrade the wallet format again that will then provide it back to you so hopefully thats made the the whole process much easier to understand Ill just save this back in again because Id forgot to remove the hash or a dream - but I didnt click save so it wouldnt actually apply but after the wallet comes back up youll masternode will be showing it will say that you need to start it and you can then start it once it has the 21 confirmations on that amount quiet one thing that can break this if your wallet is set to staking and your coins are not locked there is a chance that your computer will solve a block whilst you are in the middle of this process so any coins that stake could break a different transaction and pull coins out of it that can cause you issues however once youve got the majority of them done you can send the other the remaining transactions its one of those things youll need to work through but yes I didnt update my master no kampf in time so its still not locked them but that is the the long and short of it as I just make sure I saved you get them just do another quick restart of this just to show that it will lock the coins when youre using a valid TX ID and output which obviously Im not because its a still at 24,000 rather than 50,000 so Im using the old one again I just pause it quickly and speed things up okay very fine and loading and were done coins are locked again however this will say 50,000 unless you have multiple nodes in which case it will be multiples of 50,000 hopefully thats everything you guys needed to see and you should see that I was able to do all of this in 9 minutes its not a particularly difficult process once youre used to it and of course come to discord and we will support you as and when required if we can help I wish you guys all the best and look forward to seeing you on the other side of 50k where hopefully the price and people going over to the exchange to buy the extra coins will increase the value of the coin and yes we should be in for a really really strong future so shame Ive not planned in to do more of these but they are an absolute pain in the rear end the 2526 down here that you see if people dont go and buy coins this number will drop dramatically okay so we would be looking at roughly a 48 percent or 49 percent of these existing masternodes which means it only be about 1250 ish a width only being twelve hundred and fifty muster nodes that would mean that the reward time is one a day because we do thirteen thirteen hundred and six blocks a day I believe that would mean we get one in a little bit every single day so even though youve doubled your collateral and the reward is having from one sixty to eighty you get twice as many rewards hes still getting one sixty in the same period of time however anybody who buys their coins from the exchanges and fills their account up so that they keep as many nodes on as possible will be getting twice as much as they were which is a nice little return on investment for coins that you buy now so you can get some coins cheap grab on while you can because I dont think theyll be cheap for much longer all the best guys take care and lets have fun we build to succeed Proxynode, a community project with use cases and future plans.WeBuildToSucceed WEBSITE – BITCOINTALK – GITHUB – WALLET – EXPLORER – TWITTER – TELEGRAM CHANNEL – TELEGRAM CHAT – FACEBOOK – YOUTUBE – MEDIUM - STEEMIT - BOOTSTRAP – COIN EMBLEM – WALLPAPER – WALLETS WINDOWS – LINUX – MAC HIGH – MAC – Source code zip – Source code tar.gz – WHERE TO BUY PROXYNODE PRX CREX24 – CRYPTO BRIDGE – MASTERNODE INFO AND STATISTICS MASTERNODES.ONLINE – NODECHECK.IO – MASTERNODES PRO – MNTREND – ` COIN PRICE, INFO AND STATISTICS COIN MARKET CAP – COINLIB – COIN MARKET DADDY – COINCODEX – COINGECKO – COIN MARKETS – DIGITAL COIN PRICE – ALT COIN PRICE INDEX - NEIRONIX - BITSCREENER - MASTERNODE BUZZ - COIN CHECKUP - MARKET BEAT - GET DELTA mobile app – BLOCKFOLIO mobile app– update in progress WORLD COIN INDEX – update in 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