chainlink курс прогнозPolygon MATIC прогноз на июль 2022 Бешеный рост MATIC продолжается?

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chainlink курс прогноз Binance Blvd - CnC PropertiesOpenSea 17,110... Polygon MATIC прогноз на июль 2022 Бешеный рост MATIC продолжается?
friends hello everyone my name is alexey this video we are considering only the motive lets see fifty- eight cents at the time of recording the mark the bottom was the largest one lets say a colossal correction and in principle one of the largest collections in general on the crete market ever there was an autogen motik, these are huge trading volumes, plus huge prospects in terms of fundamentals, while the maximum was at 290, based on the maximum, lets count with you minus eighty-nine percent of the fall and this is a top altcoin, lets say this is an altcoin that is always on the lips that have very great fundamental prospects solves a huge number of problems and we are considering the whole ecosystem and not just one calculated as if it were like this, but at the same time it’s like this, it’s quite real, we saw a fall and it’s so global formats and as usual let’s see this day is relevant and while we are below this trend global trend downward according to the test we had on March 31 test 2 hotels ps 3 appellant since April 4 such some consolidation formation oblique tests him continuing to fall another test we see based on April 22 after the passage of time then there is a fall, growth is befitting sloping, and yet the continuation of the fall, the continuation of the trend correction and relevant for each lower trend trend, the global downtrend, that is, the bearish plus everything, lets see that our investment scheme on the daily timeframe also serves as a tool to determine the downtrend 93 percent at least up to t 100 m and 200, that is, if, relatively speaking, we had consolidation there, it was not clear after the January fall what kind of trend is now obviously downward, this and the price confirms us from the office and the month of May and from, but we are close to the trend ones, which will probably be tested again before some accumulation and still a breakdown of the trend line is likely wildly history is waiting for us soon more locally information at least based on June 18 at this moment the main support of 32 cents we see is marked on our chart and we are trending more local here with the formation on May 14 df 15 16 17 in the flesh up to 19 then another test we see with you on June 10 with the nickname of the trace from June 24 to June 27 probably this is some compression on the chart there may be such a story before a probable breakdown, respectively, of the trend as rammus you looked at I’ll show you only a theory when we have a close potential exit the formation to him with you of course klaus dima these are my thoughts at the moment regarding the polygon motik let’s do a full review today look at the news resistance support levels we will conduct a technical analysis i welcome you on the official channel of the open platform, the Koran is bundled and friends, as usual, I hope you enjoy watching friends, this is not Alexey’s name for this video, we reviewed the Motik training ground for us, the vacation passed, I hope you also rested, although of course the crypto market did not let you rest, let’s be honest, because the fall is just a massive fall at the moment there is a correction of the crypto market at record values ​​ for, in principle, the entire history of the existence of the crypto market, this says something, while many people think that the correction will continue and literally some script assets will cost around zero there is also a statement that it is current bearish cycle, he will release the cry that the market is a lot of useless worthless projects and, accordingly, only the most persistent and useful projects will remain, that is, roughly speaking, the best of the best ematic, of course, to systems that should certainly be among these projects subscribe to the official channel eaves with a handkerchief and also press on the bell so as not to miss the following videos be sure to subdivide the video like write your comments your opinion we will hide to make the highest quality and useful content for you with any movement in the price of this or that asset in any cycle over the crypto market like a colossal growth or a massive fall and in absolutely free access to youtube we will be very happy for your support like comment subscribe click on the bell absolutely any action is the best motivation for us lets look at the current current situation on the chart and the dream once again I would like to emphasize we have the first downward trend on more or less locally there is in and some pressure and tests one more test of the potential bottom, maybe they will catch the 32 cent marks, but at the same time, accumulations are still accumulations on demand in fine and before further breakdown of the global trend line, or, accordingly, another test of another global trend line and then the continuation of accumulation is impossible to guess here how will the development of events be, but plus or minus the potential, in my opinion, is such a couple more tests of the global trend line and a further hole in the daily timeframe, this can be quite long, but at the same time, the gains can also be quite large if the breakdown is given trend change in the upward trend, yes, we will consider the current actual support and resistance levels the level for hereditary 60 cents fifty-eight cents is our local sloping which we have already examined on the chart necessary to note the dough was already a lot but at the moment, again, there is no tone breakdown of this sloping, that is, for the time being it has long been invoiced actual range of the actual 75 cents of the dash of 55 cents is just the same as the global trend range, it must be absolutely definitely on the chart because it is a very clearly defined downtrend and very many visits this sloping is very likely in my opinion that in case of further growth we have there will be a test another given trend you and also 1 dollar 1 cent media level minimum based on April 30 support 32 cents local at the moment but with a local picture on the chart globally, of course, you can also mark this level as a potential bottom, this is our minimum based on June 18 and mark the round numbers of 30 cents in my opinion, the psychological zone, that is, a potential break of 32 cents and 30 cents, a probable stop, why not, and 25 cents, lets also mark the provinces with a round number. large wallets polygon since April 2022, that is, our prices were different in April, however, large wallets we even accumulated there talkin mother and this says a lot lately motik tokens have accumulated more than 60 million tokens, this is of course also very large values ​​​​ in my opinion and the latest news is the number of active addresses on their blockchain over the past 30 days, we see motik takes third place, second only to ben once queen, also on the air with the mind and, accordingly, the next motik avalon 2.0 and they are all behind and much phantom also behind, that is, the mother and still occupies the leading lines like this at the moment the news lets switch to the chart clip platforms short were in detail with you we will consider what potential movements can be and in the long term considering that we are considering the daily timeframe and how it works in the current situations how to consider the current fall on the matic polygon and so friends lets see us the daily timeframe is open the flows on the motive 5070 honey there us and also the rebound is given to the local downtrend sloping and I expect that there will be some -or stop if not here then actually at the global trend I would like to convey my position there are no very strong trend ones and for the breakdown to be avalanche-like given trend trend large-scale trend global emmy here holds the entire downtrend and it is still necessary to consult with before further problems there are no problems such an avalanche-like breakdown is worth strong trend ones, this is my subjective opinion, therefore, based on the current beginning of the correction, we already see repeated tests from the battle and I would like to see the marks, relatively speaking, 42 in the center, it is still possible 40 cents 45 cents, some correction based on the current up to 45 cents it will already be minus 22 percent of the price movement something in this format, I would like to see something in this format based on this information and the continuation of the accumulation of global accumulation and further according to the future breakdown of the data of the downward global trend friends thank you very much for viewing the reviews by the analyst and subscribe to the stage camil constant com and also click on the bell so as not to miss the next video with you was alexey success good luck with your trading and investments see you in the next review and in my opinion the current prices on the crypt market are simply not possible to miss for those respectively who he believes in the crypto market to get more information about trading subscribe to the quran stack channel and dont miss the next videos Смотрите наш Polygon прогноз на июль 2022! Сегодня мы расскажем о том, какова вероятность продолжения взрывного движения цены и можно ли делать Polygon прогнозы на разворот курса в ближайшие дни. Исходя из последних новостей вокруг криптовалюта Polygon, прогноз в краткосрочном плане некоторых аналитиков говорит о вероятности продолжения восходящего движения курса. А именно, вслед за бешеным 70%-ым ралли, быки надеются на возврат курса к уровням середины мая в ближайшие дни. В случае такого положительного развития для курс Polygon, прогноз на ближайшее время учитывает вероятность роста до $0,70. И в случае, что Polygon курс справится с сопротивлением на этом уровне, это, вероятно, приведет к продолжению ралли. Смотрите полностью наш Polygon прогноз 2022, чтобы узнать, куда вероятно будет двигаться криптовалюта дальше, и каков же все-таки будет Polygon прогноз на будущее. И если вы хотите рассказать нам про ваш Polygon прогноз на июль, мы будем рады почитать о нем в комментариях к этому видео. 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