blockfi chainlinkPOLKADOT, CHAINLINK and POLYGON forming the SAME Critical Pattern [$DOT $LINK $MATIC]

Z93 Request Line - Overview, News Z93 Today s Best Hits! SIC Code 41,413. NAICS Code 48,485. Show More Cardano ADA Experiences Increased Whale Activity, Market Watchers The cryptocurrency market has experienced a robust rebound in , particularly with the rise of altcoins like Cardano. Cardano s ADA, in particular, has seen a surge of over 60% in value blockfi chainlink POLKADOT, CHAINLINK and POLYGON forming the SAME Critical Pattern [$DOT $LINK $MATIC]
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oh man so both polka dot and chain link are down today but matic is showing some strength but whats interesting is i can see the same pattern unfolding on each of these charts and im going to show you exactly what price target that can mean for each of these lets take a look at the charts so as you can see here first lets take a look at matic now matic had entered this cup and handle pattern right and we can see this is a broader pattern which were seeing across a lot of the strong altcoins okay by stronghold coins i mean the ones that i mentioned in my portfolio so go check those guys out here but dot link matic are three which ive always said i have been in my portfolio which ive been dca-ing and huddling for a very long time and you can see matic has started to finish off its cup and handle pattern with neckline at 1.72 now if we get a couple more days of good rally on matic we could be reaching this neckline with room on the rsi and if volume comes in similar to what weve experienced in the past we could really get a good breakout here on matic now if we were to take our measured move that could lead us lets get a price target for matic and you want to put that at the point of the breakout lets assume we break out here that will then give you a price target of approximately two dollars and eight cents on matic which would break your local high here of two dollars seven cents okay so thats our price target for matic now if were to take out our ema ribbon you can see were very bullish here on the ema were not where weve flipped it weve lost it again and then weve gained it with this strong volume candle a couple of days ago when matic had a really good day and now we need to maintain this uptrend so you can see this longer term uptrend from the base here in july up to where now weve managed to stay above this uptrend uh and head higher so mataj is looking in good shape and obviously old coins generally arent as strong as they are because bitcoin is taking all the thunder right now but we know we need to position ourselves in the all coins that are going to be ready to explode when bitcoin calls a little bit off and people rotate back into alts because all then gonna go firing from there lets take a look at polka dot as well and lets remove this ema ribbon and youll see the same thing youve seen here on polka dot we had our cup and handle breakout and we covered that on the channel we had our breakout we had a price target of all the way up there at 61 for the larger cup and handle pattern which were still on track to doing so now youve had a bit of a calling off here with a red candle today given the wider market right so yesterday bitcoin took a wobble uh and all the all coins followed with a little bit of a wobble two and were just getting that fight here today if we switch over to hourly candles lets take a look at how dodd is doing and you can see that was what we had here so on the short term time frame we had this uh ascending wedge uh which was actually in the handle of the cup and handle and we got the breakout from there okay so that came into climax here weve got a good uh three sets of hourly candles here got the breakout came to this is perfect guys came to retest as well so lets just get our pen out lets show you so when you get a breakout theres nothing better than coming back down and getting a retest and then bouncing higher thats perfect textbook trading if youre trading now naturally bitcoin has led to a slight wobble uh and therefore uh youve got dot just calling off a little bit and testing this same support level as well so if i extend this support level line out without changing it just want to extend it just a little bit there you go you can see that were now just hovering around here waiting for a catalyst to push us up on the downside if we come back into the wedge we could be coming back and testing a support level at about 36 or before that may be testing the neckline again at 37. from a daily perspective theres nothing wrong with coming back and testing the neckline at 37 okay so this is your daily view again and this is where we form the cup and handle okay now whenever youve got a cup and handle pattern theres nothing wrong with breaking out like we have here weve good volume coming back round testing and then heading up higher okay thats very normal its a bullish situation with the cup and handle pattern what would be a negative situation is obviously if it comes back down in which case youre heading back to 26 for your next level support at the bottom of the handle okay so those are the key levels you want to keep in mind now your target on the top end like we said is going to be your lets show you that 6126 mark there on dot now lets take a look at chain link because guess what guys were forming the exact pits exact same pattern now admittedly this has not happened yet and weve had a bit of a wobble off of my pattern here so we could be coming to test this trend line and get a bounce here but longer term its forming the same style of pattern right all coins were getting weaker bitcoin is taking strength coming back up come back down again and were expecting a run up here and if we get a breakout on chain links cup and handle pattern youre looking at a 56 dollar chain link technical price target okay that would break the high at 52 so its a 56 chain link target now lets take out our ema ribbon as well and its the same story as we saw with dot right we flip bearish came back bullish flip bearish black bullish and now were just fighting here on the daily chart lets switch over to the hourly and you can see that hourly were bearish on the hourly chart okay so this is where weve just come out of the cup handle tried to fight back into the handles now back down and i could see us coming down to test this trend line anywhere at about 24 24 and a half dollars on chain link to test that support line before heading higher okay so thats what were expecting but as you can see on the daily we are still bullish on the daily i dont lets just double check that yeah weve not fully lost the ema ribbon although were getting there we could be flipping bearish here now longer term if you lost that trend line on chain link if we lose that trend line on chain link you could be heading down to 2130 okay thats where you could be heading to your downside to the bottom of this cup okay where that those candles are there so you want to mark that down as your downside upside is for us to come to the neckline at 34 and then break the neckline to head higher but were quite far away here on chain link but its very interesting that youre getting the same pattern on dot and you saw the same pattern break out uh so coming closer on matic as well so dot is ahead its broken out of its cup and handle which you can see there its coming back maybe for a retest or carry on higher which is fine and then your link is a little bit behind still trying to fight and form it now naturally with any technical patterns we need to understand that the macro environment can throw it off right just like that pattern was forming nicely something can happen with bitcoin which is what we saw over the weekend and that can impact all coins as well so always be careful if youre trading on a short term time frame now as you guys know chain link dot matic all form part of my huddle portfolio right there those are coins which i believe in their solid projects been around for a long time all have amazing use cases and theyre the best at what they do right matic is one of the best uh layer twos youve got polka dot is one of the best power chains played for interoperability and youve got chain link as the best data oracle play these projects arent going anywhere they can fluctuate in price but theyre the gold standard in terms of these projects and thats why they form a big part of my portfolio so for me not really short term trading these im holding these for 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