chainlink atl cion priceПочему я работаю с монетой Chia Network XCH и что от неё жду?

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chainlink atl cion price Cardano-Kurs 32 Prozent Wochenplus: Was ist... Почему я работаю с монетой Chia Network XCH и что от неё жду?
Hello everyone, not so long ago, the BRC 20 Experimental Standard was launched in the Bitcoin network and it has already shown serious results. The capitalization of tokens is almost a billion, the figures are far from the ether indicator there, under 160 billion, but the start laid on a very noticeable one in the Litecoin community picked up this trend and released the Experimental Standard ltc 20 and Im sure that some coins on litecoin will also shoot very well There will be pumps I even intend to work with this in a closed format and On the other side, beloved by many teas with their standard Kat, everything would be fine but only there is one but in two years no one has built anything developers don’t like their programming language other projects don’t migrate blockchain whose failure it is I think that the brand put on this standard They expected that this standard would be massively resorted to and everything would flourish but something went wrong this is just the case when it doesn’t you need to reinvent the wheel take any other blockchain wit Solano and many others and you will see technical growth And here is nothing but crazy Vera I don’t give a damn about her future there will be no future here everything is wound up by bots nothing revolutionary This project did not show and will not show The only thing they do is imitate someone nft We will also do this there are standards and we will release our standard someone develops the meta-universe We also lets go in this direction, they are not pioneers, they are imitators, and this is bad, very bad, because other cryptocurrencies will never give up their place in order to move someone there simple manipulation is not enough inside the ecosystem should grow, it froze and does not move anywhere, we can say that everything stands on one place and many people simply don’t have this understanding. They play every day on this tea and believe that it will push the ether bitcoin to the top 10, this is all you need to call doctors, many people asked me why I work with Whose Why do I pay so much attention especially when I feel so negatively about it, not even negatively, I can’t say that I have a negative attitude towards this coin, rather, I take a sober attitude, it will be more correct to answer for manipulations, especially those manipulations that are very imperceptibly revealed around the crowd and because of future manipulations, I am here I will agree to saw the community for so long This project, in order to immediately scam it, there will be no manipulations will be around the IPO manipulations will be around the crowd possibly around farming It is only interesting Trade and the manipulation itself there is simply nothing else And when this manipulation foundation disappears all the work in this market I will immediately stop and move on The only thing I would advise many people is to wake up to save someone Im not going to anyone all adults Everyone has their own head on their shoulders and such a crowd should be both for its bull market and for the bear market, but people really lack sobriety if faced with me, this sobriety appears I am very glad if not Go to those who will become your ears choice there are always all useful links in the description in the pinned comment Good luck to everyone and see you Ссылки:Телеграм-канал: ;Связь со мной по всем вопросам: ; Закрытый торговый чат — в нем я публикую закрытые обзоры рынка, свои краткосрочные/среднесрочные точки входа, выхода, отвечаю на вопросы, помогаю участникам, скидываю глубокую информацию по рынку, которая помогает трейдеру принять торговое решение. Чат существует с 2019 года, он дает вам доступ к очень важной торговой информации. Вы всегда будите знать, что я делаю с монетами в рамках чата, как и почему. Стоимость 500 USDT за год. Более подробную информацию запрашивайте в лс. Обучение трейдингу — курс авторский, учу лично, ко всем индивидуальный подход. Формат обучение практичный. Длительность от 3-х до 5 месяцев. На курсе уделено повышенное внимание психологии, настройки себя, разным манипуляциям, торговым стратегиям. Если вы пройдете данный курс, вам больше ничего не потребуется для работы на крипто рынке. Не только теория, но и практика, на время обучения запускаю в торговый чат бесплатно. Стоимость 1000 USDT. Более подробную информацию также запрашивайте в лс. Дзен: ; Трейдинг вью: Доверительное управление: минимальный порог от 30 000 USDT, подключение через API, подробности в лс. криптовалюта / xch / chia / chianetwork xch,chia,chianetwork,