The Crypto Game chainlink grafikPancakeswap, The Graph, Aave and Chainlink what will 10X Next?

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chainlink grafik How will the Binance-FTX drama... Pancakeswap, The Graph, Aave and Chainlink what will 10X Next? The Crypto Game
its great that we list them on the swissborg app one of the best apps in the world to buy and sell your crypto you know where to get it were here again this week for the crypto game pietro and shane are you ready for this week is he still calling it a game under these danish guys actually realized this is serious man stop messing about man youre talking for adventures now what do you reckon pietro what are we gonna do how are we gonna get this guy to learn yeah this this is the half game half serious i would say its a its an informative game but yeah yeah yeah i i i feel you shane i feel you my god these guys have such a chance of humor dont they the swedes yeah i thought you were from denmark you know swedes i thought he was from finland yeah did you tell me phil no no no i i knew it was from sweden yeah all right lets go stockholm boy lets kick this off come on man stop messing about the game game is on game on lets do this okay so for the first one we have pancake swap in three two one oh hey everybody yeah so for me for me this is long term bull and long term because of the current market conditions that you know its its unclear what will happen in general but it was actually one of my first entries into the d5 world so i i when i first started uh you know understanding what yield farming is and liquidity pools etc uh pancakes what was one of the first ones and i like it a lot because it launches it constantly launches very small cap lps so theres a lot of interesting opportunities with higher aprs of course so higher returns but more risk but the newer tokens on the vinas smart chain generally get a liquidity pull on pancake swap and i i think its its one of the biggest players still in the binance smart chain i think its there to stay im im bullish long term yeah i think when you look at sushi swap and pancake swap and in particular having the ability to trade any token on the bmv smart chain uh just connecting your wallet it really is pure d5 no registration no hassle needed um i think when you start to look at actually how theyve developed it with buy win farm spent and steak heck you can even vote with it um i guess you can have your cake and eat it too bullish on pancake swap awesome okay im bullish because the protocol revenue is up 39.8 in the last 30 days and it seems to be priced in there also seems to be a perfect accumulation phase because it sort of hit the bottom in july and now its been steadily increasing so anything below five euro is something that im interested in also check that the p e and the p is currently at 36.8 with six million being generated just from the protocol in revenue in the last 30 days which is when we compared to the other ones on this list it stands out a total value looked at three billion one of my favorites whole stands holds a bit of a bag of it uh very bullish on it anything below five i think its a good deal i love the way he quotes it in euros hes a pure swede isnt he i thought were going to come out there all right lets go i love the amount of numbers you threw out there oh man its got its got more no more numbers than an abacus for sure okay so for a second one we have the google influence possibly behemoth the graph what do we think in three two one oh interesting very very interesting a little different direction pietro take the lead so for me this one is unclear and again i i like to be a little bit comparative when i when i do these things so in terms of purpose like the graph is incredible right its making open data accessible to applications uh its pretty much the google of blockchain technology right but in i would rather hold other tokens and just because of the upside potential on a lot of the others weve done this game now a few weeks and if i look at the ones i was more positive on more bullish i definitely prefer them over the graph so unclear how much this this moves upwards when the next ball run comes so i i like the project in general its incredible but the token itself unclear if i would hold that rather than others yeah sometimes we can have a dislocation happens with stocks all the time you can have the company and then you can have the share price theyre not interlinked i know thats strange that it sounds but a stock is not the company in that regard and there can be dislocation and in crypto thats very much the case with a lot of tokens there could be some really great uh things happening on the company level but not actually accumulating value on the token level i think when you look at the graph you know apis for a vibrant decentralized future you know any types of index protocol are really interesting to me because i look at it a big macro picture um with regards to the token i would probably agree with you there pietro i dont know if it is going to go up down our sidewards over that period of time um but i think when you have something querying the ethereum network and ipfss and anybody can open on it in a true open source fashion you know i really like that technology and when you look at some of the investors actually in the graph anybody from kyle over at multi coin and the boyz coin fund parfan capital um dtc capital i think also around the book um this probably was shown to me a couple of years ago but unfortunately my name is not on that list of investors so uh yeah thats the one that got away but i think the guys do a great job and its definitely one to keep an eye on and watch i am bullish on that as an investment so i will say this im bullish on the macro im bearish on the on the short term and heres why the protocol revenue is up 145 over the last 30 days but total revenue is down 21 in the same period and the pe is that in a staggering thirteen thousand eight hundred and twenty two so there seems to be a big disconnect betw just like you highlighted chain between the tokyo and pietro as well between the token and the business uh with that said theyve only been generating revenue since early january 21 so they are early uh they have they need to get that rev share model uh under wraps and they need to start improving those numbers so for that reason short-term bearish but long-term love the vision that they have and they do feel a real need in the space but cant go in and buy it now in my opinion ooh gotta gotta gotta buy the vision man dont worry about the revenue im sure uh im sure amazon were exactly the same back in the day im sure that i wasnt better revenue than total revenue for august was 34 000 dollars compared to 6 million man listen thats light i remember the facebook ipo and um everybody was saying the exact same thing you know in order to be on facebook i dont pay you any money how are you going to generate revenue um and uh this was pre-mobile so uh anyway i think that worked out quite well so you gotta you gotta believe you do speak words of wisdom chain okay so then for our third one we have the classic actually from uh our finnish neighbor here in sweden in three two one oh and all three upper theater take the lead absolutely short and quick and easy here its one of the most established d5 protocols its its by far the biggest borrowing landing platform and and really what one of the big fish when it comes to d5 right uh in bear market situations and this is something that we also discuss in the bear market report in on that we recently released on swiss pork swissborg these kind of reliable products right reliable assets are the ones you flock to you want to flock to more like safer assets and then very reliable very established and especially with a clear use case like in the d5 space right so borrowing landing in the d5 space and in cryptos not going anywhere and ab is the big fish in that so uh whenever this next bull run will happen or upward uh trend ab is is one of the ones i think that will do the best and definitely one of the ones that are what i would like to hold in a in a bear market throughout it yeah i think for me when we start talking about the ghost because thats what ave is for the people that dont know i believe its finnish for ghosts correct me if im wrong my european counterparty um it was originally eat lens and um i remember back in 2017 going to a crypto event here in london and meeting martin and stanley and i think at that stage and they had something like one or two million dollars on their platform and i remember asking myself the question going god why would anyone borrow or lend and that just shows you what i knew back then and actually the market knew back then uh its wonderful to see these guys execute and theyve done that for anybody that doesnt know ave of course is a decentralized financial protocol which allows people to lend and borrow plain and simple of course now theyve built many different products and features but at the core thats what it really really is and things dont have to be complex but they did it so so well its the behemoth in the room and you know its funny that every podcast and uh interview that i listen to and read um especially coming out of the us um especially with all the uh large macro hedge fund guys um and big entrepreneurs everybody always mentions one thing and especially over the last kind of three to six months everybody always mentions ave and actually when you look at centralized finance and actually real traditional uh centralized finance and what happened with regards to decentralized finance it was the decentralized finance protocols that when we started to see the market fall apart on the back of everything that was happening at luna and terra and anchor and celsius actually uh decentralized platforms like ave performed perfectly well they did exactly what they should have done so really interested in in ave i was looking at it under 50 bucks just eyeing it of course was listed on the swiss board platform and that was not investment advice for any of our team to buy it under 50 bucks and now did i i think its currently trading around 87 bucks right now when you look at a high of around 450 um i think this has got legs and i think its the best of the best and i wish those guys all the best and its great that we list them on the swissborg app one of the best apps in the world to buy and sell your crypto you know where to get it a hundred percent so i think its really interesting what youre both are highlighting uh pietro a little bit to what you were touching upon it seems nearly looking at the statistics that ave might be an early indicator of when a bottom has been hit they were actually trailing upwards even since the beginning or end of june so theyre nearly a month ahead of the other ones this list in terms of reversing the trend and sort of hitting the bottom going up total value at 4.9 billion shane so you should have gotten in when they had a million million revenue up 1.38 or up to 1.38 million dollars 35 up in the last 30 days with a pe at 79. so not as healthy as pancake but a lot healthier than graphs but here is also where i think the big ticker is because i do not think that lens protocol harvest new social protocol is priced in so anything below 90 euros this is not financial advice this is just my own personal opinion this is a game for all intended purposes is what i think is interesting because i do not think that the lens protocol which i see to be a behemoth in the social uh crypto space in years to come i do not think that that is currently priced in looking at these numbers so for that reason its uh long term and both term thats my opinion on albe sorry i forgot my nose survey for the final one we have something that connects us all or that wants to connect us all we have chain link in three two one interesting on the same side as shane for once dont worry it feels uh it feels unfamiliar but i feel familiar and unfamiliar circumstances so im okay with that usually nobodys on my side which is great man then i know im right youre out of the trend i mean so everyone knows the decentralized oracle network its its obviously one of the most established projects in crypto im long-term bullish on this uh i think im also consistent with what smart money are holding right now so if you look at smart money data so the people that have consistently made money in the market and have consistently been lets say quote-unquote the smartest investors uh these people other than holding bitcoin ethereum uh and some stable coins they always go for the most established protocols and one of their key holdings is chain link even at the moment in a bear market uh so im consistent with that i dont think its gonna gain as much uh in price movement as some of the other ones but i think its a its a very solid one to hold yeah i agree with that i mean listen the guys at chain link have been coming to some of our events since 2018 in london um extremely smart uh bunch of individuals and i think really when you look at what they actually do with regards to integration of off-chain data into smart contracts its really feeding that to that utility side of space um i think really when you look at their ability to uh mine major data data fields um and offer that up as a service um and have the ability for people to become node operators and earn revenue by running data infrastructure very techy but absolutely love what they do its trading around seven bucks im surprised it seems very range bound actually you know its come off uh down to that level since about may and its been trading within that so we havent really seen any major bounce on it but i think as an interest you know infrastructural move um i love what they do and um as i said yeah such a critical and key opponent of the uh of the overall ecosystem going forward and really really smart guys so yeah i i think youll start to see real smart money as they already have within within their investor base and own that and hold up wish them all the best yeah can only agree its uh one of the glues that combines the crypto world they have to this day over a hundred of the biggest depths and growing in their ecosystem this is of course going to be sort of a network effect for them the more big daps they have in their network the more valuable they become the more key of the cornerstone and fundamental they are super interesting something that i very much look at dca in over a long period of time especially at these schools because now it doesnt have the sexy appeal and i think it was patrick one of the wall street old style investors that went invest in the stuff that isnt sexy but that really fills a purpose or because thats usually overlooked uh that was all the ones we had for this week but i do want to ask you guys one final question in his uh sort of regards to do we think that the macro perspective with the worlds longest and harshest drought currently in china will have any major effects on the crypto space were currently seeing factories looking down people fainting in the streets its the warmest biggest and most intense drought in recorded human history and were just starting to get news of it here in the west bay its been going on for a couple of weeks in china wing if something thats going to impact the crypto on the short turn or if its a big macro move thats just starting to uh starting to feel even here what do you guys think on it any major events like this in the world um are market moving events um they are are all um influenced uh and affected uh markets thats what markets do theyre forward indicators and if we believe that slowdown will occur in the largest economy for output of course it will start hitting those stocks that are affected to it um i dont know the depths of that yet i think uh its day by day but um because weve seen a high correlation to to traditional equity markets with regards to crypto markets yeah i think it will have a little bit of effect on it and im certainly on a day-to-day basis i monitor very carefully major equity moves and were still seeing that in the crypto space and before i pass it on to pietro actually if anybody uh would like to know more about the markets or the bear markets pietro and the team have have completed an unbelievable in-depth bear market report i believe its on the swissborg website um under blogs but im sure pietro myself and everybody else follow us on linkedin put it in the notes below but go check it out well done pietro ill pass it over to you for your knowledge yeah thank you for that uh yeah so definitely have uh yeah check it out because i think its a very helpful report for whatever level of expertise youre in at whatever point of your investment journey youre in whatever age wherever youre from it it can really be beneficial in terms of the question on the drought so everythings everythings intertwined right when we look at such a big macro perspective everythings intertwined this leads me back to something that my little sister so shes actually 13 and she asked me um the price of gas were going up right and it was constantly on the news we were on holiday this was constantly on the news shes like yeah but why do so many people care like if you dont have a car why would you care about prices of gas and that thats the my yeah its like a trickle down right price of gas effects transport which affects how much it costs to bring a product from one point to another so all of it trickles down china being one of the biggest economies in the world and uh obviously being so important to the to the global health right again interconnected to the u.s economy a lot right with how much these two economies are connected even though it doesnt seem like on a political level but the economies are very interconnected so when something like this happens and and massive droughts and again record high temperatures also all over europe this year uh these rivers drying out in europe thats never happened really uh so this is obviously very concerning and uh you know crypt is still quite a young asset class relatively speaking uh some people are still tentative on it so it could affect it obviously we dont know how much but its logical that it would affect it guys thank you so much for your valuable input your experience and sharing that with us and the community i very much appreciate it and i know that other people do that as well thank you so much for this week is that the game over man i already just ignored it in the game Alexander, Pietro and Shane take on Pancakeswap, The Graph, Aave and Chainlink to review in this Weeks Episode of The Crypto GameJoin us on our journey to build a more equitable future of finance. 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