chainlink enigma working togetherOpenLaw’s Aaron Wright: Powering DAOs with the Smart Contract Stack

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chainlink enigma working together What Investors Need to Know About Cardano's New Stablecoin, ,Here's... OpenLaw’s Aaron Wright: Powering DAOs with the Smart Contract Stack
awesome uh thanks so much for for having me its great to see uh the smart contract summit which i think is one of the best if not the best summits and all of crypto continue to evolve theres been some some great uh chats and talks and what i hope to address today is building on uh what i chatted about last year at the smart contract summit which is this smart contract stack and not thinking about it in the context of just um and chain link in the context of things like stable coins or some of the other areas that have been focused on but daos and i think that thats a big category thats coming coming to fruition um you know so in in our mind and i think in many folks minds the notion of a smart contract isnt one set of technology its a whole bunch of different technology its smart contracts that are running on ethereum um its this notion of a ricardian contract which ill unpack in a couple minutes and then obviously theres an oral component which chain link is is really um capitalizing on and also kind of rolling up into its ecosystem um you know its these smart contracts are amazing right and were seeing more and more as d5 is beginning to flower and as nfts are beginning to expand uh were beginning to see this technology create digital assets whether thats governance tokens erc20s nfts and those tokens to find rights and help manage an assets movement were seeing the emergence through open law of the power of ricardian contracts which is a concept thats been floating around the cypherpunk uh community for a number of years and really the core reason why ricardian contracts are are powerful its to manage this kind of meat space risk so the risk that still exists in the real world um and then theres obviously the oracle component so this smart contract stack in our minds looks like this with ethereum kind of at the base open law um in the middle and chain link providing kind of uh the piping to the to the real world and data from other parts of the uh crypto and d5 ecosystem um and this really is the future of commercial infrastructure i mean this is what were building these three kind of core components and this is whats needed to kind of evolve the current state of uh the financial world and i think what were seeing with nft is its also going to be other worlds as well the creative worlds and possibly also uh the metaverse and other digital worlds um and so over the past year weve kind of taken the stack as its begun to mature through the work of all the great folks in the ethereum ecosystem through our work with our team and also the work from the amazing chain link ecosystem and we applied it uh to use and the first major use case in our minds and were seeing this begin to blossom is daos um dows have exploded over the past year uh this is some data from deep dow if you havent looked into it if you go back to july of last year there was about 2 200 people in dows and there was about 190 000 worth of assets in these dows today and this is a low ball estimate uh theres about 55 million dollars that um for 870 million dollars up from 55 million a year ago in daos according to some estimates its even more than that multiple billions billions of dollars if you include some of the the defy and other protocol layered owls on our end weve uh applied the stack to string up a network of dows and ill spend a little bit more about it and well spend a little bit more time talking about it at this point we have six dows theyre managing 90 million dollars in assets its made 60 plus investments its acquired 1300 nfts its deploying capital into d5 in different ways its been a tremendous amount of growth uh that were beginning to see in kind of the dao ecosystem and in our opinion this is really just the beginning um our network of dowsing some of them is growing rapidly uh these six dollars are quickly going to metastasize into 12 15 um even more than that its going to manage more and more capital um and it all works because of the smart contract stack that i described before you know you have um on this slide ethereum which is really kind of at the base which is creating and helping us transfer around assets in a more communal way you have open law which is providing these real world connection points so you can create taos that can interact with institutional capital that can interact with crypto capital and can begin to to kind of provide a bit of safety and security for folks to to begin to participate in daos and whats happening uh kind of through open law and ethereum is that were able to create high fines these groups of people that can work together they can all input their thoughts and ideas to make investment decisions uh in different ways and they know that they can do that and not put all their assets at risk and were at the core of this were also using chain link to kind of automate a number of the transactions that are getting implemented through these dials you know we cant just do it all in crypto we need uh to do things like understand conversion rates we need chain link to to begin to pull in data from the outside so we can streamline and operationalize the things that the members of our dows really want to press on and one way to think about it is with this kind of schemata where you have kind of ethereum at the base you have a kind of smart contract systems that are sitting on top of it oracles like chain link kind of putting in outside data into that so you can have more complex transactions um and thats propping up a dow and that dows kind of wrapped in a recording contract like what we provide with open law and some dials have tokens sometimes dont i think over time well increasingly see uh daz all have native tokens and hopefully they have tokens that are able to be traded uh above board in the us and this is uh the future this is a big category um and in many ways you know this is just the beginning i think what were seeing and over the past year we havent just seen um we havent just seen kind of growth in uh d5 growth in nfts were beginning to see the threads and kind of the early shoots with this vision of daos kind of continuing to take over the world you know growth endows is accelerating i think its going to be a big story through the rest of this year and into next year and the years following and chain link is going to be at the heart of it all its a critical component its a critical piece of infrastructure that we need and that we feel in a very real way in order to to do the things that our the members of our dows want um and this is this matters uh in many ways um you know we need these uh we need these dows to accelerate growth in ethereum um you know our belief is that were at a bit of an inflection point the last time we saw this was back in the 1980s um when we saw the birth of an entity called an llc in the state of wyoming wyoming has now recognized dowse as a legal entity we believe that they are superior to existing traditional funds and fun-like structures theres going to be millions of dows over time uh those dows are going to pull in capital from traditional finance that those dows are going to increasingly support uh different uh flows of capital from d5 protocols and this is going to be an incredibly large driver for the entire ecosystem over the next couple years and dows at the end of the day will manage you know billions if not trillions of dollars in value and we need this smart contract stack we need the ability to kind of cobble together in a composable way all these different components in order to kind of push things forward in a way that actually is superior so these dials and with this smart contract stack we can begin to pull in traditional assets so it doesnt matter um if you you know are running or have assets that are in fiat dollars you can feel comfortable putting assets in our dows due to the way that we structured it and to the fact that we use kind of this ricardian contracting approach and this same approach also gives kind of an end point for d5 protocols so that they can interact with the real world and as we see major d5 protocols begin to become more prominent in terms of their footprint as they begin to move around more and more digital assets and as as more and more of the world becomes digital assets dows may become kind of the point of connection with the real world in order to bring them into fruition and possibly also help some of these protocols begin to diversify the types of returns that that are possible and overall this is going to increase the adoption of ethereum you know ethereum will sit at the core of this entire movement and it will continue to do what it does best which is enable the creation of assets to transfer these assets the management of these assets in different ways smart contract-based systems and at the same time you know this is going to increase the adoption of chain link um you know chain link is going to be an essential component uh of whats uh of whats to come as dows begin to interact with other d5 protocols with other dows with a whole host of of other other systems so the demand for oracle data its going to happen in my estimation not just from traditional enterprises beginning to explore blockchain technology and the great tools that we have at our disposal its also going to come internally as we begin to move up the stack and up to more complex forms of commercial relationships and the pooling of capital together into a dao the ability of a group of folks to begin to enter into various different transactions uh you know that is um going to be a major driver of all this the more complexity that we begin to be able to create here the more and more of a need were going to have for oracle-based data and i think whats pretty amazing about this is that its all on a permissionless decentralized system you know different teams are kind of taking on different pieces of this puzzle theyre doing amazing jobs in supporting and building out systems that dont necessarily need to have and rely on one centralized party and at the end of the day you know were going to be able to rebuild this financial system a financial system that i think many of us for a long period of time thinks uh needs some improvement uh you know in part i got into uh bitcoin and then subsequent ethereum because it felt like something was amiss something was wrong after the 2008 financial crisis we could do things better than how we were doing them in the past and that really roots on this notion of having permissionless decentralized systems and kind of at the core of what were beginning to explore with dows is the more complex angle and edge of that um you know so over the past a couple years weve come a long way you know the chain link ecosystem has come a long way uh seeing the tremendous amounts of integrations that chain link has been able to implement seeing how just the addition of an oracle into something like d5 can build more complicated systems is incredible but thats just the beginning you know so looking across the landscape of defy youre just seeing a glimmer of the complexity that were going to be able to begin to bring and its not just going to be listed to were limited to certain financial instruments or financial products its going to move and continue to move up the value chain to groups and organizations and and thats incredibly important and thats something that i think is really going to be a lever to change not only the way people invest and investing together but also how people work how people create things um and thats thats a a really exciting uh process uh but theres still a lot of work to do you know and were just at the beginning of this curve um its a going to be a very very long uh long slog its probably gonna take 20 or so years till we see this new world emerge um and so to use a baseball analogy i happen to be a huge baseball fan you know were really only in the second inning here and things are just coming out of the woodwork all this hard work thats been done across a number of different teams is just beginning and now we can uh continue to build and because of all these different composable pieces because of the patterns that were beginning to explore were going to just see a whole whole bunch of really interesting innovative um approaches to how to rebuild this commercial world uh chainlinks going to be a big piece of that ethereum is going to be a big piece of that and dows are going to be a big piece of that so its really been a pleasure and honor to kind of push that forward so the message i think is is pretty pretty simple you know the marines are all here i know many of you are tuned in we need to keep on building um were still there i know many people are feeling pretty excited about the state of blockchain technology but theres a lot of work to be done weve got to keep our heads down we need to keep kind of the boots on the ground and we we need to continue to push here so its really been an honor and a pleasure to be part of the chain like ecosystem for quite some time and and i really appreciate the opportunity to to chat with everybody about this today so thanks fantastic aaron well it was a real real pleasure seeing what has been created over those last i dont know i think ive ive watched this evolve over the last five years uh since your days on bogota street when open ball was still an idea so how far you have taken in such a short time has been amazing to watch um is there any any other things that you would like to part with and just uh you know how can people get a hold of you how can you know where where do you might need help on building yourself um yeah yeah yeah one thing we just released a new dow smart contract framework called the tribute dao framework uh we of course uh embedded into that the ability to interact with link related oracles if folks are interested in kind of this intersection between dows oracles ricardian contracts or legal contracts we need the help you know we know that we cant do this alone we know that we have to do it as a community and ecosystem and and theres lots of different ways to kind of hop in its a fully open source project uh weve been working closely with the folks at snapshot weve also been working closely with the folks at clabland and theres theres a lot of work that needs to be done so if you find this interesting please hit me up and i saw we just hit time awesome well thanks again aaron definitely appreciate it um keep up the great work and im excited to see you know a year from now to see what is actually captured by dows and you know total total value and that they get to control its going to be fascinating bye guys you In this SmartCon presentation, OpenLaw Founder Aaron Wright gives his insights into the future of decentralized autonomous organizations DAOs powered using a combination of smart contracts, oracles, and Ricardian 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