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chainlink meaning South Africa - CoinDesk Nov 1, · South Africa... OMG NETWORK + TETHER = BIG DEAL CHAINLINK DUMP
good morning everyone third times a charm i caught my mic issue early this day uh welcome to another bitcoin and cryptocurrency news i am george today is friday happy friday and uh and you know what i have my live streams on friday so thanks for tuning in i know a lot of you guys been enjoying my shorter clips but some of you guys still enjoy my longer live sessions so here it is just to remind you guys every friday 10 30 a.m central standard time thats when i have these and i have a lot to talk about today i know a lot of you guys are looking you know a lot of you guys or i should say i include myself in there we tend to look at whats pumping and we wonder whats going on and we wonder if we should chase it and that is why today i want to talk about omg network once upon a time was called omisgo now its called omg network which sounds a whole lot better so i think its a big deal they have partnered up with tether and i want to discuss it because i know a lot of you guys are wondering if this is a legit pump like what chain link went through or is it not or is it just another pump and dump so that is gonna be the main thing i wanna talk about of course i want to talk about bitcoin i want to talk about whats going on with chain link because it has come down now i may have may have exaggerated and said chain link dump but uh i wanted to grab your attention because i know a lot of you guys are chain lingard link marines and you want to know whats going on with chain link im going to give you my thoughts on whats going on as well so uh hopefully notifications working this morning it seems like some people have said it uh it started working but you know i was looking at my you know my views from last last few weeks and my live session ones have always been the absolute worst so i dont know if theres still something going on maybe its not being recommended or or something is going on i dont know but well see how today is and by the way by the way ive been releasing videos left and right so if you guys havent been watching those make sure you do so because theyre pretty good i actually got bored and i thought of a topic uh last night so i actually released one i dont know if you guys caught it but ill ill show you guys what it is in a little bit all right lets get started looking at uh bitcoin bitcoin is uh not not doing anything right now so on a date chart you can see bitcoin is in this this ascending channel and its holding strong in this channel um a couple times recently it tried to break through but it pulled pulled right back and bitcoin is kind of you could see its like its really staying within this channel its really not breaking out of it so uh but the good news is even though its been so stagnant so all coins are have been doing well and and i believe bitcoin is ready for its next leg up pretty soon because if it stays within the channel guess what the next move is going to be similar to this and it actually looks if you look at it its almost identical right uh last time bitcoin shot up about 12 000 guess what happened it had some weakness fell down all the way down to 11 300 and then guess what came back a little bit a little bit more weakness and then guess what boom right another leg up and then sideways a little bit and then boom right so that that is what its looking like right now uh bitcoin obviously fell down a little bit a little bit more this time because it was higher but it formed another higher low and thats what you want right you dont want to see form lower lows higher lows is good so it looks like look we have this kind of similar bump right here right and it looks like i think were gonna have anoth another bump up probably above twelve thousand and probably hover around the twelve thousand until we get another solid bump up to thirteen thousand that thats what its looking like to me right now i could be a hundred percent wrong or i could be a 100 right i like to think that im right 60 percent no 60 of the time im right all the time thats what i meant to say um but yeah thats what its looking like bitcoin is doing its thing there is absolutely no panic over bitcoin and you know i have to bring up that video that i created yesterday i should have pulled this up already uh im gonna go to my own channel if i could spell it um so yeah so ive been ive been creating a lot of dedicated bitcoin videos i know a lot of you guys are bitcoin holders especially this one that i released last night so i know i released like nine oclock and surprising that some of you guys actually sleep early uh unlike me where i sleep at like two oclock every day which is not healthy but thats me but uh you guys should watch this this is good 72 percent of holders saying they wont sell their bitcoin even if it goes to zero so you should watch that also other videos like this why bitcoin already cost a hundred thousand and and uh i think it could even be more than that so if you guys havent been watching these videos make sure you do so and oh its good it shows it shows up right here live now so i guess live sessions is uh is working right now so thats good all right um so thats bitcoin now theres two things i want to show about bitcoin so theres two analysts plan b which i know you guys have heard of before and someone else that kind of argues that yes we will go to a hundred thousand for bitcoin but slower than how plan bs uh stock to flow model shows so itll be a little bit longer but this is how he has it um you know logarithmic like channel and its showing that bdc is right here and its probably going to just slowly go up back up to 20 000 and then boom head up to about a hundred thousand but this analyst is projecting that will happen right before 2023 so a lot more people have started down this narrative where this time around the four year cycle is going to be moved to uh a five-year cycle so well well see like the biggest gains in 2022 rather than 2021 but in order to see those huge gains in 2022 guess what bitcoin and and the rest of the community is going to start going up in 2021 so regardless if we hit 100 000 2021 or 202 whats a year you know whats a year here there right it doesnt really matter weve been waiting for a while already but we do know that in 2021 were going to see some big movements as well so thats what this analyst argues however plan b argues otherwise he updated his plan you know stock to flow model and this is a new one called stock to flow x where he removes time from the equation so uh and hes like this is a lot more accurate than before and you could see during these times when when he anticipates theres going to be a large jump you do see a large like volume increase basically and you do see bitcoins price moves you know pretty pretty substantially during these times so right now youre seeing that this is what hes projecting right like were at the very start of it look at this you know start of this and hes thinking this is gonna go something like that and hes projecting over a hundred thousand dollars in 2021. so 2021 20.2 it doesnt really matter because everyone everyone is knowing or thinking and knowing that bitcoins will go to a hundred thousand dollars at least a hundred thousand dollars so uh so like i said whats a year or two right all right and then uh heres another guy a financial guru rich dad poor dad author robert kiyosaki um hes been hes been like all over the place so he he said some questionable things recently about the coronavirus which im not going to get into because i dont want to debate that but for the most part he gives somewhat good financial advice makes people think about becoming an entrepreneur and um and hes a big bitcoin advocate and he like everyone else right now right i i created a video talking about an experiential financial ceo that talks about how the liquidity from the fed is going to have big big repercussions you cant just do endless printing without repercussions and he is warning people to buy bitcoin after labor day theres something significant about labor day someone mentioned about rebalancing portfolios im not sure what that means exactly maybe some of you guys thats in the stock market world you can chime in um but hes saying after labor day you go see a big influx of people thats going to be buying bitcoin after labor day which is coming up its also one month before the election year with election month i should say and a lot of people think in the election is go have uh major repercussions on the stock market as whole but its not just him and thats why paul tudor jones and everyone else thats been in it chamath mike novogratz tim draper all these guys right um even uh jack dorsey all these guys uh some of them believe in the technology but most of them is buying bitcoin as a hedge and same thing robert um is saying the same thing to quote fed and treasury to take over the banking system fed and treasury helicopter fake money direct to people to avoid mass rioting uh not a time to think about it how much gold silver and bitcoin do you have and i i agree with that because right now most people and rightfully soviets a lot of people do need it most people just want free money right now like who doesnt want free money right um but people are not thinking about the repercussions of whats going to happen years down the road um so i mean i basically agree with what shes saying right here and hes also robert is also a big gold and silver bug he has a ton of real estate but hes also a big fan of bitcoin he calls it the peoples money right he calls gold and silver gods money and then you have fiat which is the government money i think he calls the government money and then bitcoin is the peoples money so theres a big difference bitcoin is created by the people for the people not created by any governments or fed or anywhere else so theres a big difference there but anyways hes someone that continues to advocate people to buy bitcoin because again he believes the fed and treasury and governments around the world uh theyre just digging a deeper hole right now and and there will be major repercussions coming up in the near future so so yeah keep that in mind all right um lets move on oh i forgot this yeah and i forgot when i was spewing out all these top names right there are companies thats also following this too and i made a video about this a couple weeks ago theres a company called microstrategy the biggest business data or a business intelligence company out there they basically made their whole company into a bitcoin play by putting their 250 million dollars in in like funds that they had left over because theyre afraid of whats going on um they put it on bitcoin so youre seeing companies starting to do that too which is very very amazing ray thank you for that yeah i dont ill have to take a look at it later so but thank you for the super chat all right so now lets talk about the title of this video omg okay omg network and tether because lets pull out omgs chart because it is pretty crazy if you guys havent looked at it recently itll blow your mind because it basically went from two dollars to where it is now 744. yesterday i even predicted this im like you know pumps or whales they like even numbers and yesterday while i was pumping im like you know watch lets go hit 10 and come back down and guess what it hit exactly 10 and came back down so thats how you could tell uh these whales that like to do these pumps they do like even numbers and uh thats not a phenomena or anything its just you know why not ten dollars um so it has come down from ten dollars quite a bit but its still hovering at 740 at one point it dropped to like 590 again and it seems like its coming up so i know a lot of you guys like to chase want to know whats going on with these kind of pumps is it legit so i started digging right so the big thing is this ethereum fees are sky high right now because of d5 d5 d5 d5 everyone is getting in ethereum fees are quite high in fact i read ethereum fees collected was more than bitcoin and this is the first time in history and it started earlier this year so guess what tether tether decided to do something about it they dont want to pay those fees so they decided to move their transactions to omg and if you think about it this is a pretty big deal this is a big deal um tether so right here it says its 10 billion in market cap but other other places are quoting tethers actually more like 12 billion possibly even 13 billion now so this could be under quoted but you think about it theres 12 billion dollars of usdt thats either on exchanges or held by people in their wallets sitting on the sidelines or or theyre already being used i dont know but theres theres 12 billion of it around the world and thats a lot of transactions every single day so look at other transactions 39 billion dollars with the transactions within the last 24 hours which is higher look at this its higher than bitcoin and ethereum combined thats how much volume tether commands and of course uh they dont want to pay these fees so theyve made this decision to move their entire operations to omg uh its still based on ethereum omg and well get to what it is in a little bit but they move their entire everything to omg so it really validates first of all omg network as a true scaling solution because you know when tether is involved with 39 billion dollars worth of volume per day theyre not just going to select some nobody like i dont know im just going through automatic or seller or someone that that is just a relatively unknown unproven network so they selected omg which back in the day back in 2017 back in 2018 omg was the biggest scaling solution for ethereum in fact metallic was a visor to the project but then you know metallic doesnt want to depend on the second layer solution for scaling they um he wants to do his own thing thats why ethernet is transisting to ethereum 2.0 theyre looking at like plasma or sharding or something to scale theyre not really looking at like a second layer solution and omg in case you arent aware its a second layer scaling solution just like lightning network is for bitcoin so so if you really think about it i think this is a big deal this this is absolutely a big deal does it warrant the you know theres a warrant from for omg to jump from two dollars to ten dollars within a week no no it does not okay so nothing warrants that um so i know a lot of you guys are thinking well is this legit its gonna keep running i mean quite honestly this is crypto world it could keep running but it is very very very unsafe to jump in right now if you are jumping in youre rolling the dice right now youre hoping that it can pump back up to 10 and continue but theres a very good chance this could continue to come back down to something like three dollars four dollars five dollars so thats a pretty big drop from where it is now but even then its still a couple hundred percent gain from just a week ago so keep that in mind but i do think going forward we got to pay more attention to omg because this may be the start of a lot of a lot of these dapps um and you got to argue i guess tether is the biggest one if you think about it um a lot of these damn may be coming aboard omg because rather than switch to a different protocol they might just want to utilize the second layer solution so i think this might this might kick off you might start hearing a lot more projects move to omg network because of tether because really honestly theres no other project thats bigger than tether right now um so yeah i kind of covered what omg network is so this is their new web page pretty easy to understand this is this name is so much better than the old name homies go um and yeah you can see the phoenix usdt integration on omg go and they are value transfer layer for eth basically their scaling solution um and you could do payments and settlements reward loyalty points open banking and finance so you could do finance too um so yeah they pretty much do it all and i think this is a big deal and and you know what this does because they command so much volume its anticipated that just with tether moving off of ethereum slashes congestion by 15 i would argue its probably even higher than that but its kind of hard to tell at this point but 15 congestion just relieved right like almost overnight thats a thats a pretty big deal um so again this also helps ethereum it didnt help ethereums price but it does help the congestion a little bit but honestly ethereum can only handle like 15 transactions per second right now okay thats just pathetic which is why fees are so high everyone is competing to uh to get their transactions confirmed so honestly ethereum needs to figure out how to scale thats honestly what it is you need to scale and you need to scale it fast and uh if you dont then youre going to see a lot more daps move to something else especially with d5 growing right now you do need something that could be that that could handle a lot more transactions right all right so that is omg plus tether uh i think that this combination is a big deal it is a big deal its a big validation for omg now is it a big does that justify the price pump no it does not does it mean you should jump all in no it does not okay if you jump in right now theres a very good chance 50 50 chance that it can drop back down to 5 or four dollars there could also be a 50 chance that it goes up back up to 10 so youre really rolling the dice right now the smart play is to watch it watch it come down a little bit watch some of these indicators see if they bottom out give it a chance to rest right because during during fomo pumps it always seems like it goes up forever until you buy right i know what you guys are you guys know what im talking about its like you watch something and it just keeps pumping and pumping and pumping and its almost like the the second that you buy it starts coming down it always happens it always does right so it doesnt matter how high it pumps it could come down just as fast so dont try dont foam all in this is the bottom line um but once it does come down i think omg is a promising project to look at because i do think besides tether other projects will probably pay attention to omg as well all right next up lets talk about chain link because chain link is showing weakness right now so lets bring up chain link chain link is at 14 22. so some of you guys will say wow look at this chain link dumped from 19 down to 14.22 its done okay but you go back where was chain link right you go back that the jump for chain link is just as substantial as omg um actually you could argue its more but the reason why or i mean the reason why chain link went up is because its a combination theres fomo theres because zeus capital tried to short it and they failed and plus a lot more excitement over d5 and thats the important thing that is why im not giving up chain link even though its coming down and you know its gonna come down everyone knows its gonna go down its not just go go up to like a hundred dollars you know tomorrow and and not have a breather its gonna have a breather um but heres the thing the reason why i still believe in chain link and im not gonna be selling my chain link is because this there is no defy without chain link okay just just put that in your head theres no divide without chain link this is coming from whis ratings and the reason why they say that is because every single d5 project out there that needs to get price of a token um which all of them needs to because in order to borrow or lend you need to know the exact price of tokens and you need to make sure that that that price is accurate so that hackers and people dont take advantage of the system so you need to have a decentralized oracle system to pull that data from that is robust and secure and reliable and the only player in town is chain link so there is no d5 without chain link and d5 continues to grow so as they grow chain link becomes more and more and more important until competitors like band protocol or someone else kind of comes in and starts you know taking some uh shares away from them or market share i should say but until then you got one player in the in in in the game and thats chain link right so that is why im not worried about chain link coming down because even even coming down i know theyre gonna come back up because theyre so crucial to d5 theres no way unless d5 itself goes away tomorrow then yeah then you could argue why do you need chain link well even in that case you still need chain link but chain link is not just used for d5 its used for many many projects out there a lot of protocols rely on chain link as well such as tezos polka dot these these guys they rely on um chain link and once upon a time neo and waves they were looking at integrating chain link but then they decided they want to do their own thing but you got also decentralized exchanges like kyber and and all these guys theyre also utilizing chain links so even if d5 went away tomorrow chain link will still be fine because theyre still being used so yeah that is why you know some of you guys may be afraid maybe chain link bubble burst and its just go crash back down to nothing again now i think theyre here to stay because theyre so crucial for so many things in this space i dont think theyre going to go away anytime soon so so yeah thats pretty much what i want to cover today um talked about bitcoin why you should not give up on bitcoin talked about of course omis or i should say omg network uh and tether and a big thing and chain link so those are kind of three things i want to cover so now ill turn back to you guys and lets have a lets have a good old q a session justin welcome back thats a good question george last year you said you didnt believe in d5 what made you change your mind i changed my mind earlier this year when someone actually commented on one of the videos i think i think it was the one about bubbles i created like how dfis in a bubble and people should watch out someone replied and it gave me an epiphany all right and im going to summarize what he said but basically he said george youre missing the point of defy its not so much that defy does you know borrowing and lending and and all that stuff you know thats not the way to think about it think about defy is fulfilling the true purpose of crypto basically taking the power away from banks and thats powerful thats what bitcoin is trying to do what what why bitcoin was created but if you think about d5 goes another level if you can take the power away from the banks then then you have one right and that is what defy is doing it allows people to not only stake and and get collateral i mean get interest which is way better than a a bank account but it also allows people to borrow right now right now its a low amount but guess what why do people need banks well to to borrow like to get a mortgage or or get a car loan or something and if you take that away from them thats very powerful that is why you know i had epiphany and i im thinking d5 is good for the space because d5 is fulfilling what crypto you know why crypto was created in the first place so thats why it kind of changed my mind now do i still think most project and d5 are our pumps or or theyre up because of pumps yes yes i still believe that and i still believe a lot of them are overvalued actually almost every single one is overvalued however i think d5 is important because it uh its important for crypto that thats the reason why i kind of changed my mind ellen ellen 70 and bdc 30 among alts thats not a bad position before before i was advocate 50 25 25 um were still not there yet in full blown all coin season i would say 50 25 25 is better 50 bitcoin 25 big caps 25 in small caps but right now like a break up 70 30 80 20 i think its good because that 30 or 20 could really carry a portfolio while still having most of it in bdc i think thats uh thats still the way to go rss you and a million other people i hate to burst their bubble but theres a lot of people that always say that theyre like yeah its go bust or whatever but did you take advantage of it do you ever take advantage of your own calls thats the thing everyone thinks about this its its not like youre the only one everyone knows that things are too high or they get over bought right um but yeah the important thing is not to be i told you so guy the important thing is to utilize that information for yourself and you and and use it to profit from rather than small spend all that energy telling everyone else look i told you so im right but did you actually take advantage of it thats the most important thing well if you did then good for you but you dont need to validate that with everyone else because normally im going to say most people that do that are the ones that dont do that the quieter the quietest people are the ones that are usually doing the best the loudest people are the ones that do the worst usually usually thats how i found it but yeah i think i made some profits at omg that is you know that thats the thing i think i think omg with tether is a big big validation on their part it really confirms that they have something that works otherwise tether will not be risking 39 billion dollars worth of transaction per day per day not even per month or whatever per day they would not risk that kind of money on a network thats unproven right but then again omg before tether i dont know how they proved themselves but somehow they convinced heather and the fact that they moved over is a big deal its a very big deal however it does not mean that you should full mo in on omg right um with the climb this high this fast within such a short amount of time you know its gonna come down yesterday came down from ten dollars it could come back up right tomorrow it could be back up to ten dollars again this is crypto world people like to pump and dump a lot but tomorrow you can wake up its also five dollars i i just think right now its a little bit too high if you really really want to dab a little bit in there but i for me i would say wait it out but itll be itll be promising i mean itll be interesting to see what happens going forward with omg uh any thoughts on cardano cardano kind of stalled out after shelley so lets let go lets take a look before i had this purple line drawn i said when they pass 10 cents it becomes really bullish and and they were they they got up all the way to 15 cents before coming back down so right now its kind of like a waiting period so i im sure a lot of you guys noticed that theres a lot of money that flows from one project to another to another to another another right and for a while a lot of projects flowed into protocol coins so like cardano iota eos tron they start pumping and then they all kind of flatline because the money flew out and theyre pumping other projects right now right and d5 projects have been pumped for a long time and now youre looking at things that kind of help d5 projects um like i noticed that 0x is pumping right now and omg is pumping for different reasons but still money tends to flow in and out out of different categories of crypto so i think its just a matter of time it flows back ada is doing fine theyre in a much better position now than a few months ago after shelley charles said all the other steps in terms of integrating i dont know the names exactly but integrating smart contracts and scaling those are all smaller upgrades that will move much faster than than shelly at least according to him so i dont know well see well see if thats true what do you think about band protocol i did create a video about bam protocol and also cava mostly because if im looking at you look at the big guys right theyre already established so what is the second best right thats what im looking at in terms of chain link theyre the only player in town theyre the best by far whats the second best i would say thats banned protocol so they have not been really moving as of late and theyve been getting weaker to be honest because of weakness and chain link people are starting to doubt themselves like why am i holding band if chain link is starting to get weak but i dont think i dont think this is over for band um i do think as chain link recovers his price which it will and i think band will go along with that i think its just right now why not you have such big players right that are kind of dominating the space you know to take a small risk on the second best i think thats its okay doesnt mean you go all in but just like a tiny amount the same thing with cava because land which is still surprising to me but ethland now ave they are above you know 700 800 million of market cap they continue to rise up and up and up and up right they seem to have all the traction right now kind of like chain link but you know i think the one that i mean theres a lot of lending companies out there but i think a smaller one thats promising out of binance that can support multi-collateral and and theyre backed by by ripple and cosmos and binance i mean got a lot of players as cabba so i think kava is also worth looking at because of that reason because theyre a smaller player and they have a lot of potential too so thats my thoughts on the smaller guys tesla is over two thousand sell tesla to buy bdc no i would not sell tesla right now and im gonna bring up tesla because uh yeah because teslas just insane insane man i hate to admit it but you know had any of us bought tesla instead of btc for the last two years you would have made more but going forward i dont believe that but the the honest reality is tesla has been moving so much within the last few years its just kind of mind-boggling i mean even look at it uh the beginning of 2020 wheres the beginning in 2020 beginning in 2020 tesla was about 500 ish 400 ish and theyre over two thousand dollars so they had a tremendous thing and i dont think this is gonna stop for tesla only meaning because of stock split a lot of people they look at two thousand dollars per stock and unlike bdc you cant buy fractional stocks of tesla you cant buy 0.1 tesla or 0.5 tesla you could do so in with bdc and crypto but you cant do that with tesla so a lot of people especially the retail investors theyre not gonna buy because they they just dont want to buy one shares i mean its not fun and exciting for them but once they go through their five for one split it makes things more reasonable so i think because of that they go keep going um i have a friend thats really big and teslas but oh so thats a good way so now i could plug i could plug uh i could plug my own channel if i can bring it up i dont know if i could find it im gonna find it else elsewhere off screen and then ill bring it up good to do sorry yeah im im going all out im going all out with uh with channels here so you guys know i have a car channel thats doing very well over 50 000 subscribers now um and uh so of course this channel so i started a tesla channel just based on news so if you guys want to follow me you guys care about tesla you know you care about whats going on with tesla follow me on tesla news which i will pin to the comments so the link is very hard to to to understand and you cant even find it because the channel is so new so i will pin this to the first comment of this video so if you want to follow me then subscribe and you get all the latest tesla news there we go done done and done today is a pretty lively chat 400 people tuned in definitely doing better than last week so thanks for tuning guys of course make sure you guys hit the like button to subscribe to the channel if you are new and make sure you watch some of those smaller clips because theyre doing pretty good someone says omg is still pumping yeah i kind of anticipated it will but you never know you never know i think its just run up way way way too high way too high way too fast what is the market cap im just curious on omg i think its like a billion dollars right now uh yeah exactly one billion so it climbed up just a little bit too quick but its still not near all-time highs uh once upon a time all-time high was a two point over 2.4 i cant get it but its like 2.4 something billion so its still about what 60 percent away from reaching all-time high so so it uh it still has a ways to go thats my basketball collecting channel its still going im still doing with my friend but very very very little traction even less traction than a tesla channel because theres quite honestly people love to watch sports and basketball but they dont really want to collect cards so theres not a lot of people that search for cards which is unfortunate because cards is also exploding like just like tesla you know how i said all tesla is exploding man basketball cards are exploding too i mean everythings exploding right now bitcoin and crypto is exploding too but basketball cards i like it because i like basketball you know some of you guys could care less about basketball but uh its unfortunate because you know in a few years if you start hearing people talk about basketball cards they could be like you know sky high just like in a few years bitcoin will be a hundred thousand and its just gonna be unattainable for most people um yeah blade runner ill focus ill focus on what i want to focus man ill focus on what i like to grow i like to grow my channels i dont like to have a stagnant channel so luckily what ive been doing with this channel has been working i think a lot of the shorter videos um theyre more to the point and people like my enthusiasm people like the thumbnails a little bit more catchy and the information i give is pretty good too so so its im glad to see i regained some traction still not nearly as much as some of the other channels but i hope to gain gain on them pretty soon tony i did i did but uh youre youre too late man but ill just rehash it so some people think that chain link is done right so chain link has fallen from 19 down to 14 right but its important to remember that it did go up from basically four dollars to 20 so it was gonna come down um but is it over like are they basically done theyre never gonna recover are they gonna head lower i dont think so and the main reason is because uh there is no d5 without chain link right now almost every single d5 project out there needs to utilize some kind of data feed for prices and they need to make sure that its reliable its accurate and it could scale and all that secure everything theres one player in town and thats chain link and even even if the entire d5 you know community drops dead tomorrow and theres no defy um channel will still be fine theyll still be fine protocols like tezos polka dot they still rely on chain link theres others that im not even thinking about theyre second layer solutions i remember matic is one of them that also utilizes chain link you got decentralized changes like kyber that utilizes chain link so even if d5 goes away tomorrow chain link is still fine right so thats why i think chain link is here to stay theyre not gonna go anywhere uh the place the price might fluctuate but i think theyre gonna recover i think theyre gonna be back at 20 in no time and they can go even higher i think in fact they will go higher i think theyll probably end up being like number three theyll probably push xrp down which a lot of xrp fans do not like um but yeah oh just speaking of which speaking of xrp fans unfortunately i dont have it up so theres there was someone named xrp freak that theres a big xrp fan but regardless he was still objective in his comments and stuff and i like to debate with things with him once in a while in comments but yesterday or a day before he just went on a tangent about how i covered a v chain um partnership with uh trivalla and he just went off on town this is what i dont get i dont know why theres still so many people that hate on v chain when its on unwarranted hate so hes like oh thats a total scam uh you know it wasnt even on travanas site so you know v chain just paid coin telegraph to write that and i just replied back you could go find it on travalas blog what are you talking about and he goes rambles on and on and on about how its a chinese-based company so you cant trust them at all and you know what v-chains a total scam you should look into xrp i dont know if you said look into xrp im assuming so because his name is xrp freak but i just dont get this unwarranted hate on v chain that people still think theyre faking partnerships when theyre not its all because of that one freaking youtuber that spread these false rumors and that somehow stuck in peoples head for last three years and they cant get over it it uh it just kind of pissed me off but yeah thats why i think neo is the best bet no no no no no no its a v chain if any chinese-based company is going to do well in the future its definitely v chain its not even close its not even close just bought a tesla model s im ashamed how bad it launches over my red eye hellcat you mean how how it makes your red eye hellcat seems like the launches are are slow uh yeah did you just buy a brand new one because i drove my friends p90d which is already very fast zero to 60 in like 2.8 seconds and and i wasnt even launch mode i just found some street and just floored it up to 60. it was so fast im not joking im not exaggerating because you guys know i run a car channel i have tested hundreds of cars already it was so fast that it was the first time in my life where i felt blood rush into my head and i felt this pressure in my cranium like it wasnt going to explode thats how fast acceleration is it is no joke when you see like these youtube videos when you know like tesla gets launched and you think maybe theyre just faking it you know theyre not it is really that fast its crazy how fast electric cars are or teslas are so i cant imagine when the new tesla roadster ii comes out um because zero to sixty and that is supposed to be like 1.8 seconds a full second faster than a say a model s which is already insane i i think it will cause people to pass out i honestly think it wont be safe that if you have problems um it can make you pass out like i cant even imagine that do you know says b chain is used in hospitals in my country which country is that cyprus wow i dont even know where cyprus is honestly i have no idea where cyprus is what do you think about ford partnering up with volkswagen group and ev for what whoever the ceo of ford was that just stepped down he ruined ford like he absolutely ruined ford i remember ford was doing so good at uh under um alan uh milani or mooley sorry im bad with names but the previous ceo did such a good job and then this one just ruined ford have you seen a ford explorer or have you seen a ford escape theyre supposed to be the cash cod for ford right escape compact suv that is the hottest segment right now and mid-size sv the second hottest right the the ford escape is garbage absolutely garbage its its worse than garbage that is why theres no one on the road thats driving a new ford escape they just ruined that suv and ford escape is not garbage but its not top of the pack and ford overpriced it top of line for explore 60 thousand dollars when you get top of line highlander top-of-the-line pilot top-of-the-line tele-ride top-of-the-line palisade for ten thousand dollars less so who would buy a top-line ford explorer over these others that are more reliable more comfortable arguably better it makes no sense so whoever the ceo of ford is he ruined it ruined them so the only thing they have now are trucks so f150s continue to do well although ram is coming up and thank god they came out with the bronco that will probably save them in the short term because that is a bad ass suv but outside of that everything else for ford honestly just really sucks right now really sucks and it uh it sucks i because im a big ford guy i grew up with my mustang i like ford i want to like ford but theyre just not doing anything well right now can we change reach two dollars soon no not right now i mean keep in mind v chain which one v chain went through a split okay remember the hundred to one split so theyre at two cents right now theyre not gonna be jumping to two dollars anytime soon however they can be jumping up way above two cents in the near future three cents four cents five cents i think right now you can see theyre just going sideways theyre consolidating but theyre getting ready to do something like this the next leg up the next leg up will probably push them about two and a half cents and then after that probably three cents and so and then theyll be close to their all-time high because they went through this this split a lot of people dont realize that people still think oh i remember v chain of dollars before but they went through that 101 split that is the reason why you guys missed my spiel but ill end it with this because uh this is running a little bit long but you know i did make the topic omg plus tether right so i think that is definitely a very very very promising what what is that never mind uh i think omg plus tether thats a big deal its a big deal okay ethereum fees are sky high because of tether i mean because of d5 so tether wanted to move their stuff out they moved their entire operation to omg thats a big deal for omg youre talking about 39 billion worth of transactions per day that is more more than bitcoin and ethereum combined thats how much volume tether has in a single day and for that to move entirely to omg that is a big deal however a lot of you guys are looking at the pump you could care less about the transactions youre like okay should i get in the pump because is it going to continue and its a 50 50 shot right now if you want to roll the dice it could climb back up to 10 where it was yesterday before dumping down to about five dollars or it could go continue but you know uh dumped back down to five dollars which could happen 50 50 shot for me i think its just too high to risk i think you just got to wait it out wait a little bit longer let it settle down before dipping your toes in if you try to jump it now youre completely risking it its 50 50. you might as well just pull your money on either black or red at a casino and itll be the same result actually probably faster because you can just double up your money right away so itll be like the same thing your red eye has a thousand horsepower tune and youre you still want to sell it because of your uh tesla man first of all im uh im uh jealous of your two cars um man yeah i mean combustible engines something that that cant be replicated in a tesla is the noise and the vibrations of a good v8 okay i love v8s i love big engines uh theres no replacement for displacement right so tesla can never replace that however when it comes to instant torque instant acceleration a gas motor just cant really replicate it you need to have like exotic car levels to really reach it im surprised your red eye with a thousand horsepower if you put in launch mode it should be under three seconds so it should be the same right but um but tesla is like its just its almost unfair advantage with electric motors i still like my good old v8s though to be honest i like the sound i like the vibration it just makes you feel like youre youre a man that youre driving a car especially with a six-speed right which you cant you cant get that in a tesla you cant get a six-speed um toyotas doing really well with rav4 prime heres the thing heres the thing about toyota and i did review that car if you havent checked it out uh the rav4 prime is good for rav4 but its way too pricey no one is going to buy it because its double the cost of a rav4 hybrid and even though yes its faster yes you have pure uv mode no one in their right mind is going to buy a rav4 prime because the base model is at forty thousand dollars and the higher model the xse is around forty four thousand starting price when you put into the options then it comes out to be fifty thousand dollars and honestly for fifty thousand dollars you could buy a tesla model y so would you buy a rav4 prime for fifty thousand or a model y for fifty thousand see thats the thing thats why toyota priced themselves out with the rav4 prime but that is the that is the future for them they want to move everything to hybrid then move everything to plug-in hybrid and eventually go eb that is their master plan yeah im hoping the new ceo i dont know who fords new ceo the one that just got replaced he is garbage he just i think he destroyed ford but hopefully the new ceo can turn them around obviously theyre contrary on evs like the mock e um but i think you know theyre tried and true their trucks and and their new bronco you cant go wrong with wrong with that but you got to compete man like the ram 1500 the ram 1500 blows away the f-150 right now um so you know ford has to stay ahead with f-150 otherwise theyre going to lose that market share thats not good the only profit that ford makes right now is off of f-150 that is it that is their only profit maker right now so they better not lose that but well see how the maki is how i can compete as a model y these its gonna be tough model wise like everyones raving about it i havent driven one yet i have driven an x and a s not a y yet so well see well see how they are i did not try the new bet yet i cant i i cant get one from fleet loans and theres chevy dealerships around here first of all they dont have and second of all uh i dont have any i dont partner up with any of them i want to but theyre ignoring me so hopefully i drive one but it looks way better it looks way better ive seen plenty of them at auto shows and stuff so it looks way better than before and i cant wait until like the z06 version comes out because thatll be thatll be a big game changer i mean even the base one the one thats out right now is already a game changer but the the z06 one thats go make exotics look bad is reliability better though i know ram had horrible reliability like with their transmissions and stuff but that was the older model im not sure if the new model has the same reliability and i dont know whos to say f-150s i dont know that thats this is the reason why i dont comment on reliability with my review videos because theres so many places that look at this if you look at consumer reports or jd power or whatever theyre theyre all over the place right so you dont really know only just what you hear in general like what people say so i dont know i dont know i know im getting a little bit off track here but you can see oh me go i mean omg while im talking its starting to come down right thats why im saying even though this tether relationship is big its very big about as big as it can be honestly its like saying if if bitcoin decided to move all their transactions to a second layer solution and they chose omg thats actually how big it is because stutter actually has more transactions than bitcoin per day so thats how big this relationship is this partnership is however it still doesnt justify the fact that they shot up from to ten dollars basically within a few days so i think it will come down but who knows it could pump back up um its its a 50 50 right now 50 50. omg used to be ole miss go okay so thats why im used to it because i havent talked about this project in literally like three years like they have done nothing within the last three years um so now now things have changed can we see eth at 1k by the end of the year i think so i think thats realistic see thats thats realistic um ethereum actually has been doing very well very very well obviously not as well as 1400 but they have broken through every single every single resistance point uh pretty easily so right now theyre gearing up for the next one which is above 433 they did break above it they couldnt hold so now theyre looking to break that once again after that it starts moving fast 474 and if you go past 474 you can see now youre heading back to 2018 territory where you start jumping up really fast like 540 623 you know 700 800 so if bitcoin continues to go up lets say it goes back to 20 000 by the end of the year i think ethereum could be at 1 000 realistically it really depends on what what bitcoin does do i like tesla stock over amazon long term yes i think because because amazon is going to dominate everything lets you know but theyre already at 2 trillion market cap so tesla is still at 300 400 so in terms of potential they could definitely grow a lot more now you can argue amazon is a lot more important than electric cars right that is kind of true but if elon has his way hes going to make all teslas turn into robo taxis and stuff and that is going to be huge too thats going to be a big money maker then people could buy teslas and basically do uber without actually driving the car you could just have your tesla go out and make money for you that will be insane and thats the ultimate goal for elon but if you think about it thats really insane that you could buy a tesla and just have it work for you without you actually having to do any work thats pretty cool right so i think tesla has more potential than amazon at least short term if youre talking about like 100 years down the road i dont know because i think amazon will probably you know well do all of our shopping on amazon in like a hundred years i think theres gonna be no stores that exist outside of amazon but we probably wont be around that anyways all right thats it this is running a little bit too long i know rambo a lot but it was a fun chat because i asked some good questions i enjoy it um but overall i talked about omg with tether talked about chain link talked about bitcoin i think were all looking pretty good at this point so looking pretty good and uh and remember dont follow in right dont vomit and uh huddle and buy the dips thats pretty much it and be diversified right all right guys thanks for tuning in smash up the likes if you didnt watch my other video especially like the one i put yesterday about 72 holders will hold hold their bitcoin even if it drops to zero watch that watch my other videos and if youre a tesla fan uh check out my new channel tesla news which i pinned to the comments below alright take care guys smash up the likes and subscribe and ill see you next time bye With todays Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news, I talk about the partnership between OMG Network and Tether. 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