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hi standing over here from shame station Dakota UK and welcome to review station series in which were going to be looking at some brand new oakley sunglasses and softly through and what they may not and what youre going to get with each pair now the first part gonna walk are the only two faiths or buses what hype going on about these and as you can see they do look quite similar to the Holbrooks theyre people have been looking to get their hands on it and see exactly what its all about but thankfully thankfully weve got a set here and we can show you exactly what makes it take really because the first of all Ill just make you aware youre going to get the standard black inclu box with these oil with the senate black look at the moment back inside tuning le warranty and things like that its all going to be covered inside the box for you some boxes themselves are split some of us theyre made of two different frame materials the top half including the arms is made on all matter of whose patented with our frame material which is lightweight comfortable flexible durable is going to keep your eyes nice and safe and sound at all times the bottom half and the central frame however is made oh please c5 metal alloy now this is also a very lightweight for what it was allows an entirely different design that mention to them so you get that soft split look effects that you wouldnt get with something like Halbrook now looking on the arms you can see youve got these square hole icons there and Im going to show you a bit of a close-up at math you know the frames are also utilized Oakleys three-point fit technology what that means is theyre only going to contact your face in three areas on your ears or above your ear so and only knows just that know what that means it will fit the vast majority of head sizes and shapes so if youre worried about this kind of frame or lifestyle frame suiting you you know its definitely going to fit anyway and just about suiting Im going to show you exactly what they can look like on your face now so you know exactly what to expect okay mother lets in this particular path our black family important rights obviously youve got a polarized option for these as well theyre made of blue tonight which is Oakleys patterns in that lens materials its completely a hundred percent UVA UVB and UVC protective thats actually the material itself not a continent on there some even if you were to scratch these the the UV light would still be blocks from hits in your eyes as a fantastic advantage there are also a hundred percent optically correct switch you may not find in the other brands well that means is theyve actually taken the moments out towards the coffers so its thicker in the middle and what that does is it stops any refraction of light as it passes through the lens you break must have to work you dont get those annoying sunglass headaches its perfect for everyday use you can wear them all day and theyve actually forgetting wearing the most of the time theyre fantastic swear okay so I think thats pretty much it weve covered all the bases for the other to face their absolutely also now now that weve posted on these show you a bit more of them but yeah I hope you found that quite informative and thank you again for watching An in depth overview video of the Oakley Two Face Sunglasses!