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right if youre here youre here for another oakley review and this are not so new I know I always repeat the new stuff but these are they not soon you crank case just pretty old actually I just recently got him last year I guess the nap time to review these are the polarized gray smoke with dark grey history texts and what they say go stacks of these are really really cool and the lens are grey lenses weve gotten is pretty cheap because theyre an old model but you know I guess if theyre still on the oakley website I cant really say theyre really bad for what idea so it comes with the paperwork and stuff put it aside standard black hopefully bag take them out and voila man these are cool I tell you um I dont know if you can make out the the black background is for really bad so check them out and see this is a what you know we usually call the ghost text right so its kind of transparent and you can see some text on it really cool looks like tattoos almost okay so these are kind of lips where robotic lenses you wear these you look like you know Cyclops from the x-men or something some advisers but this is a lifestyle model of course you dont have any rubber piece straight to the back the icon is actually pretty weird but okay i guess the design works um sticking out like that you know see it actually sticks out like that even when you hold your glasses kind of sticks out like that so if you dont put them in the hard case they might break but Ive dropped these before and see me sat on them so the oakley material Oh matter really works I guess and lenses are the usual blootinite impact proof lenses which are a really advanced lens technology this is a 40 polarized version blocks out the glare the best and Ill give you from the side you have the neighborhood case down here now the crankcase is cool especially people like me with the medium / small head or age in the size heads I guess because these can be an hour alternative to the gas cans actually which are huge and you cannot get the guests can s or the gas cans small these days anymore so these are a good alternative a bigger version of this would be the crankshaft and thats pretty new but again those are for medium large to large basis right and I love these and Im just gonna put them on for you so you can see hey so there you go really cool right got a badass you know yeah a little weird to be sure patch of skin down there from your side but otherwise really cool you you can kind of make out my eyes right because these are just Grayland snow every difficulty in your stone cat i Hassa the rhythm pudding looks really good you can put a lot of color on them and so on some horse but I really hate this so if anyone Cleo you know hopefully stop are listening especially in the R&D department those iridium lenses they dont blast at all you know eventually they get it started cracking up and waking off so those are thats kind of irritating and they kind of say its speaking of sweat because of sea water and stuff but hey I keep doing good care of my glasses but still over time you use those gradient lenses they are gonna so lets us like these non iridium really kinda last almost forever and the poof these are actually one of the first few polarized lenses that i have and let me tell you they really block out declare really will can i use these to rock it at my bike on my really nice custom cruiser which i shall not know of course but ya mekia i am a biker really really about it but anyway i love these because for writing because their lifestyle and heres them some really thin which means if youre a biker you will know what i mean you can just put them on after you put on your home but you put these on really easily and you take them off really easily too right if these had any kind of amount of unobtainium it might not fit well it might be like hanging something like this oops you summarize something like that when youre wearing a helmet which is really irritating if youre a biker right so these are my favorite riding classes yeah and plus the oakley Shaku technology pretty safe even when you know you have helmets without the face shield visor you know for you we like flip them up the iowa street wind blowing your face all right right so these are currently my favorite classes for rocky and im pretty glad i bought them even though theyre a kind of a jaded old model and of course i love the ghost text also and i guess thats about it yeah yeah these dont necessarily necessarily stay on your head if you feel like flicking about like that but hey bikers youre not gonna put your classes on top of your heads like some you know pretty boy youre not youre not going to do that right youre just gonna keep your classes with your off your bikes yeah so oakley crankcase people medium to small and small pieces these are really good really the rap is really good for a lifestyle piece but a rap is really good you cannot see any openings at all three-point fit so on so forth catch you next time maybe you is getting really I think stop human another OPP Beauty bigger faces get the crankshaft their new smaller faces crankcase is the one to go for catch you later Heres a review of a great lifestyle piece for medium to small faces: The Crankcase! Currently these are my favourite riding glasses coz they are polarized but not so dark which means you can still use em for riding in the evenings with streetlamps around especially if you use a naked helmet without a visor like me...