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Hello my sultan, I hope you are all well. On this occasion, I want to share with you about yesterday. Yes, some have asked about you working on the link. It can be used for exchange. It can be exchanged for you. Bro, why do I always use UNICEF mentally ? back to metamas always Dont want to get the action so well try it through the computer Ill share it first so its easier for you to use when you use it on your cell phone first if you use a cell phone I suggest you use the kiwi browser guys Why is it bro How come the browser works Kiwi browser has a rising feature, there is an extension feature. Attention, this is very important. You can click on the Chrome section, then on to the section, which is more tools. Go to the extension section. You can add this extension, like Metamas, the best Wallet Tron link coin, and so on. if you have saved it again, namely the link from the web unit and also the claim from guirly sen myself, because we discussed guerly yesterday, I opened it first from goerlyguerly, which I often open every 24 hours, guys, theres a parade and theres also Paradises own chainlink . We ll copy it first using metamask. there is another claim, we connect the swallow with the metamask . you know, guys, lets close here, yes, theres a network, the network that weve been using so far, namely with the Querly network, right ? with various accounts, you want to use which one is free, the first account, the second account, the third account, but ka You also have to have at least goerly too later for you units. Okay, before that, well continue first, OK, Ill look for small things, guys, like this, we claim every 24 hours, right? Ive entered the profile section, then we click Copy the link, well go back and paste it, just click on the claim here, is it not yet, lets first let the one here claim it. you can also enter, its platformware, so on my network, you just enter your address, which is the same as your network, guerlie or etherium, paste it below here, then click search, so thats your wallet and you have any tokens here, there are 110 links and also 1 6, what we are looking for at this time is the link, so we click on the link, then in this section there is a Smart chain contract token, copy it. After that, well come back. go to the web unit section, now in the web unit section, you click select token, just make sure your address will appear, namely the link and you can actually sell it with kemeth, but the price is very low, so you can sell it first to the driver, eth, the estimate is 0.028 if we sell it to the etherium goerleay department its also the same, namely 0.028 later the estimate is below here you know that one etherium querly you need 38 links and we come to the faultest netlink section every 24 hours we only get 20 netlink tests So you can for save it until whenever because my network has started playing on the net whenever wherever you can to sell it moreover it will always update upgrades too well you change it we can find out that your execution will be subject to a ces fee as well and the V payment is 0.5 after this flyback we were directed that if we use kiwi it will also be affected in this form later with attention yes and the amount plus b Yes, the cost we need is 0.01 ethereum , querly , I refuse, guys . if you want to go crazy, you first open your account, which is like my 3rd account or these three are really mandatory assets. You also have to have Ath 0.01 because later you will be charged a shipping fee in the form of worry also for the link that you have cloned or that is missing, yes, I have one Gmail like this, I can have two accounts so I use lots of Gmail So I get 2 accounts per 2 accounts 2 accounts like that and if there are a lot of them, Ill pair them to the first account like that. My way of cloning or linkwearly is to get it every 24 hours. Then for questions where? Usually, mentally, its because of this. Personally, Im mentally a bit difficult. I use the Metamas application. Its really hard. I dont know why it doesnt taste good. immediately hyperlink hyperlink swipe token open open its already enough for me okay maybe thats all for me information about works from werly and also snacks and whats the nuyul link Token that was, how about it, not a website link but a cryptocurrency link, guys . what you get with a querly network is you can do it for something, you can exchange it, you can send it to your main account, the most important network is you. Remember, dont forget to be happy. See you next time, greetings profit bye bye Disini adalah full tutorial Dimana Nuyul LINK Goerli biar makin banyak dapatnya.Faucet Goerli ETH Testnet 24 Jam ► 1. Tempat Swap ► 1. Subscribe ► 1. 2. 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