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good morning today we are going to be doing the unboxing of the new glasses that we are going to be adding the equipment of things that we use for the bicycle in the bicycle equipment this time this is for the route I already have a video about these glasses I have a hollow round showing the this the round round i have a video discussing the difference between these and this house person ufos since these are the smith wild cat right now i have them with the lens which is clear but 2000 come with an extra lens they match this helmet this is the other helmet it is another of the helmets he used on my channel you will see a lot of information about this bike the super caliber totally contaminated well we started here factory pilot after ordering they are the hot ones they arrived there was a problem getting them to arrive quickly but they were sent without the number that it has and they have more or less the model of this is the case with the prison road lens so we are going to make the space here I have not seen it and I had only opened it from nothing and then the brilliant idea of ​​ making the video look at how the box looks below so now it feels so good so far its already formal at 350,324 dollars so far the difference from how these came feels like a more quality product in a matter of the box no he hasnt seen it yet how does that look or the feeling of the product but well this as well as another traditional one so here it is all open the one I made is a little bigger and comes with instructions how to clean them the type of lens some information about that the warranty also does nt matter now Ricky doesnt feel different either, notice I like this one more This material feels like its going to resist the subject no more impact if its not going to resist the dirt the dirt you can throw it inside one of a 2 full back this one with clothes with others things and it feels like it protects more this one feels a little thinner like a dream it feels a little thinner and the same big compared to this since those glasses we go to space so then like a sled that includes this has two additional pieces for the nose I assume that it will come with the piece the medium office has one that is larger another smaller later I will find out from each function even the smallest this is the largest to have it the medium also brings yes everything definitely from the The box even inside, which is very soft, everything feels more quality for a price of one hundred almost two hundred dollars more than these glasses, at least in the packaging, the box and what it comes with so far feels of higher quality and here Its the glasses as such right here nothing so I can move this and lets see here how it looks ok to prison for this prison route prison what this route means is excellent for example here you have the mountain prison lens bike the inter prison of mountain bike and styling in prison lens of routes this lens of route helps you to see things on the asphalt and on the road it marks you more the lines it marks you more any crack that is in the road is made to you its easier for the sun not to reflect on you from the road its below it helps you more for that it is more focused on trade or in the mountains on the mountain on the stones the land that everything can be seen is of better quality then let s go as we say look at the sides that later Im going to make another video explaining how to use it but you can adjust the angle of each arm of the sunglasses whatever here give it the plastic like a whole kind of spoiler how it looks feels good you grab this phase it feels of quality all the materials feel in the way she folds everything feels very good this one scares me a little since it is a complete lens it does not have a frame like this well I assume you have to have a little more careful but basically that is what we now have the collection right now the idea behind it and some glasses are missing that are the arrivals arrive yesterday Wednesday from another hotel but right now we have the mountain bike glasses from the mountain bike this box is going to be replaced and Im going to explain in another video why theyre going to be replaced and were at the highway officials house when were under the sun obviously then the next boxes that come are going to cover the base they dont just want to guess its going to cover the base between when you run at dawn and when you dont run at dusk here in miami there are a lot of runs at 5 oclock its dawn over this dark to clear and a lot of runs that will be done at 7 pm that you are in chiaroscuro or these glasses have a clear lens or dark lenses because the coming soon is supposed to be the solution to those problems but here is the photo as well as how it looks and any more tired questions thanks Desempaquetando las Nuevas Oakley KATO con el lente PRIZM ROAD Primera impresión MIAMI,