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Hello everyone Welcome back to the Diary of my clip on episode 16 its been a long time since I made a video Then yesterday was unlucky They just released an announcement about alucation That is, their generous allocation actually wrote an article about bad luck. However, taking advantage of this opportunity, I also want to make a video to remind me of the incident. Follow this unlucky ecosystem and so that we can seize the upcoming opportunities for suis ecosystem first as usual, this video is my personal opinion and not my opinion. investment advice guys and now we will come to the main content of todays video its about the distribution of thinking you can see on this screen you can see here people will there is 20% for olicomium and 6% for the community, then the access program and addetor, then with this additional allocation, one thing is for sure, I will have been writing about bad luck since August ie about 3 months ago Ive written about bad luck before and I also wrote about taking advantage of some opportunity, then run this to track participation in events or catch the application soon, I ll attach this link shortly below the description so you can read more, here I want to re-emphasize and remind you that its bad luck, they are as rich as good pressure. This is their capital of 300 million, besides that is 36 million in December 2011 too, here at least there is 336 million, which is very rich, no different, but you see, they have root like that, I have to be the same and add one more The one with the allocation I need is like this, what Im seeing is, they want it when I get it, they dont want people to mention that theyre the only one I need for the investor Oh then where does the community get what I need? Their cleaning experience is right that people dont have to buy such experiences now so I think its bad luck that they will also find a way to make the erob so many people, as many wallet addresses as possible The better is one address because I dont know if there are many I need it or not, but I think they will have a desire that the first is for me to need to go to many different addresses, the second is there is a community that they really want to participate in building in that suis ecosystem so the people who can get it i need erop firstly these contributors contribute in the way that its about sharing articles about pros and cons and about contributing to my use, then Ill focus on how to call it the most experience and create a lot of things. The most transaction is on my wallet address, which means I cant know what kind of ero they will now, I will do everything first to get at least their attention. either admit it, I dont know maybe its on Twitter to do something and then share something about it Or go to disco to support and do this and that to support something on disco Thats to do Why do I contribute to them and I also feel like Im contributing to them like that and the second one is to test the pressure Well then those two are within reach and the first thing is to finish running I dont think many of you can run the second one, you still have to wait for the program to run, those are my suggestions I suggest to you guys, remember to follow closely in a while Ill attach along with you guys about a guy from this school who also shared a lot of these bingsu projects, if you dont wait for the video, I can research and do it first, but I cant. gradually these unlucky videos about these wallets with these apps thats all I want to share with you about the river around the necessary allocation and the opportunity related to the ecosystem. In my opinion, I hope that in the near future we will have friends to follow us and we ourselves will be able to seize this opportunity and be able to receive an Android or have a small gift . Thanks to our efforts Remember guys dont listen to anyone who says theres no more chance Or its just a deadnet or this and that theres no chance this and that whatever you can. ah Put a little effort, take a little time and you can do it within your reach, just do it. Theres no need to listen to it and say its difficult or whatever, theres nothing difficult here. all the best and wish you all success and see you all in the next videos of my video clip Sui là một blockchain Lớp 1 có khả năng mở rộng theo chiều ngang, nhằm hỗ trợ phát triển các ứng dụng có tốc độ nhanh và chi phí thấp.- Thông báo SUI Token Allocation: - Tìm hiểu thêm về SUI và cơ hội với hệ sinh thái SUI: - Vài gợi ý về các ứng dụng trên SUI Lưu ý: Video này chỉ mang tính chất thông tin, không phải lời khuyên đầu tư! --- Bạn có thể theo dõi Cryptoinno thông qua: Cryptoinno Đăng kí kênh telegram cập nhật mọi thứ trên Cryptoinno: --- Copyright 2022 by Cryptoinno,