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hi everyone i hope you all this is coins kid just gonna dive into chain link once again thank you for support okay big up the question right now chain link for me youre coiling up here uh for chain link and you know im not a financial advisor all i do is say what i see in the charts so far so good you retracing okay so if we look at on the daily time frame here we are currently retracing okay look at this trend line this ascending trend line that weve wicked off and bounced and held so far so good you know you youve come up here impulsively and youre retracing correctively youre down to the zero six one eight now if it does get quite nasty like i said in yesterdays video you start to come down you lose support youre gonna lose this low and for me if you do start to come down and start closing below that you can see youre gonna lose this trendline and essentially that would be a technical target and that for me would be really bearish because youre losing the sending a little support right there for example chain link okay now does it mean it wont happen of course it doesnt but so far so good you know this is what happens you put the fear of god into people and they offer optimal entry points right here so for me i think that chain link is doing something that ive seen here before okay weve seen this horizontal this ascending level support okay held and then bounce look weve got another ascending level support on the weekly time frame its currently holding hold it to support and start to bounce and break up and runs into this belief okay so you can see essentially just there you know we created this beautiful sort of horizontal we broke out came back and back tested support weve got the corona dub just there you know and broke out to the upside and again just here weve got another horizontal that we created just here you guys key level of resistance uh for chain link just there you know you run into it as resistance falling back to its support so again youre coiling up essentially like you did here coiled up broke out right here coiling up towards some kind of apex and get your breakout basically so you know these white lines here are technical targets that ive got for chain link okay you know im long-term bullish on chain link anyway and its it looks like its going to be a pretty good year for channeling with the staking announcement okay so you know the trouble is with chain link its very volatile you can see it moves down quickly moves up impulsively you know and sometimes when the markets bleeding chain link moves up on its own you know ive been a part of all this in the previous run here you know ive been around for training for so long so im just a messenger okay dont shoot the messenger what goes up must come down and what goes down obviously bounces youre fully aware of that right now so you know i i did pick out a coin at the the previous correction in bitcoin because in a minute obviously bitcoins gone up and its coming back down and its looking to hold this low okay and its at the foot of the mountain here that this offers optimal entry points for altcoins now this little beauty right here is doing something very very similar to an altcoin that i gave everybody uh at the foot of the mountain when bitcoin corrected down to 28k in july to 2021 i gave everybody a coin that i seen doing exactly this coiling up in a horizontal okay and i gave everybody it and it absolutely belted out into the 10x and that coin was solana ill show you the chart right now okay solano again coming up and holding a sending level support here okay and this huge huge question that it went through and everyone were really really fearful in july we created this low and i said to you look youre creating this beautiful horizontal continuation pattern you create another one there continuation pattern you coil up basically look youve got another one there as well before you come up and make the impulsive break and its at this point when you started to break this resistance here that i said to everybody look wow youre forming a bang go to the beach on a daily falling back into support this is an amazing opportunity you know and from there right now you know i said to everyone that youre gonna come up meet the one six one eight and youre gonna meet the two in the two point two seven two and you can see pretty much from there to there if i drop the fibs on look at that bum all targets were met look at that beautiful beautiful beautiful from there you know from that breaking resistance all the way up theres a whopping 829 long opportunity that i gave everyone in the summer you know and everyone was really fearful and was coming back and it was calling up you got a descending level of resistance and the 711 support continuation plan just look to the left youll see it okay so yeah chain link is doing exactly the same isnt it you know youre coming up youve got a descending level of support a resistance sorry youve got an ascendant level support just like you did here youre coming towards the apex youre coming towards the apex here as well providing you can hold this level of support right now you know not fall out of it and lose this slow like i said to you and come all the way down to the one six one eight target of 14 this low needs to hold and right now you welcome him back down to an ascending at an ascending trend line which is another little beautiful trend line just there for for chain link now if obviously it does get nasty this trend line here has to hold for chain link okay round about 18 because if it does get the weak bounce come back up break that resistance boom theres your breakout target and thats where youre going to look at chain link coming up and meeting these white lines because again you know using fibonacci if i go from there to there you can see that theyre my targets the 1.618 is a minimal target 124 dollars then youve got the two fib at 210 then youve got the 2.27 to 305 dollars you know and look youre crawling up inside the apex just there now again you know back in the day if you look at these retracement here from here to here to there today you can see that chain link broke out all my targets okay back in the past so it doesnt mean that its going to do it again obviously but we are sort of mirroring this sort of horizontal sideways accumulation that weve gone through previously for for training like ive said to you so many times and if we take a look on the monthly in a previous video here did say to you you know you came sideways and in the month of january if i moved this the month of january 2020 you actually broke out the key resistance of the horizontal fell back to its support in the march coronado and then broke out to the upside okay and you know exactly the same thing here youve come up and right now you know this is january so if we can come up here and break out and fall back and back test this previous resistance of support youre getting your breakout and youre looking to come up to these white lines so this is why im still bullish on chain link you know and i still think that technically it could be a fantastic uh altcoin going forward at the foot of the mountain that bitcoin is in in its retracement basically so yeah theres no guarantees in the space and obviously watch this space but hopefully you know this could turn out quite well for everybody involved and uh does some exactly what its done before calling up in horizontal looking for the breakout continuation so thats basically chain link oh you enjoyed that quick little update stay healthy stay strong and thank you for support take care everyone bye bye CHAINLINK UPDATE ByBit Gems & Trading : $4,100 BONUS! 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