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Wenn XRP diesen Widerstand bricht, k nnte der Kurs 30 % steigen 23 hours agoBricht der Ripple Kurs den 0,382 Fib Widerstand? Gegen BTC wurde XRP am 0,382 Fib Widerstand b risch abgewiesen. promo. Der XRP Kurs befindet sich derzeit am 0,382 Fib Widerstand. Wenn Ripple diesen bricht, k nnte der Kurs zur Golden Ratio steigen und einen Kursgewinn von rund 30 % verbuchen. Preço, gráficos e notícias sobre Bitcoin BTCUSDCoinbase O preço atual é de US$ 28.316,01 por BTC. Bitcoin está 58,84% abaixo da máxima histórica de US$ 68.789,63. A oferta em circulação atual é de 19.325.987 BTC. Sobre O Bitcoin, a primeira criptomoeda do mundo, é armazenado e negociado de forma segura na Internet por meio de um livro razão digital conhecido como blockchain. where is chainlink based MUST BREAK Price For Mega Pump - Chainlink LINK Coin Crypto Price Prediction and Technical Analysis
where is chainlink based Fidelity launches Ethereum custody and trading services... MUST BREAK Price For Mega Pump - Chainlink LINK Coin Crypto Price Prediction and Technical Analysis
theyre going to look at chain link I actually found something I wanted to share with you guys pretty important so were still sitting on this 3a2 at 682 so if theres gonna be a reversal for chain link it pretty much needs to happen now for a couple of reasons first one being youre sitting on the 382 at 682 and youre also still making a higher low so if there is no reversal here then that means that chain link will most likely be traced down to the 618 at 627 so can you do something like this yes but again this 382 is pretty much your last line in the sand because thats a pretty deep retracement of 10 however it is important to note that you still uh sorry um thats thats why I was pointing out that its important that this holds because you can still move higher from here um so that would be confirmed with a breakover 722 then youll see a bigger move up but um thats pretty much all I really wanted to say about the 382 at 671 but what I also wanted oh sorry uh 620 682 to 677 but what I wanted to point out is if you look at the BTC pair you actually got something pretty interesting if you draw your downtrend from May of 2021 or actually August of 2020 sorry um you potentially just broke the downtrend litecoins doing something very similar however the thing thats scary is youre getting stuck with a 3a2 so we know actually let me uh hold this we know that you can retrace to the 3a2 and the 618 and still continue the trend so technically this could be a bull trap for another move lower if that happens then chain link is going to collapse which obviously means the whole Markets going to collapse because chain link is doing exceptionally well from the June low um and with the counter argument to that would be if you break over this 3a2 at 4600 satoshis youll see a big pump come in on chain link might you might even get a 2X you know for a move up to 7600 which obviously isnt a 2X but if the price of BTC moves up a little bit you do have a shot at a 2x so well well leave it at that I definitely want to share that with you guys though the 4600 satoshis is a must break level because you did break this falling wedge so normally you know in a macro picture this is a bullish continuation pattern and if chain link can clear this 4600 brake uh 4600 satoshis theres a theres a strong chance youre going to see an explosive rally so this 4600 must break I definitely want to share that it was more important than uh done the little short-term but as of now you still have a chance to move higher thats pretty much it best of luck as always none of this is financial advice Chainlink LINK Coin Crypto - Price Prediction and Technical Analysis December 2022Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. These are my opinions on the markets, and you should only take it as that Donations: