chainlink rankingsMoos News 3 2 2020 TEZOS and LINK, BaFin endorses Crypto, DTCC modernization, STOs, GREAT podcasts

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chainlink rankings ETH Burning Is 3 ETH+ Min Now, What Happens Post... Moos News 3 2 2020 TEZOS and LINK, BaFin endorses Crypto, DTCC modernization, STOs, GREAT podcasts
everybody thanks for joining me it is Monday March 2nd 2020 have a few things I just want to talk about today some interesting things that I I I discovered or came across and I thought you might be interested in them as well anybody that may happen to be subscribed or watch my videos you know that Im fairly obsessed with chain link and tezos came across an interesting article coinbase custody is added more than twelve million xtz and delegations over the last month I think thats a huge milestone and shows the interest in the product and its services and baking in general and tezos is a great project barely obsessed with tezos and fairly obsessed with link this article talks about how strong link and tezos has been during this little dip weve had here so Ill go ahead and could this article Ive read that Finance has actually partnered with a bank so it says first bank ever to integrate directly with finance and this is a Turkish Bank so I thought that was interesting and it shows the state of the world and the way things are going another interesting article was on the finance magnets site so this is more of a finance website so if youre into cryptocurrencies you probably dont know anything about this site they do have a cryptocurrencies section but I came across them so this is more of a normy website for Finance and whatever but came across an interesting article boffin classifies crypto is a financial instrument so thats thats pretty interesting and basically its making the regulatory mandated license for all crypto custody by November so this is great anybody doesnt know so boffin as Germanys financial federal financial supervisory authority but yeah it goes by boffin this is a great interesting article hope youll take a look at it talks about AML talks about Germany moving forward and classifying kryptos as an actual financial instrument so thats really great somebody mentioned the other day they were pretty hot about a specific token in relationship to D tsetse and it sparked my memory of an old article that I ran across that spelled out some interesting things about the DTCC modernizing and Ill just read this little blurb here and include the article below since selecting the consortium of IBM Exxon II and our three DTCC and its partners have completely recoded the functionality of the tiw utilizing DLT and cloud in only eight months iBM is leading the initiative by providing program management DLT expertise and integration services X Oni provides the distributed ledger infrastructure and smart contract applications built on ax cor blockchain protocol in our three is acting as the solution advisor so if anyone is influenced by recent information about what the dtc c is doing in there modernizing programs they are continuing to follow through with their tests and everything else in their plan which theyve had in place for a long time I remember reading articles back in 2016-2017 this one is from 2018 lets go ahead and take a look I think youll have a better understanding about where theyre actually going if you just read their actual words instead of some talking head you tuber telling you what theyre going to be using thats always folly so it can go get close to as close to the information as you can thats always best anyway tiw it stands for trade information warehouse I probably should have made that clear came across another useful website if youre interested in knowing about its called gap radar and I dont know if you guys are familiar with that or not if this shows basically it ranks the top blockchain damps it talks about their volume transactions obviously we have to be very careful when were talking about actions there can be various things you know adapt talking to adapt about talking to adapt can can it it also shows the transaction so be careful making the assumption that these are actual users using these things but I think this is a really cool site its something you want to follow or you know if you have your favorite project here Els kind of want to see you know all the DAPs and their rankings there or ether iOS T or V chain or neo they dont have them all but they have they have a few and Ill also include this somebody made a pretty interesting chart but its its pretty unusable because the overlays but anyway I might include that so on to our you know it seems like daily I want to talk about chain link or tezos but came across a really great podcast chain link on chain link its Oracles defy and the social impact with Sergey this is really great its almost an hour little over 45 minutes I guess yeah this is a great podcast you might want to check this out if youre interested in chain link if you want to learn more if you want to know what theyre doing talks about the polka dot integration which I thought was really good I talked about like how to trust off chain data which I thought was really cool it really good talks about chain link use cases things like that another great kind of catch up article came across was tezos continues to advance forward in the sto space this kind of if youve been away from the space a little while or youre wondering kind of where theyre at with the stos and the infrastructures this talks about you know all the developments as of late thats absolutely great units in one article so Im going to include this this will get you up to speed if youre curious about stos on tezos and then the last one here on tezos kiln version 0.8.0 basically been released carthage and new node node storage back-end this is great its a little technical but I know theres people out there that are starting to listen to my youtube that like like more technical stuff so this is cool this will get you up to speed and it talks about the integration with Leger which is interesting and what it means in in the backwards compatibility of Carthage so and kill so this is a really good article so Im going to include that another great so this would be the last thing I talk about today but another great podcast I came across that I was unaware of is into the ether the podcast presented by etho this is really great diving into aetherium 2.0 research defy and flash loans with Joseph DeLong so Im going to include this as well this is great this is about 50 minutes long and wonderful podcast and some you might want to subscribe to I know we all have limited amounts of time but I feel like theres really good resources out there that if we if people just in general would focus in on they would have much clearer ideas about projects state of development where were at in timeline because youre getting the information right from the people building instead of people commenting on on whatever you know news saying or Simpsons episode or whatever pops up that day so I guess thats all I have thank you very much for watching appreciate the subscribes and the likes and and all that stuff for that just likes all the applicable links will be below and thank you very much and have a wonderful day hope you guys find this stuff interesting or useful see ya This channel was started for the pure enjoyment I have from sharing my music. 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