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we had a couple of questions on chain link integration and advertising about chain link so chelsea would you mind hopping on and addressing um when chain link yep of course um so the chain like devs are hard at work right now say they are doing something dabs are doing something uh we meet with them bi-weekly i would say that we cant give a hard and confirmed timeline although of course on those bi-weekly calls we ask every single time um and so as far as making formal announcements about the actual confirmed date or timeline we refrain from doing that we do make mentions because they are working on it and um so of course on the business development front as theyre speaking with projects that would need chain link um you know we can ensure them that this is something that we will have but as far as a formal announcement this is currently being reserved until we do have a confirmed date timeline um in addition to that we dont want to make too much noise right until we actually do have the integration complete because if you know we make a big announcement and yet we still dont have it it would take away from the official launch uh so this is very important um and and and alongside that chain link we are working with their marketing team so we will not only be promoting this on our end but this will be something chain link 2 is also co-marketing with us alongside other uh projects who uh will be building with us through chain link or once chain link is uh integrated uh so we are able to make mentions but as far as formal announcements were were not going to you know give a confirmed date until we actually for one have a confirmed date and then we dont want to make you know too much of a campaign until its actually complete uh in order to ensure that um you know its um it makes the proper noise and um you know its you know its a its a strong announcement and we dont take away from the official launch so its his thoughts on the actual chain link um when chain link um uh you know strategy i also would like to add to it like chelsea if you dont mind uh yes um so yeah im in the chat with the integration in the integration chat with chain link and i can see it back and forth going on between our dev team and the chain link yes they are in a process and it is a very complicated process so this is not a simple integration like for example if if the app comes on metis and integrate its very easy but for the chain link it is its actually a very difficult and lengthy process so we ask you to be patient so for the projects that are right now on metis and if you need a chain link on in any specific shape and form please go and tag our admins in the in our telegram chat so we would know about your special requirements is going to help us thank you thank you Metis x Chainlink Integration Update METIS x LINKVideo clipped from our previous Livestream: What is MetisDAO? Metis aims to revolutionize how people and businesses collaborate using blockchain technology. However, layer 1 solutions such as Ethereum are struggling with high gas costs and low throughput. To achieve sophisticated collaborative outcomes and successfully deploy a framework that involves many on-chain operations requiring timely responses, a layer 2 solution is needed for Metis to achieve its mission. This paper proposes a new construct -- an optimistic rollup Layer 2 solution that provides both efficiency and flexibility, addressing many of the existing layer 2 solutions’ problems. Metis Virtual Machine MVM is the foundational must-have component needed to revolutionize the way people and organizations collaborate collectively and transparently in the future. Useful Links: Website: Telegram Group: Announcement channel: Medium: Twitter: Instagram: Reddit: Facebook: Discord: Coingecko: CoinMarketCap: Uniswap: Metis Traders: Messari Hub: MetisDAOs Goals: VISION To accelerate the transition of people to blockchain for open, fair, and decentralized business on Web 3.0. MISSION To create an easy-to-use technical and organizational platform, making blockchain accessible to everyone, empowering both personal and professional lives. BUSINESS Metis is a decentralized economy platform to start, run, and grow any decentralized app, business, and community on the blockchain with ease and scalability. ethereum crypto blockchain ethereumlayer2 ethereum,blockchain,crypto,