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hello everyone i continue reviewing merlin labs ecosystem and project and today as i promised were gonna take a look on merlin labs upgraded security strategy and its futures first of all what was upgraded implementation of fair lp price calculation and the use of fair assets price via decentralized price oracle chain link the combination of fair assets price and via assets reserves enables merlin to drive the ferro lp token price that is unmanipulatable and safe from attack vectors such as flash loans attack prevention of external smart contract interaction with merlins mars contract flash loans attacks are executed through smart contracts merlin has now implemented a stop on all external smart contracts to interact with merlins contract this means they have migrated the risk of any fleshland attack within its protocol the maryland team has taken further security measure to its community and users are protected and serviced and the last thing is introduce introduction of insurance policies maryland lab in the process of working out an insurance plan with zotero once finalized this will enable merlin love users to purchase insurance to save words against smart contracts failure and potential exploits they hope that this will provide an additional rare of assurance for marine lab users user security has always been marine labs top priority its development team has implemented routine checks of its smart contract and goals to continuously bring improved security standards into the maryland ecosystem so what i want to say this project is very fair and its all already take big steps to it secure for improve its security on your screens you can find out fair green swap lp token pricing and formula how to eat how is calculate link on this report i will leave on this article i will leave in description thank you for watching video goodbye Reddit: Medium: Website: Telegram Announcement: Telegram Community: Telegram Bounty Rewards Group: Twitter: ERC 20: 0xdfEd70F12BCd9Af18bac1E1F68a1bCF072EC3CF6