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foreign so this is the raven and this is the trunk shot chrome shop model so I choose the matte black yeah so lets start to open this so when you purchase this one to its included this casing this all the clothes casing and according to the seller this is our 100 original so comment Down Below guys if this one you believe that this is original I purchased this one from eBay so this is the book box look like help me to decide which is this one is original okay designed by California and this is because this is my first time I purchased in eBay so this one here written here in the Box Oakley Incorporated and theres I dont know what is this and for the warranty only valid if sold as any authorized Oakley retailer which is the Box guys and this is the paper the manual so comment Down Below guys if if you receive also this one if you buy to the original shop or Oakley or the website for the uh awfully to tell me if I already purchased on the original or this is a class A or B I dont know or fake so and now well see the dimension of this side so when you open this one so there is a also logo here in the casing or play oh theres a plastic over here so plastic over here oh so this is the Oakley look like remove the plastic this is the Oakley its a matte black and here showing here like this did you see that guys is theres a like a letter here that uh this is the model here here but its not clear when you crankshaft its right in here the the letter crunk shot did you see that front shop in the this is the code theres a code here and on the side nothing its empty and here also the side here this is the logo now and the other here theres one more logo here and this is the front so we will start to uh feed test of this so this is the fit test guys so its good for my eyes and when you fit this glass sunglasses it seems like theres a brownish because of the follow rice and its very very good in my eyes and very relaxing and see in the back also like that see comment Down Below guys if you like this video so this is the one what do you think guys so this is from the other side also and then the angle like this that one its not its not look like a cheaper one but its good for the eyes very comfortable Ill give you guys the link of this uh model in the description below so so far Im happy its very comfortable as you can see being in angle like this can you do like that and you do like that but the blinds I try to make there like this yeah see guys so guys thank you for watching guys Mens Oakley Crankshaft Sunglasses Unboxing and Fit Test Review oakley oakleysunglasses oakleycrankshaft ebay sunglasses unboxingsunglasses polarizedsunglasses Just sharing the unboxing video of this sunglass by oakley crankshaft this is my first time to buy in ebay for this sunglass ️️help to decide if this original or fake because according to seller it is 100 percent original so comment down below for any ideas about the oakley sunglass ️️ Here is the link of this oakley crankshaft sunglass : Enjoy shopping Dont forget to like and share and subscribe @alemshopbox HOUSTON,