Chainlink, XRP, Cardano, & MORE! chainlink elon muskMASSIVE ALTCOIN NEWS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED!!

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chainlink elon musk After Bitcoin and Dogecoin, Elon Musk could be... MASSIVE ALTCOIN NEWS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED!! Chainlink, XRP, Cardano, & MORE!
yes welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my names austin in todays video i want to share with you breaking news involving chain link involving bitcoin involving xrp as well as cardano lower cap altcoins and much more so if youre interested in making money with cryptocurrency click subscribe right now we drop a video every single day demystifying this cryptocurrency market lets jump in starting with our top story of the day the new york stock exchange and ethereum the new york stock exchange has just filed a trademark application for its own nft marketplace this move comes after nysc minted six nfts last year commemorating the debut of hot tech stocks on their exchange so they minted on somebody elses marketplace last year and this year theyre so bullish on the space they decided to make their own the new york stock exchange has filed an application with the u.s patent and trademark office to provide an online marketplace for various digital goods including nfts cryptocurrencies digital media and artwork if the exchange follows up on these plans it could be competing with the likes of openc and wearable so if there is still a question in your mind if nfts if this space is here to stay this is a big green flag from the new york stock exchange it was back in april that the new york stock exchange minted their first set of nfts with homages to six hot tech stocks that debuted on the worlds largest boars including spotify roadblocks etc at that time the exchange said it wasnt selling those nfts only minting them apparently for commemorative purposes of course that was last year but with this latest trademark filing it has become clear that the new york stock exchange may have much more ambitious plans for nfts give me your thoughts on this comment down below right now and like the video like the video get this information out there all right next major update involving chain link chain link verifiable random function version two goes live on mainnet and for perspective chainlinks vrf version one had previously crossed three million requested transactions from nft projects and blockchain games so version one was incredibly popular got millions and millions of request transactions and version two is now live the new improved version of the random number generator can reduce transaction fees by 60 compared to version 1. and why is this needed why is a verifiable randomness needed in web3 well randomness is a core component of making non-fungible tokens or nfts and gaming applications fair and secure on their own blockchains and smart contracts cannot guarantee randomness but rather require an oracle network to deliver such solutions on chain and what are some of these projects using this popular projects like board ape yacht club axia infiniti ether cards and more rely on chain link vrf for addedness and in a direct quote from sergey nasrath co-founder of chain link it is only with a verifiable tamper-proof randomness that it becomes possible to securely mint nfts and their attributes or ensure fair outcomes in blockchain based games so if you hold chain link this is a big green flag for you and in addition to now being live on the ethereum main net version 2 chain link network plans for deployment onto additional blockchains as well such as polygon and bnb give me your thoughts on this down below in the video comment section and always pay attention to the protocols building ill keep you updated and next piece of news involving the sec versus ripple head of the sec gary gensler was on fox business yesterday and was asked to comment watch this what confuses a lot of people gary and if you could really clarify here is you know where do you draw the line the distinction between what is a security and what is an actual currency you know example a what ripple did selling xrp to build out its underlying blockchain network no different than example b ethereum floating an ico uh you know a a coin offering to help its underlying ethereum blockchain there is no difference a lot of people say so no so liz you started by saying you werent going to ask me about specific cases and so if i can help example a example yeah when i help the audience know that its not im not really allowed to talk about specific cases but its pretty straightforward raise money from the public as you say you have a basic bargain of full and fair disclosure and anti-fraud protections and you register with the government agency called the securities and exchange commission and thats really what were trying to do is help continue with that basic bargain were technology neutral if people want to invest or speculate in this field then these tokens and most importantly the platforms the trading and lending platforms come in register do it within the law not trying to skirt the law okay what do you think about this i really would be interested to hear your take on how was the the xrp pre-sale any different than the ethereum pre-sale ethereum had a pre-mine vitalik was proud to to say he had a pre-mine back in the day he was sharing that as a feature how is what ripple did any different well in my opinion i would say one to me this highlights just how different bitcoin is from every other altcoin out there bitcoin had a fair launch meaning anybody globally could mine it there was no pre-sale and also for the first year and a half of bitcoins existence it traded at no value there was no price history it was just a digital collectible traded among nerds and cypherpunks now getting back to this i think that if ethereum launched today because theres so many eyes on this crypto space it would be instantly labeled as security based on how they did it back in the day but because ethereum was one of the ogs as well as because theyre not trying to work directly with the banks they have been grandfathered in in a sense as opposed to ripple who is trying to work with the banks thats their mission so you have to be 100 compliant in everything you do that is the nature of that game i dont know i i mean do you agree do you disagree comment your thoughts down below and next up before we get to cardano before we get to lower cap altcoins quick piece of news involving bitcoin the russian ministry pushes to legalize bitcoin mining in some areas so like i always say i will keep you updated this is a continuation of the country of russia getting more bullish russias ministry of economic development as you know recently introduced a proposal to explicitly legalize and tax bitcoin mining in regions with an electricity surplus russia says bitcoin mining which exists in something of a legal gray area should be recognized as a form of commercial activity and taxed once coins are converted to rupals so they want to make money off bitcoin mining they want bitcoin mining the industry to come to them well the news today is this as reported by a local russian news agency on tuesday this proposal is designed such that the country can benefit from mining while not overwhelming its electrical grid in vulnerable areas so that problem is faced by other countries such as iran such as kazakhstan were huge into bitcoin mining russia says they want to be better this will be accomplished by confining mining to reliable grids and setting electricity use limits on individual miners says the ministry so they are setting specific rules for the miners but it is because they want this to be lasting they want this to work in their country and finally to incentivize industry growth the ministry also seeks to introduce lower electricity rates and lower tariffs for setting up bitcoin mining farms in certain areas it will raise energy prices for miners once a certain energy threshold is passed though limits are still undetermined so game theory is heating up russia wants a bigger seat at the table for bitcoin mining and by the way quick piece of breaking news for bitcoin 2022 the biggest bitcoin conference of the year they have just signed on professor jordan peterson to be one of the many speakers at this conference as you know altcoin daily will be there were media partners from april 6th through 9th in miami florida if you havent purchased your ticket yet you have two days before ticket prices increase i encourage you to go to the link down below and use promo code altcoin daily for 10 off all right next piece of news if you hold cardano cardano sunday swap uniswap competitor sunday swap announces reverse iso proposal and heres what that means even as cardanos much hyped decentralized exchange dex sunday swap suffered a patchy launch last month a resurgence in its popularity has been marked by an expansion of the protocols ecosystem and with this the initial stake offering iso is coming to an end this week so just to clue everybody in what is an iso iso refers to a cardano native token distribution model where users delegate their data with an approved stake pool and receive the new token in exchange so its like an ipo like an ideal like an ico basically a way to distribute coins and cardano sunday swap has just announced a reversal sunday swap announced earlier today that its reverse iso proposal introduced yesterday had received an 83 approval and it will now take place from february 19th to february 24th and i think the reason this is happening is because their iso did distribute tokens but it was too centralized i believe and this is a way for them to get even more distributed even more decentralized the reverse iso is a staking mechanism aimed at redistributing ada within smaller stake pool operators sbos that had initially lost delegation this will enhance decentralization within the cardano ecosystem according to sunday swap which has planned to incentivize this process through the allocation of 20 million sunday so i encourage you to check out this article for further information but its cool to see the dapps on cardano making progress next up big big big news for cosmetics giant loreal in the metaverse loreal eyes nfts and the metaverse filing for 17 virtual goods related trademarks so just like mcdonalds just like walmart just like nike loreal doesnt want to get left behind global cosmetics giant loreal could be venturing into the virtual goods economy according to their february 10th trademark filings in the non-fungible token and metaverse categories and by the way it should be noted that loreal does have many other major companies under them the filings themselves are in the names of loreals subsidiaries including makeup and cosmetics companies keels maybelline purology urban decay red ken among others so would you buy shampoo in the metaverse would you buy eyeliner in the mataverse let me know the kiehls filing for example hope im pronouncing this correctly this filing includes rights to non-downloadable virtual perfumery along with hair care preparations and cosmetic body care preparations in a virtual environment including a metaverse what a time to be alive loreal is entering the metaverse next up before we get to lower cap altcoins lets take 60 seconds and give a big thank you to sponsor of the channel block five earn an unlimited 1.5 percent back in bitcoin on every single purchase with the block five rewards visa signature credit card that means every single time you buy groceries you buy a beer at a bar you buy gas at a gas station you earn 1.5 back in bitcoin on every single purchase and by the way what makes this card different than the handful of competitors in the space is that with this card there is no annual fee which cannot be said for other cards out there there are no foreign transaction fees and you can see if youre pre-approved with no impact to your credit there is a link down below thats block altcoin daily cc link down below and if you click the link sign up right now you can earn 3.5 percent back on every single purchase during your first three months why not why not earn bitcoin back on purchases next up lets talk about lower cap altcoin adoption european soccers governing body signs up as a token partner so here are the details the uefa the governing body for european soccer unveiled as the first official fan token partner this partnerships financial terms were not disclosed but this partnership will be in place until 2024 so i would bet as all these different teams launch social tokens as your favorite player launches a social token this audience the massive crowds that this sport draws will be introduced to cryptocurrency through socios socioz a fan engagement and rewards platform will become the regional sponsor for the champions league eufas most prestigious competition in the us very cool to see if youre a fan of social tokens if youre fan of socios cool to see next piece of major branding and awareness news red bull racing signs a 150 million dollar sponsorship with crypto exchange by bit and why this matters to you one this will be huge awareness for crypto in general for racing but also this is historic in an announcement the team revealed that the three-year sponsorship deal reportedly worth 150 million dollars represents the single largest per annum cryptocurrency venture yet seen in international sport so buy bit paid a lot obviously to get their name their logo painted on the car but also by bit the exchange will also become the racing teams fan token issuance partner supporting red bull racing in distributing its growing digital asset collection so they will be helping them launch social tokens as well interesting all right that is the video my name is austin like always see you tomorrow appreciate you Lets discuss the LATEST cryptocurrency news for bitcoin, ethereum, metaverse altcoins, & more! 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