For Ledger Nano or Trezor how do i send chainlink to my ether walletLocating Ethereum Or ERC20 Tokens with

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how do i send chainlink to my ether wallet 如何购买 StepN Tajikistan - Apr 14,   +5.21%24H... Locating Ethereum Or ERC20 Tokens with For Ledger Nano or Trezor
So today were just going to a real quick video that looks at how to use another tool that can help find lost etherium so Ill put a link to the description and its a really good tool its a safe tool so it works directly with your hardware wallets so you dont need to go punching in see phrases or anything like that the other thing thats really good about findeth is it will prevent you from just entering your 24 words seed straight into the website so it protects you from yourself which frankly is is really well done it can be used to quickly search for addresses can we search for Ether balances or ERC20 tokens okay so its going to do a quick example of how they use it to find some lost Eth so you basically just go to you have your ledger connected unlocked and on the Ethereum app we say were gonna find ether weve got a ledger were gonna go to 5 addresses thats enough well select all of them and well say search now we just sit and wait for a minute and it will basically search through all the derivation paths up to 5 addresses deep and lets see there we go search complete so it found some Eth at that address so thats thats progress so we can actually even if we want to use then access that address we can just go to like my ether wallet and we can see that I yes Id accidentally sent it to Ethereum Classic because you know maybe back in the day I was a n00b and didnt understand the difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic its an easy, easy mistake for people to make so theres the address there but we can select and then we can use that just like a normal wallet but we might also think Im sure there was more than that so Ill just do another example finding some tokens as well as searching a number of addresses so were going to use a Trezor for that now So we connect that up start searching we want to find Ether with a Trezor So we connect our Trezor we wait yep we allow it to export