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london guys dialing in we appreciate you over there overseas okay with the intros done let me turn it over to forrest for the agenda for the stream all right before i jump into the agenda guys make sure you are hitting the like button make sure youre hitting the share button button tweeting this out on twitter or any other social media you might have ive already done so all right ill share my screen here and well jump into the slides together metrics live stream avax avalanche santa rally avax is already up quite a bit well over a hundred dollars eath up only web 3.0 token metrics live guys look at the bottom left-hand corner weve got all of our social media down here if you dont follow us on these social media platforms and you want to definitely go and do so all right guys uh subscribe today at tokenmetrics is a phenomenal ai and machine learning dashboard for finding uh very very phenomenal cryptocurrency uh opportunities all right total metrics live agenda token metrics updates well walk through that in just a minute then bill is going to hit you with the legendary market update im going to talk about some key entry levels just in case you missed uh the entry levels that we talked about last week and the ones that weve been talking about on crypto foresights uh and then medi is going to come in and give a primer on layer zero specifically talking about cosmos and the atom token on cosmos and talk about why hes pretty bullish on that ecosystem in the long term i am as well well have crypto showdown and then well have a little q a if you want to oh before we get into menti code bill and i participated on behalf of tokenmetrics in a trading battle its really cool thing you can go back and watch it on on our youtube channel or on the trading battles youtube channel but basically we had an hour to put in some trades for the following five days and we had ten thousand dollars and it was just a play account uh but the winner their p l got donated to saint jude childrens hospital so bill just destroyed me double i dont know many people that can double their account in four or five days uh so bill made ten thousand dollars in that account which got donated to st jude childrens hospital so uh absolutely incredible performance i i dont know that is actually the the highest uh the the high the most money made and most money donated of anyone on the trading battle history so huge shout out to bill and just know thats the guy thats about to give you the market update uh if you want to participate in uh with this live stream and engage with this live stream go to and use the code 8849-5489 thats going to be for participating in the q a and its also going to be for participating and casting your vote in crypto showdown uh speaking of crypto showdown well reveal these the results later we havent given you guys a chance a chance to vote yet but throughout the live stream head over to and use the code that you see above its also in the description below lets talk about whats your top altcoin pick right now all right a lot of people were we were just kind of playing it safe kind of unstable coins might have been an eth might have been in bitcoin were seeing layer ones really take off avalanche is leading the charge but the question is is avalanche already gone and you need to to maybe you know look at tara luna or near protocol whats your pick for the top altcoin or layer one to be in for december now without further ado bills gonna take it away with the market update all right lets uh let lets rock the market update thank you forest uh patrick you know definitely crypto gamer definitely appreciate the love out there thank you for all the nice things that you say okay market update whats next oh you know what being bearish is so exhausting im glad i can finally be done with that and now we talk about whats next stocks well thank god we dont have to worry about stocks crashing at least today because the s p decided to make a new high nothing like bad news to get stocks rallying those guys are unbelievable okay so thats good for crypto stability in the near term now lets talk about an intricate part of the stock market yesterday the s p made new highs but the total number of nasdaq new lows so nasdaq is like a broad universe of tech and small caps there was a record number of stocks in the nasdaq making a new low on the same day the s p made a new high or in crypto terms bitcoin and ethereum went up while alt coins went down so heres what it looks like in equities s p making a new high and nasdaq stocks making massive new lows now what does that mean well it means that tech stocks some of them are beat up down 70 or 80 percent so either s ps gonna go down or speculative assets have a shot at a comeback and where do you want to be long speculative assets stocks or crypto you can do stocks but crypto is better check it out dollar index tried to rally yesterday dollar coming off red candles in the dollar is good for crypto hopefully it keeps up so over watching the dollar go up such an idiotic contrarian move hopefully that is over now lets talk about bitcoin in the middle of december in 2019 that was the bottom you know naturally there was a disruption from the pandemic but you know bitcoin went from six six thousand four hundred to over 10k in about two months mid-december was also a bottom in 2018. so that rally took a little longer to get started but a lot of times tax loss selling in crypto may run its course and be done by mid-december okay another note that bitcoin was just below its 21-day moving average thats the green line okay and december 12 2020 bitcoin took off so what am i trying to tell you well mid-december is a good time for bitcoin and crypto to bottom and when there is a santa rally it can kind of be up only so if theres no equity market disruption or you know the fed decision hasnt wrecked the world which so far it hasnt crypto has a legitimate shot at doing the following one leading a recovery in speculative assets and two it has a legitimate shot at becoming the new tech asset in other words yes investing in the destroyed nasdaq stock may be a good idea but isnt investing in ethereum and avalanche a much better idea well naturally this is a biased crowd but were more in favor of crypto if somethings going up in the world if theres an asset class that can rally between now and say the end of january yeah were biased but its got to be crypto so lets take a look at bitcoin and the way im going to look at this is im going to start using the 21 day moving average 21 day moving average is used by i dont know mechanized speculators or at least it used to be its a pretty good indicator of market momentum so this is the bitcoin futures contract in the bottom left you see in july when you know bitcoin was below the average and when it popped above it it rallied the same was true back in october right they kind of pushed it below the 21 day moving average for a while and then when it came back above it it really rallied so so bitcoin now hanging out around 49 its got a long way to go until it gets to its 21 day moving average so two takeaways one if youre going to give me this oh my god i missed it because i didnt buy the low i would encourage you to shift that thinking also you know bitcoin may sit still bitcoins got a lot of work to do but that could be good for altcoins so if it takes bitcoin a while to chug up to 53 that could be layer ones chance to really shine then if bitcoin does get above 53 that could lead to legacy investors coming in in january and getting long as everybody allocates two percent of their portfolio to that bitcoin etf everyone used to talk about now lets go to ethereum so theres an idea out there that okay well i screwed up i missed ethereum at 3600. no you didnt no you didnt nobody nobody except you know i dont know trading legends like forrest were gonna you know buy the absolute low in aetherium prior to the fed meeting right you know everybody else can just say all right well ethereums at 4k and the theory has been at 4k for i dont know three months two months so if ethereum gets above 4200 that could be a signal that its above its 21 day moving average its done faking people out and its ready to go right i mean all it takes is you know one good day and crypto breaks out so in the meantime what do you do well you try and buy whatever dip you can i think the fact that its a relatively quiet day is bullish in other words a little bit of hesitation a little bit of fear the markets climb the wall of worry is a good thing you dont want to see ethereum up 30 in one day necessarily that could be a bear market rally right you want to see it build up slowly and then accelerate so the fact that its hesitating the fact that you may get a dip over say the next three days or even you know kind of like these christmas or holiday flushes that the market likes to do theres going to be an opportunity to get ready for like the santa rally in ethereum okay avax all right so avalanche you know if youre watching your screens avalanche was up 10 before the fed obviously smart money big money is coming after this every time avalanche crosses its 21 day moving average the last time it went from 60 to 150 okay avalanche in 2021 could do what ethereum did in 2017 which is go on a massive parabolic rampage right its as simple as that you know my colleagues are telling me that games metaverse defy is all being built rapidly on avalanche and its a good way to capture a lot of the value the time wonderland treasury is filled with avalanche tokens right so avalanche is quickly quickly becoming like i dont know i guess ethereum 2.0 or ethereums twin in the layer one universe and with the way this thing can move there may be very limited dips and if avax moves today the way eth moved in 2017 you know this this could be a 1x 2x or 5x not investment advice the bottom line is smart big people are probably buying this and if theres going to be a rallying crypto this is the leadership coin along with ethereum now were going to talk more about layer ones medi is going to help us with layer 0 which is web 3.0 layer ones and web 3.0 if the crypto market continues to go up those will probably be the leaders along with metaverse so phantom again a layer one okay gets close to support at a dollar fifteen 21 day moving average is still very far away at 171 and the last time phantom took out or got above its 21 day moving average it basically went from one and a half to three so as these things develop you know i can see phantom avax ethereum all following in the footsteps of like a santa rally or a breakout now it looks like avalanche is going to overtake solana in terms of the narrative but if solana takes out its 21-day moving average at 191 its going to invalidate a a bearish formation which is bullish net net okay and solana can definitely attack 280 if its above 191. now will solana be the best performing layer one i dont know it looks like everyones getting so excited about avalanche that a lot of people who are long solana may have to switch to avalanche to catch the price performance so i do think solana is going to be involved in the rally okay but again people were really bullish solana and it looks like avalanche could come out of nowhere kind of like a horse in a horse race going from like fifth place to first place in the final stretch but solana above 191 implies 280. cardano all right if layer one solutions as a basket right you know if layer ones right which is like cardano e solana right avax phantom even kda right all these coins could become the next fang the next facebook apple amazon netflix and google they could become the massive blue chips of the technology side of crypto so if thats the case you know with retail washed out of cardano on a move from three to a dollar twenty im really not opposed to taking a shot in cardinal here because i think if avalanche leads all these layer ones are gonna go up right this is the future of the internet all of this stuff combined with polka dot and cosmos is going to form the backbone of like worldwide technology polkadot on the subject of layer zero sitting at the 62 retracement just like october around 25 the 21 day moving average is all the way up at 30. so polka dot you could say has work to do or you could say polka dot has a lot of upside to get to a level where it could break out so if polka dot hesitates and sits here that could be an opportunity to grab some because this interoperability narrative which people you know they get really into it and then they get really out of it i think i think people need to realize that web 3.0 this layer one trade metaverse you know the world on the blockchain is the next big thing the next big thing is people switching from nasdaq to crypto its not necessarily a decoupling but this narrative of where am i going to generate returns right wheres the money yeah yeah three quarters of nasdaq can come back right that can happen or you know nasdaq could rally to a certain degree right but crypto could just completely outpace matic okay on more evidence more evidence that you know layer one and layer two solutions are becoming the future of technology and the internet and finance and gaming etc etc right matic holds our ai loves it its above its 21 day moving average yeah its not the fastest moving thing in the world but it never went down really during the decline right there was no blowout decline in matic and i think thats telling thats telling for the next leg of the rally so if dips appear right i think dips are opportunities not investment advice fear and hesitation is an opportunity right it cant be easy if its easy its wrong so if you look at the market youre like oh this is scary or equities come off in two days or bitcoin goes down you know two or three days from now i view that as an opportunity okay just to drive an interesting point home monero completely destroyed privacy coin back to where it was in july moneros at 189 the 21 day moving average is at 210 right so this is an example of how destroyed certain parts of crypto are just like i was talking about nasdaq there are whole components of the crypto market that ive just been wiped out right so i mean monero or any other coin at either its july or october low buy it or sell it okay okay b uh are ai picking up on this this is an example of what may happen in the rest of the market right choppy choppy choppy knifing through the 21 day moving average yes there have been fake outs here before okay but this is a good example of the kind of burst you can get once coins recover above their 21 day moving average after an extended correction okay phantasm i dont know if i said that right soul is the ticker symbol above 221 okay is good support its been hanging out down there really doing a hard consolidation what happens okay if the whole nft gaming and metaverse trade takes off this thing recovers above its 21-day moving average at 260 okay the next thing you know seoul may take the whole gaming and metaverse and nft sector with it same thing with sandbox i mean oh my god sandbox has a long way to go its at 5 19 that 21 days at 580 right it just hit support around four and i know sandbox is considered a big cap metaverse but i just was talking to a friend of mine whos in equities and he says yeah when we do small caps we like looking at you know small stocks that are like 9 billion in market cap right which is funny because you know in our world nine billion in metaverse like wow thats thats humongous thats almost overvalued when you look at it in equities nine billion is small cap right so if sandbox is digital real estate if the fear trade has kind of come and hopefully hopefully gone then why not try to buy dips in sandbox not investment advice right i mean wheres sandbox gonna be if avax is at 600. let me just let you think about that for a second right axia kind of a new cryptocurrency never went down our ai is on this in the q coin indices just never moved went sideways everybody every dip got bought next uh upside level on charts is 435. theres always a bull market somewhere now i know thats kramers famous saint big kramer fan its a lot harder than you think to do content every day so much respect for him one of the lessons for crypto okay on this idea of theres always a bull market somewhere thats why you gotta subscribe to because wed be happy to give you all the best coverage we can here on this youtube channel right please hit the like button but on thats where the hidden gems are thats where the research is thats where the next thing is being flagged by an artificial intelligence system speaking of intelligence forest was all over tara luna right all over it okay this could be a winner take all play in d5 right honestly luna is went down to a prior ceiling at 54. it acted as support it tested it twice brutal price action but it comes back and its coming back above its 21-day moving average its 61. and just honestly if this is if avax and luna and maybe eth are like the winner take all thats where all the value of defy and gaming and metaverse is captured by a handful of coins just like in equities where a handful of equities captured 10 trillion in market cap i mean when you think about the numbers in stocks and you say oh well i missed it in luna it was at 54 and now its at 64. so i cant get involved oh please people please all right so its not investment advice but you know the the coins that are gonna win are gonna go up way more than you think so unless theres a crash brewing that i dont know about upside in crypto is bigger than upside in other asset classes okay kda okay been following this track the support point at nine and a half somebody somewhere on social media told me to shut up about this right i know its gone from a dollar to 25 but look at what happens when these things bounce off support look at how this thing approached its 21 day moving average this thing went from nine and a half to thirteen on a rope so i think stuff like this and these smaller cap layer ones right theres a lot of value to get unlocked here thats what kda is telling you oh by the way did i like did i tell you that on you can search rankings for smart contract platforms so if smaller layer ones like kda start popping up you can get in early layer ones are going to capture value they are the new fang rmrk okay something we like on a fundamental basis okay its hanging out around its 21-day moving average thats just fine with me compared to the rest of the metaverse rmrk outperformed so it may start slowly again but again this is like 400 million market cap versus you know 9 billion for other ones so again is metaverse dead hardly right i picked up my phone the other day to use whatsapp and at the bottom it says powered by meta with the new logo facebook news flow alone right there was facebook is not going to change its name to meta and then not announce its metaverse progress so as facebook gets involved as the rest of fang gets involved how does that not pump the decentralized metaverse now it may not be every coin right but theres got to be opportunities both in coins like this and in ones that you would find in rankings on decentraland okay trying to get back above a key level at three dollars and 30 cents but check it out folks the 21 day moving average is all the way up at four so i mean if everyone wakes up and goes oh man i gotta get involved in the metaverse i mean i miss the first leg i missed a dollar to six dollars im not gonna miss four dollars to ten dollars because again all it takes is one or two facebook announcements for this to get going now if im wrong i dont know what do you do you put your stop below the recent lows in other words if you think about if you look at this chart and you think about risk reward in decentralized okay maybe its not the super sexy metaverse play but it certainly is more i dont know intriguing than facebook right and from a risk reward point of view you know you can get involved with a reasonable stock and this thing could go up 100 or 200 so not investment advice but i mean if theres a if theres kind of an up only moving crypto as everyone realizes that crypto is the new king of asset classes whats gonna happen to these metaverse coins okay polymath or polymesh right security tokens okay traded at a cent went to a dollar thirty on a coin based listing recently destroyed to 46 cents okay what happens if you can tokenize bonds what happens if you can tokenize real estate what happens when an investment bank comes out and says were gonna get into crypto by making markets in security tokens okay i watch this i watch this i watch this i let them kill it and now im like hmm narratives for 2022 right web 3.0 layer 0. layer ones as a whole becoming the new fang security tokens nfts and advertising as billboards in the metaverse etc speaking of layer zero okay cosmos in august was it eight woke up went to 44 and then gave back half those gains at 20 and now it just sits there so later on were going to hear some cool stuff and im going to chat with matty on cosmos on this idea of web 3.0 of blockchains connecting to each other and again what is the infrastructure of the new internet back in 2000 internet infrastructure dell you know intel cisco microsoft forget it it was just it was like it was like a wealth creating machine no one is talking about this and when is the best time to talk about it with professional analysts on this channel hit the like button okay when no ones talking about it talk about it when no ones talking about it thats the time to talk about it okay elrond notice down hits a big fib number runs a couple stops does a huge spike and check out what happens check out the approach to the green line thats the 21 day moving average so when these things wake up and theyre like hey we want to go back to the 21 day moving average and we want to go through it look at how it trades so elrond kda possible leading indicators of whats next because man when he sings move they really go speaking of going remember how was going and everybody forgot about it you know it went from 20 20 cents to 90. everyone thought it was going to a dollar it went back to 55 cents everybody gave up on it it couldnt even get to the 62 retracement now a key level is 55 and the 21 day is at 62 cents so the point is stuff that was going up that turned around and corrected off a fed fear trade that really isnt a fear trade anymore right we we know where the fed stands we know theyre going to do something about inflation but if that doesnt wreck the whole world then crypto can become the king of asset classes and if cryptos the king of asset classes wheres coinbase galaxy digital where are those things going to be trading in three months okay helium right every time helium loses half its value its traditionally been a decent buy right it went from 20 to 10. i remember forrest on the live stream saying yeah i bought it at 10. i think it went to 60. it goes to 60 and then it comes back to 30 and checky checky what happens right they run the stops below below a a big char point right and then what how does it come back when it goes back to the 21 day moving average right once it gets up to steam it just it just goes vertical to the 21 day then probably consolidates then eventually most likely goes back to 61 because one of the things about helium is it is a part of the infrastructure of the new internet and its telling you how kryptos can behave so if theres a rally which we hope of course right hows it going to rally right hows it going to move when it moves if it moves okay gno another example of run the stops look terrible come back above the 21 day moving average with a vengeance all right folks you get the idea the 21 day moving average is important okay crypto could become the new king of asset classes consider buying on dips think about risk reward use stops but you know barring some incident that i dont know about its time for the holidays its time to be constructive on crypto okay even if that means you have to live through any potential scary dip and that is the market update forest back over to you man thanks bill uh yeah so im gonna jump into uh just some very basic entry point strategies for uh crypto uh and im just gonna kind of outline my portfolio strategy as a whole because i think it keeps people like this this dip though though in total cryptocurrency market cap it was only about 33 percent uh im already hearing a lot of a lot of horror stories of people that that like sold the bottom they got afraid they were like you know this is potentially going to be a bear market and guys were not out of the woods yet im perpetually bullish on crypto i want to be as exposed to crypto as possible in the long run i plan on being in crypto for a long time uh we could certainly this could just be a bounce and we could certainly come back down to this trend line uh and that would wash out a lot of people from crypto and wash out a lot of peoples portfolios and it would be very unfortunate i dont think thats going to happen i dont want to scare anybody but im just already hearing so many stories of people that that this dip just completely washed them out they moved their entire portfolio into stable coins theyre like 60 70 percent of their portfolio into stable coins uh and then didnt buy the dip at all or they they moved it into disabled coins at the bottom of this dip and i wanna just share with you guys a strategy that i personally use uh and now keep in mind this isnt gonna be right for any everybody and this is by no means financial advice but personally i just youre youre allowed to to have multiple portfolios like you nothing you dont have to put everything under the same strategy you can have and execute multiple strategies right so over here on the left the bulk of my portfolio is in kind of a long-term value investing huddle portfolio where yes if we get overextended ill look to trim a little bit and add back on dips but overall im not im never going to be just selling off 70 80 90 of my huddle portfolio im just im just not i want this this exposure to the fastest growing asset class in the space and as long as im investing in good projects i know that theyre going to bounce back now if i was in invested in a rank 600 by market cap you know 15 million market cap like meme coin yeah i i would be very very weird and i wouldnt want to to be holding on to that in this dip but guess what im not investing in those projects so the bulk of my portfolio is going to be over here where im just its going to take a lot more than a 33 correction to to get me out to shake me out right uh by the way guys just while were on the topic of a 33 correction a good bull market or any bull market with a parabolic rally in it is going to try its best to shake you out look here back in 2013 50 dip before going parabolic look here in 2017 47 dip followed by within a few weeks later a 44-45 dip followed by going parabolic right so it seems it would seem that before you can get a parabolic rally theyre gonna its gonna shake people out youre going to get the the 30 40 50 dips before a parabolic rally so if anything this is actually a healthy sign that we have potential for a parabolic rally am i saying its going to happen that were going to get a parabolic rally no but the market certain circumstances are are certainly pointing towards the possibility of a parabolic rally right ive talked about in the past where you get these bunches of just really solid growth green candles and then you go parabolic right and we get these corrections and you get these really solid growth of green candles on the weekly uh chart and then you go parabolic and you get you know five six seven small weekly candles in a row and then you go parabolic right were getting these bunches of weekly candles on total cryptocurrency market cap were getting our 30 40 corrections right we absolutely could see a parabolic move and i dont know about you but i want to be as exposed to projects or to as exposed to crypto as possible if we see a parabolic move in fact im so i want to be i want to capture that parabolic move so bad im more than willing to to sit through a dip to the bottom of this trend line and watch my portfolio just drop 70 80 percent just for the the chance of this parabolic rally right thats the name of the game in crypto the people that dont get that the people that value invest and dont get shaken out get to participate in these parabolic rallies if you sell down here right if you sell down here you dont get to participate in the parabolic rally or you have to buy back at a more expensive price which is very unfortunate because then you get less gains in the parabolic rally and youre also probably more likely to be the type of person thats not selling up here or not trimming their portfolio up there now the other strategy is to section off some money that i am willing to trade that i am willing to move in and out of the market with and its not going to be anywhere close to 50 60 70 80 of my portfolio im never going to take my entire portfolio and move it to stable coins right but ive heard stories of people that have been doing that recently in this dip because they they they just want to move completely into stable coins and to me it just doesnt make sense to be move 100 into stable coins after the markets already down 30 30 percent because youre not getting as much for your cryptos you could have if you sold up here right if you want to be moving into stable coins you want to be doing it towards the these peaks right but my other strategies is trading right and you can you dont have to be a day trader you dont have to be an expert in technical analysis you can tune in to uh to crypto foresights you can use the the token metrics dashboard to trade right and have a decent little trading strategy you dont have to be an expert as long as you have decent risk manage risk management skills and youre not taking your entire trading portfolio and going all in on one trade youre gonna be fine youre gonna be completely fine more often than not of course not financial advice so with that in mind right with that in mind lets talk about some potential entry points in case you did miss the dip in case you you didnt buy the dip and youre wondering all right where do i where do i get back in well two things we want to be looking for right if we missed the dip and im almost almost always going to be trying to buy these dips right by the bottom if you missed the bottom two reversal patterns i want to be looking for reverse head and shoulders bump and run two of the easiest patterns to spot especially bump and run bump and run pattern you could see avax did it perfectly avex this was a bump and run you had your downtrend line you had your downtrend line was established here right failed here we broke through here thats your first sign of a reversal that is your first sign of a reversal that that avax wants to go up then its going to come back down and retest this downtrend line if it finds support here that is your confirmation that avex wants to go up is this a trading pattern that is a hundred percent correct a hundred percent of the time no but its far way way more than 50 correct and if youre looking to go long on good cryptocurrency projects more often than not its going to be correct right now on the macro time frame we have the same thing happening we have our downtrend line we broke it thats a sign that avax wants to rip to the upside avax wants to make new all-time highs its coming up oh two red candles wheres it gonna come back down to probably probably down here now if we were to zoom in on the hourly we can actually see that we actually did im gonna clear this clear this up so you can see it a little bit better we already did kind of do a little mini bump and run here right but oftentimes often times youll see it touch more than just once right so i would not be surprised if avax comes back down here to like the hundred dollar level and that could be a good entry point that could absolutely be a good entry point now do i want to just throw everything at avax at 100 no that would that wouldnt make any sense right i want to take a decent site position with plenty of upside but also i have to to understand whats my risk here its a lot higher than what it was if youd have bought down here at 76 right so theres still some risk here and i want to throw in a stop loss on that trade lets talk about uh bitcoin here first uh bitcoin really not out of the woods yet although i do think we are seeing a separation in altcoins from bitcoin in fact i actually i know so because thats literally whats whats happening right now we are literally seeing like this is not like i i cant you cant deny the charts we are literally seeing altcoin dominance diverge go up as bitcoins price goes down right so all coins right now are since the 20th of october have been diverging away from bitcoin bitcoins dropping in price while all coins are all coin dominance is going up what does that mean well historically when that this happens uh if you look at you know past past times when this happens its usually incredibly bullish right so the last time this really happened was in january of 2021 which kicked off a big parabolic rally in altcoins right so we had bitcoin up here at 42k it dropped all the way down to 29k meanwhile all coin dominance was rising right bitcoin went up a little bit rallied all coin dominance leveled out before just completely going parabolic right so we talked about and weve been talking about let me get rid of this bitcoin chart what would happen if altcoin dominance broke out of this multi-month consolidation structure right we said well pop up above it do a bump and run come back down and test it as support and hopefully move up into the 60 area which would be very indicative of an alt season so right now honestly the charts indicate all season right macro economics and you know what equities are doing may indicate otherwise but the charts are indicating alt season the charts are indicating that we could potentially we are primed for a parabolic rally doesnt mean were going to see it but in the short term i want to make sure that bitcoin does get out of the woods uh despite the fact that all coins seem to be doing fine regardless we are starting to see a little bit of a reverse head and shoulders pattern developing for bitcoin we have our left shoulder our head right our left shoulder over here our head and our right shoulder could be developing if bitcoin comes down re-test 47 thousand dollars guys bitcoin comes down to to re-test 47 000 its got to drop 1600 from where its at right now this wont be comfortable it wont theres no such thing as as the market being comfortable while like what bitcoin and and all coins are dropping in price but we expect this correction and we expect this to be a solid entry point uh that that also drives entry points for all coins down and then we hope that we break through and do a bump and run right we have our downtrend line we want to break this head and shoulders neckline find support on top of it uh eth right you feel like you got left out on eth could come back down and give you an entry point at about 3 900 not guaranteed not guaranteed but that would be the the bump and run level right if if it comes back down uh sandbox sandbox were looking for a reverse head and shoulders combined with a bump and run and this head and shoulders could be drawn a little bit incorrectly uh we dont know until it actually develops we dont know if sandbox is going to come up here first before before creating the right shoulder or if its just gonna slide down here and this is as high as its going to go right we dont know however what we can wait for if youre looking to get an entry into sandbox is wait for this to come down and make support on the downtrend line these downtrend lines arent terribly difficult to to draw and yes they are a little bit subjective they are a little bit subjective we could move this up and it would look like oh well we havent really broken yet or weve barely broken look for something to pop up and come back down and give you an entry down here at around 4.90 right so just draw your downtrend line look for the bump and run pattern luna already this this patterns already played out its already played out we had our bump and run we have our our downtrend line on the green we came up and so we had a downtrend line established right rejected made support or found support on our exact price level that we talked about 52.27 literally gave you the the best entry point possible for luna that was our margin pressure level our 33 percent correction 3x short level pops up above the trend line this is a sign this is a sign that that luna wants to go up looking very bullish as long as an extremely strong layer one project find support once find supports twice find support three times runs right you can avoid fomo again and not every cryptocurrency is going to give you multiple chances but you can avoid fomo again knowing that a lot of projects are going to give you multiple chances lets look at i want to look at algorand maybe which is i think a good example if we can zoom out to four hour chart look at the three chances you could have had in al grand may june and july these were all phenomenal entry points and it wicked down to 68 cents and then popped all the way back up to a dollar and 14 cents and you could have been like oh im going to fomo in i missed the entry then it came right back down to 66 cents and it pops up to 94 cents and youre like oh this things going back up bull market back on lets go buy it at 92 cents and then it comes right back down to 68 cents test this level three times triple bottom extremely bullish pattern extremely bullish when you get a triple bottom you will likely have on a lot of altcoins multiple opportunities to get in theres no reason to fomo or if theres a cryptocurrency thats already gone like luna or avax theres other other layer one solutions that may not have had their patterns play out yet luna and avax have already ripped theyve already ripped and you can find entry points on them if you look for bump and run patterns and look for good entry points and look for a pullback near protocol kind of ripped early on but were still kind of down here at this 882 level right we had our bump and run off of our downtrend line right popped through made support came up but look at the horizontal level that its making support on 882 but to 890 not around nine dollars what if it comes back down to nine dollars thats a phenomenal entry point in my opinion bitcoin looks like it could pull back down to 47k if bitcoin pulls back to set 47k look for near protocol to pull back down to 8.80 or nine dollars this horizontal support level right thats already been building support on that could be your entry point into near protocol before it moves and this isnt guaranteed to happen but before it moves to 1323 and hopefully makes new all-time highs you dont have to fomo in here at 982 when when youre probably going to get another chance to get in at this support level right well do one more maybe solana already breaking its downtrend line and making support on top of it on the four hour its already done this bumper run now if bitcoin pulls back if people start getting scared again it could absolutely come back down to this level 147 dollars maybe do a double bottom down here and if it does that you just have to be prepared you have to take what the markets going to give you right it may not give you this entry point but if it does you have to be willing and ready to actually take this entry point right weve got great horizontal support and previous resistance here right great support and resistance here this is a good entry point if the market gives it to you if the market doesnt give it to you you got to look elsewhere all right guys i hope that was helpful uh we are going to jump into medi segment here whos going to talk about adam and cosmos thank you faris hi everyone how is everyone doing today uh before i jump into my presentation i want everybody uh to smash the like button our aim over here is to provide you quality content and im surprised we havent hit the one million mark and i want you guys to help us help us get viral on youtube and help us with the youtube algorithm so you guys have to help me by smashing that like button i know a lot of you guys are watching and some of you guys are not smashing that like button anyways uh before i jump in uh i had few questions over here so im gonna try to answer those questions there was one question by digital rel he was asking what happened to polka dot you were bullish on dot now avax i think its a bit of a issue regarding market timing uh we do remain constructive on the whole layer zero in fact the presentation today would be to explore layer zero uh its just the fact that at the moment market believes that a protocol which have features of layer one and layer zero together uh could be a viable option also i believe that be a bit earlier when it comes to crypto so at the moment the whole market uh cap of the whole crypto industry is three billion three trillion uh not even three trillion i think 2.6 2.5 trillion and apple just one stock the uh yeah so one stock is three trillion so so were still very early and if you want to kind of uh have one of those fang stock that does uh astronomical exponential returns of lets say ten thousand 000 percent return you need to have a diversified portfolio of long-term winners another question uh um i had was on by ling he he asked he asked us still feeling rmrk it held up pretty well and im thinking to add yeah rmrk is one of those nft slash meta versus play which im very constructive on if i were you i wouldnt add a lot of percentage to my portfolio maybe one or two percent the only reason being that the token uh does not have utility so we are kind of buying growth at token metrics um uh we like to be value investors where we see execution and then add add add to our position so i hope that kind of helps that kind of adds more value uh yeah so today im going to be discussing uh layer 0 so im going to share my screen for you guys just bear with me for one second all right while many pulls that up just a reminder to everybody as to who met he is and what he does many has a background both in crypto blockchain science equities and portfolio management so medi is going to help give you a key sector theme and hes also going to show you how web 3.0 can be built now were going to use cosmos we still like polka dot but i think this is something really important to pay attention to because just like you need to understand why the iphone or why netflix was going to be big you need to understand what the future of the internet is so many take it away uh thank you bill um yeah just to add down to that im also doing a masters in in cryptocurrency digital uh digital currency and blockchain uh so yeah i think i have a good grasp in terms of what future trend could look like and one of the trends i think uh the market could start pricing it maybe not now maybe after six months maybe after one year is is layer zero uh i believe layer zero is a very nice hedge to layer ones and also uh ethereum and and also kind of seeing uh like i was uh i also worked in global macro research uh one of the things i realized during my stint as a macro analyst is that market works in works in cycles and market works and themes so uh in crypto i felt like there are two things to make a lot of money one is to either get into a project really early but then obviously you get into a project really early you also have the risk that you get into a project which is which is horrible and then you lose your money now the other way you can make a lot of money is to basically clinch onto one of the themes and let that theme run so we saw that with layer one this year we saw that with nft en is bullish that in 2022 the theme could be dow there a few other themes that i like one one of the themes you mentioned was security token polymash and and layer zero is also one of those so so before i kind of uh start an introduction of layer 0 i want to set some context there is this trilemma in blockchain uh this term trilemma blockchain trilemma was actually coined by vitalik right so vitalik basically proposes that any blockchain we have whether its private public uh blockchain has to decide what two features it wants the most so you have decentralization you have scalability and you have security so over here as you can see the different blockchain that have selected different features so if you talk about ethereum ethereums wanted to be more secure and decentralize blockchain but it kind of gave up ethereum 2.0 kind of solves that but eventually but at the moment it gave up on scalability and thats why you kind of see high gas prices but then you also had some other other blockchain like lets say iota iota focus was on scalability and decentralization it kind of gave up on security so my thesis is for the long run i think there would be multiple blockchain and each blockchain that well see in this world going forward will be specialized in terms of one particular theme so for example at the moment you have binance marching now binance smart chain kind of focuses on decentralization no no it doesnt focus on decentralization it focuses on security and scalability and thats why you kind of see within binance marching a lot of gaming projects are built similarly in solana you also see a lot of gaming projects popping up right because both binance and and solana kind of decided the trade-off they want to go for is basically scalability we want to have a blockchain that is scalable so the gaming transactions can happen uh high graphic games can deploy now ethereum on the other hand we we cant see ethereum being a popular chain for gaming at the moment uh the reason is because lets say if youre playing game and and you kill somebody and you you get some coin you got like two or three coins if you want to sell those two three coins you have to pay 100x or 50x more gas fees so it doesnt make sense right so so so you have to decide uh what chain you want to specialize in right so ethereum i think is one of the best chains when it comes to uh d5 because of the high security feature and decentralization feature you can be assured that uh what the transaction which which are of billions of dollars millions of dollar are kind of secure while i cannot have that security with binance because assume lets say binance secures a one trillion dollar just hypothetical number one trillion dollar worth of d5 projects uh d5 tvl there will be incentives among the 20 validator sets that okay you know what we should corrupt the finance smart chain and basically try to steal that one trillion mark and it will make sense because finance uh smart chain tvl uh the valuation is about 100 billion but the tvl is one trillion so thats why for different blockchains you need different purposes now another theory i have is that this can work this might not work but i think lets say if you kind of imagine that we are sitting in 2013 just imagine we are sitting in 2030 i feel like there will be millions if not like if not thousands of different blockchains and each blockchain will be specialized for one purpose and i also believe this thing called scalability is also kind of an illusion if you think about it if a blockchain becomes very popular and and the market cap of that blockchain increases significantly uh the gas price will increase so in my opinion the scalability dilemma is also kind of mythical uh i think blockchain can scale maybe it goes to five thousand ten thousand but there has to be upper limit and i believe in in a world where billions of transactions take place i personally uh dont believe that one two three four five maybe ten i think ten uh blockchain wont be enough we need thousands if not millions of different blockchain and guys this is where uh layer zero comes in so think of layer zero im gonna describe this uh diagram in a bit but just think of layer 0 as as ethereum like for example you have ethereum and on ethereum you have different applications building up just think of layer 0 as a blockchain where different other blockchains are being built up so think of ethereum but instead of on ethereum you have lets say sushi swap or uni swap you have different big blocks chains built on top of ethereum so thats how would how how i would describe layer 0. so so the way kind of cosmos this is a separate definition uh polka dot will have a separate definition but in terms of cosmos what cosmos does is uh is through a tendermint btf it kind of gives everyone the ability to create their own consensus mechanism and then it gives you a software developer pack where all these are software developers or anybody who wants to deploy them blockchain can can decide that my blockchain can have staking it can have a on-chain or offshore governance it can have ability to communicate with other blockchain it can have slashing so so as a developer i can decide which features i want in my blockchain now i i told you earlier there is this this dilemma and every application will require a different set of uh things so gaming might require more scalability uh d5 will require more security so so every blockchain is unique so lets say what cosmos was able to do is give you this template a modular template where everybody can come in and make their own blockchain so binance smart chain for example it was built through cosmos sdk and they decided okay you know what we just need 20 value data set on the other hand terra luna was also built on cosmos sdk and they said you know what we need hundred valley data set and and because of this customizability in terms of making blockchain from scratch you have brilliant projects launching on cosmos ecosystem so you have terra luna you have um binance you have uh crypto chain you also have thor chain and you also have native projects like lets say osmosis akash and so on so forth so cosmos did i think after bitcoin and ethereum did the best service to the whole crypto industry by allowing us this modularity approach towards building uh do yourself blockchain so so this is pretty cool so so once once you have the blockchain ready you have cosmos hub in the middle and and i mentioned earlier you have these different blockchains with different features so lets say osmosis torching terra all of these blockchain are customized for specific features like okay in case of terra i want more security in terms of osmosis i also want more security fortune i want more security uh with regards to akash i want more scalability since theyre trying to disrupt cloud computing so every blockchain will have specific feature and and some of the modules will will be used but one key theme these this blockchain have between each other and this is i think the essence of web 3.0 and i think the next era of blockchain uh and this thats the reason why player zeros are called internet of blockchain is that one of the module is called inter blockchain communication im going to repeat ibc so if you install this module and turn it on all of these chains were firstly in silos now they can communicate with each other so this dotted pink line shows you the layer through which the these blockchains can communicate with each other and this is by the way guys because of cosmos sdk module called ibc so cosmos hub over here can allow these blockchains to communicate between each other and cosmos hub so you can think of all of these blockchains as city and cosmos hub is the port city you can imagine so these are ships these ships come over here and and cosmos kind of text them because its in the middle so thats how the uh the architecture of cosmos book now there is one caveat and i think one of the issues is some of the developers do not care about blockchain lets say if im a businessman i dont have the resources to maintain my own blockchain or i do not want to get get the headache of making my own blockchain so i think thats one of the reason thats one of the reason why i believe market sometimes underprices cosmos and polka dot because sometimes market are hindsighted so i think market at the moment is kind of hindsighted because they think its a bit of overkill developers wants to focus on business logic so one of the best things avax and ethereum does is that nobody has to create their own blockchain blockchain is there you just deploy your application so thats one of the reason i think at the moment ethereum and avax and maybe lunatera theyre doing so well is because of this issue but in the future uh cosmos is is introducing this thing called shared staking which i in my opinion will be game changer for cosmos uh so what shares taking will do is give you more um uh yeah somebody said i forgot to mention about the tendermint yeah so tendermint is the consensus mechanism uh so delegated proof of stake for for for cosmos uh so all of this blockchain will basically have the consensus mechanism because of tendermint so right guys so with shares taking application like lets say for example torching uh they do not care about having their own blockchain they can just deploy the app and cosmos hub will have its own validator set that will help torch and basically secure the blockchain so yeah this is how the cosmos work another issue previously we had with cosmos i apologize in advance if if you cant see this graph let me kind of zoom in for you guys one of the reasons why market didnt like cosmos was because there wasnt value accrual to the token and because of inflation the value accrual was actually getting diluted because cosmos has been one of the ogs of crypto uh they just wanted to build build build and they didnt work on the token nomics that much but i think its changing now and i think market will start to realize this and this can moon uh not financial advice so the reason why it can moon is the token utility of atom has started to pop up so you have cosmos hub so lets say if one chain transfers to another chain like token message whatever what have you cosmos hub will take value through transaction fees great then you have the shared security which i mentioned this is very similar to polka dot so those two projects that lets say do not have the enough resources to secure the chain they can ask cosmos hub to kind of help them with security and theyll either airdrop their tokens or theyll give them fees so thats another way atom token holders will be able to accrue value and final thing is within this cosmos hub youll have gravity decks which the gravity decks will have atom for in their for fund and some of the transaction fees will accrue to atom stakeholders so this is like part a in part b im going to give you my investment thesis some of the concerns some of the valuation analysis but i think that ill do that for next week i also have mr peng coming up tomorrow for podcast so guys if you have any questions just just post it down below or subscribe to tokenmetrics and just hit me up on telegram and any of the channel works but i would appreciate if you kind of subscribe to tokenmetrics thats how we earn our salary so yeah guys uh thank you and do let me know ill have mr peng which is who is the ceo of tendermint and one of the core contributors to cosmos if you want to learn anything new fantastic thanks maddie all right so as we near the end of our stream today weve got crypto showdown all right lets go to showdown weve got avalanche tara luna and near protocol uh maddie well youre still fresh on the mic what uh whats your pick for the for the top call altcoin in december you want to be an avax luna or near avex fx for me at the moment although i like all three of them not gonna lie but avax for me in december institutions are very bullish very nice and and bill whats your take okay well i think you know obviously avax is gonna go but maybe if the surprise shocker could be near right in other words avax is going to lead but im kind of wondering if some of these other smaller ones can also follow so i think you know the clear choice may be avax but ill go with near only because i know people like it and it hasnt moved it hasnt really moved the way people thought it could all right and i guess ill round it out by saying im gonna go with tara luna uh obviously avax and your protocol fantastic layer ones fantastic projects and and obviously avax has been crushing it lately however im gonna go with tara luna because you know my strategy when it comes to my personal strategy when it comes to if i miss the boat on something thats okay ill just trade it and tara luna has been following margin pressure levels very very nicely very neatly nice neat 33 corrections followed by 100 pumps which have been very very rewarding recently so im going to go with tara luna but lets see what the audience thinks and the winner is i knew it would be avax wins top alt coin pick for december all right now weve got a little bit of q a im gonna stop sharing my screen and were just gonna roll through the q and a and maddie and uh bill feel free to chip in if you have anything to offer here on any uh answers all right so weve got the first question any new projects that you have your eyes on im talking about im talking about like the graph protocol or flow so any new projects that we have our eyes on uh not a new project im keeping a close eye personally on the development of iota uh they have staking coming out soon and i think thats going to be a big catalyst now weve kind of done a bit of a dive into it uh led by mehdi and there do seem there does seem to be a few potential um i wont say issues but vulnerabilities in the consensus mechanism and if they can deliver if i if iota can deliver on their vision i think itll be valued much much many multiples higher than what its currently valued at the key word or the key the key caveat is if they can deliver um but they do have staking coming up and i think thatll be a catalyst in the short term so kind of an old oldie but a goodie there any projects you guys are watching out for uh yeah ill uh so sorry ill go uh will you want to go first no no go yeah uh so ill ill mention some low cap uh which ive personally invested in although this is not financial advice and im having a close look at is one of them is sidis i think sidis has a very interesting gameplay and it has a very interesting dual token economy another gaming project is sol checks i personally invested in i think 1.2 billion valuation at the moment is still kind of cheap cheap for that game apart from that few other meta verses basically im looking forward towards is is loners and uh pax world so those are two two upcoming emerging uh uh meta verses that havent launched yet and i think they could do well in audience we have this question about block and gala so those were amazing projects if you were able to get in on private sales but at the moment uh the valuation is very high i think both of them have valuation of north of 25 billion which to me kind of suggests that you might not have the crazy 10 to 100x potential so thats the reason why uh im a bit skeptical of it mooning uh anytime soon all right for me uh im looking at people have been mentioning it ive been looking at casper right it came up you know tax loss selling is a big thing because of how much it crashed but 12 cents held and im really interested in small cap smart contract platforms why well many just told you that cosmos and the polka dots of the world can connect a lot of different layer ones or a lot of other block chains so what if casper which has been destroyed comes back along with other small cap layer ones right i noticed like dusk network on also had a really nice pop and ticker symbol n-u-l-s right smaller cap late ones could start moving also on the bigger side im looking at ftt ftxs token kind of really interesting how no ones interested right no one is interested and when is the best time to be interested when no one is interested or when no one understands it which is why you know when medi tells you you know the internet of blockchains or blockchains all connected together yeah thats thats hard to understand well actually not anymore because many explained it to you right but stuff thats hard to understand can become great investment narratives because when the light comes on for everybody else thats when you get price appreciation so small cap layer ones under appreciated layer zeros and how about an exchange token because if crypto gets hot again that could be a theme so back to the q a uh oh fourth i think youre on mute there we there we go uh all right so the next question is a good one hey guys how do you see the moment of the flipping playing out could it mark a local top will eath reject it and capitulate will it go parabolic thanks so assuming ethereum flips bitcoin what will happen next will ethereum just continue to rally and go parabolic off of that type of news or will it capitulate honestly i think that initially itll probably mark somewhat close of a local top now thats just my opinion obviously i cant predict the future the reason being is that for ethereum to flip bitcoin it has to appreciate a lot while either bitcoin goes down stays still or goes up by a lesser amount so the first point at which ethereum flips bitcoin in the shorter term will probably be a point at which eth in terms of price action is a little bit overextended and bitcoin in terms of price action is not so overextended uh so that could lead to a kind of a short-term top maybe some sort of corrective action and then i would expect eth to continue to grow faster than bitcoin and and kind of flip it again if that makes sense thats just my prediction uh many bill any any thoughts yeah i think go on i mean i i think to get a flip you would need something like it would have to happen in stages like it would probably be bitcoin down perhaps and then the dollar goes down and thats when eth takes off so it would have to happen in stages my guess is somewhere in there an unpredictable event would have to occur personally i would love it if the dollar just crashed and that sent eth throttling higher somebody was asking whats the value proposition of eth with the high gas fees i think you got to remember when it comes to eth just as an aside eath is both money the currency of culture and its like a tech stock take a look at the tape today december 16th eat up fang down so eat is like money and tech right bitcoin is kind of just money not just any money its good money but you have to remember its going to be a flipping theres going to be some bizarre events in there many over to you yeah i think flipping will happen i dont have the time frame uh timing the flipping will actually mean timing the the cycle which is very very tough uh i im actually looking forward to the second order effect of the flipping so for me interesting element and interesting narrative will be imagine if ethereum flips bitcoin but then imagine there is a narrative that ethereum will be flipped by other other killer layer ones and and perhaps layer zero so for me that will be a very interesting theme and that will uh basically make a lot of people a lot of money so rather than just focusing on the flipping between eath and bitcoin which can give you 100 return if you kind of look at the second order third order effect of layer one other layer ones other layer zeros other layer twos i think you can make a lot more money so this thats the thats the theme i would be more focused on if that happened all right thats gonna thats gonna round it out for q a um bill do you wanna do you wanna sign us off sure okay friends first of all i wanna begin by thanking forrest and medi uh analysis does not appear by itself and i know these gentlemen work very hard to bring you stuff that you will not find anywhere else on youtube so please like and subscribe to our channel somebody was asking if medis work is available in token metrics newsletters you bet it is our professional plan webinars are practically blockchain master degree classes so you want to check that out as well as liking and subscribing to our channel we can give you professional analysis we can be friendly funny affable smart and most of all intellectually honest so folks stay with tokenmetrics stay with us thats it for the thursday livestream im bill noble i will see you tomorrow you On todays livestream we have Bill with the market update, Forrest with some technical analysis and key entry levels, and Mehdi has some primer on layer 0s and cosmos.Go to and use code 8849 5489 NEAR MATIC AVAX ETH Tokenmetrics ETH,MATIC,AVAX,