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chainlink price binance SwissBorg Price Prediction, News, and Analysis... [LINK]UPDATECHAINLINK MASIH BULLISH?? PERHATIKAN INDIKASI INI!!! NFA DYOR
everyone happy weekend Welcome back to the all Coins update so we will update for chainlink because coincidentally last time there was a Food for chainlink and I happened to bump into when I was sick so now we discuss because Channing there seems to be some pretty interesting moves to follow up and friends, you need to understand first, so you need to know what will potentially happen to sharing. But before we talk about the price action, I want to give an update first for friends who actually shared chainlink holes around November 11th. there is an update, not an update, yes, we can say its like a kind of giving information to the public that the chailing team can provide a solution to the proof of resort problem, which in the past was related to the ftx case. Okay, so here he calls it Professor Solution research data of Project and organizations including exchange Stable coins and predictive bank well this is based on or yes based on chaining Labs yes it has a team of developers yes Well here is a good statement yes one of them is crypto East at Cross root yes or is it at the crossroads is crypto will repeat the same mistake with previous traditional problems such as black box financial industry or eee have a better system yes better system is possible and prof of resource is one way changing is providing the transparency dan Man so he currently can be said to meet the needs lah yes, from market participants as well as from crypto market lovers, so actually this solution is an important solution, yes, in a sense, because the problems that occurred with FTX caused many market participants to not be hard on crypto, and for example, with this solution What might be a little better is that it means we know whether this XCC is really solid. Is the exchange that we use later or for example we use for transactions, is it really safe, yes, thats actually one of the solutions, but actually it can So its also a backfire because of this chaining, right? He has a collaboration with Swift, which I dont really know because I dont surf very well, maybe later Ill try to find out more about chaining whether he really collaborates with the government because if for example he can cooperate with the government, the government will later have access and will also have a solution to find out, its like a user having an account, yes, we can say that we can be alert too, figuratively and not be too dessert, the problem will be like that. Yes, we dont know what the athlete will be like in the future, for now This is intended for X Change so Hopefully exchange and Stable Coins which might be like there are issues, for example like USBT or theaters, maybe this can be overcome with a solution from this chaining guy, so yeah, we hope for the best variant. If we look at the price section, I think its quite interesting why friends try to look at it from the weekly time frame so this is the biggest time frame for now on the channel if for example you want to look at Marlia we wont be able to see anything and if you drag it to the top it will be like this Fibonacci retreatment actually we are in the correction phase, yes between Vivo V8 and 38.2%. well, its just that if for example we dont need to use Fibonacci retention, then its interesting, friends, yes, we can see here there is a Resistance test, yes, in the Range, 24 June 2019 and the next one on 14 February, 24 10 and 2 March 2020 and in the end it broke and after the break get what area now functions as our support area So actually if friends pay attention to your sharing we can see yes Is there a possibility that the price could touch the trendline and so on for Indians the most important thing is that we can survive first above, above the intersection. If, for example, the chaining holds well, this is a pretty good indication. In my opinion, in the middle of a market storm, which is currently getting worse for the crypto market. Okay, for example, if we compare the drop from top to bottom, now it has happened. around 89%, yes, and in the movement this time, we can also see that the chaining is starting to sideways. Waze is in a narrow range, isnt it narrow, its quite wide, but if, for example, in my opinion, it forms a sideway like this, this could be an early indication Yes, the name of the accumulation phase is happening again by the big players, yeah, maybe because thats what causes whats called interest, yes, for the big players or big fun, theyre back in to accumulate on chainlink, you need to remember like earlier, some cooperation, one of which is Swift, then how can chilling provoking a solution might be their choice in a sense Oh I think were interested in trying it eee Pay attention to this, the chaining Here is the progress and lets say say the link has managed to go up if it manages to break from its high level then we will be dealing with the supply area which was quite significant because here before it caused the price to be depressed very significantly, right? And this should have happened simultaneously with the incident on Bitcoin, yes, in May, and you can see in June, when Bitcoin created link stayed at the same low level and Yesterday, when Bitcoin again create lover low at 15,000s chaining stays on the same low channel so in my view this is very clear there seems to be an indication that big players are being accumulated. If for example we are lucky we might be able to get a move like this, this is an example Yes it happens on the daily time frame but for example if it happens on the laundry time frame we might just be able to get movement like in the coin file here, yes we can see after it goes sideways its quite long finally Breakout and then Yes its corrected again but this correction should be an opportunity Precisely to consider us re-entry if for example there are friends who are monitoring the coin file. But if for example for the case, this link is still long for the daily time frame, yes, we can see that at least it has survived the sellers pressure many times but the price hasnt being able to go up Which is still lacking in demand or maybe the one who bought it was deliberately still paying in installments he doesnt want to buy it all at once or maybe it hasnt attracted too much public attention right So yes its free to be able to carry out the accumulation and continue to process until eventually well see what will come out, maybe a sentiment or a the news that ended up being a bomb made chaining in the end a significant pump. Okay, and well discuss it from the time frame only. right now it might also function as a resistance area so we need to be vigilant first. There is a possibility that the price will resist at that level and for example, friends, pay attention, this is actually the first momentum. Yes, the first swing momentum with the second swing momentum has weakened a little in our Indian sense. You need to see what is called a Managers correction first before later. Maybe it will strengthen again, so one thing to watch out for is if, for example, we look at the current price movement, but actually it is still constantly creating hair highs, so here it is breaking, it is going down he breaks again he creates Resistance He pulls back And He breaks again he is private systems and we cant get a position to form a kind of Ansori inverse like Head and Shoulders and if friends zoom in on a small time frame you can see how the process was taken over by the sellers, so the prices are indiem, it seems that the sellers are taking over and in the end, up to now, we can see that the smaller time frames are actually dominated by the sellers, so the terms for the market or the price chaining can still be bullying is that he has to stay above in this main zone in the manzone that was formed during the previous break here, guys. So if we see him survive, maybe he forms a double bottom army, hes suddenly good until he breaks from the previous supply zone. an opportunity to go long again on chainlink because before this last night we had time to hold a webinar for friends in the Advance group that we just joined and discussed and actually the opportunity that we saw last night was still short, and now its because the price has reached the area that we Consider as a potential reaction rather than the payout, it would be better if we can get ready for now while seeing the reaction given by the Bayers. its entering at quite a significant speed like that. So maybe it can be considered to prepare the eee trading plan, but for example, I dont think so. Yes, we can see that the momentum is starting to weaken, yes, we can see how he creates it. Hi, but the gate is just a little bit. the difference is a little bit compared to the previous one which is more significant like when Case here he went up Boom significantly up again Boom significantly up again significantly right now its starting to weaken so we need to be vigilant there even if its for long its just for a quick treat we werent looking for the jackpot and in the end, eee, the chaining followed our wishes, it broke to the very top, but if we get it, why not, if we dont, for example, we better be more vigilant, okay? I think thats for my update about cling so you guys like about this chaining update make sure you guys give me comments and also like in this video everyone Yes I just want to say enjoy your weekend have a good rest Have a nice weekend and see you again in the next update God Bless everyone cheese guys and bye bye Link Registrasi Advance Group [ DISCORD ] : [ NOT AVAILABLE ] Link Perkenalan Advance Group : STG - Sailly Trading Group FREE on Telegram ____________________________________________________________ Untuk spoiler dan quick update: Instagram __ Business Inquiry: __ Disclaimer: Semua konten yang saya share bukan merupakan Financial Advice. Saya bukan seorang Financial Advisor, analisa yang saya bagikan adalah spekulasi dan ide berdasarkan perspective saya pribadi. 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