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all right what is up guys welcome back to another video we are just taking a quick look at chain link here and as we can see I havent actually covered chain link in a little while probably since the new year or there are thereabouts here when we were coming down and potentially you know breaking the low of that local range that we did draw in here you can obviously see this local range that has been respected pretty damn well before and ever since really so obviously a pretty significant area also The Wider range that weve been in for so long for Jane link is still holding you can see obviously weve got resistance support resistance support resistance resistance and then come down to support again in this area here now I have been trading this range because I do trade ranges until they break Im not really much of a breakout Trader because I dont find much success with it at all usually I get faked out and stopped out etc etc find having much more success actually trading when you meet a support long when you hair resistance short rather than you know thinking oh this is going to break out here let me just get a let me just try and get in on that you know the little breakout pumps and stuff generally speaking that doesnt really work that well for me and you can see chain link is like a prime example of how well this situation can work I mean for example you could say you could argue that from here to here youve formed your range and then if youd longed here and just wait until you hit the top of the range shorted here and then wait until you hit the bottom of the range I mean you could show it here again long here again all of these trades would have worked out for chain link with stop losses just outside the range they would have all worked out wouldnt they which is really really interesting chain link has obviously been its been consolidating really nicely hasnt it in the face of the bear Market Ive seen a lot of cryptos that have continued to trickle to the downside but obviously we do have we do still have a very large bear Market resistance like this I would say for chain link that does need to come up and get tested were nowhere near here really are we on the chart you can see obviously we want to resistance is there and the third resistance does need to be tested but that local downframe downtrend for chain link has been broken out of back tested and then you can see the sideways consolidation but obviously in the local area if we just look from the start of the year you can see ever since we came into the start of the Year here we were at the bottom of the overall range for chain link really werent we and you can see weve got a very nice bounce off the low we come back inside the smaller local range as well which was good to see we obviously ran all the way up to that got a little bit of a rollover and rejection and you can see now weve got the breakout and back test potentially of that local range which is really really interesting to see as well Im just gonna throw the Fibonacci on to this chart as well so we can take a look at some of these key levels dragging this from the top of the previous bull market down to the current low of this bear Market here and we can take a look at some of the Fibonacci levels that are obviously key levels as well you can see this area here is going to be a quite a strong resistance isnt it 4 chain link considering that it is the zero two three Fibonacci there probably get some profit taking happening at the top of the range in and around this area here but I do think now that weve broken out this local range were making a little bit of a higher high high low higher high and then if we come back here make a higher low and then another higher high I do think this could be a situation where we see a bounce and continuation especially considering that the market has been quite bullish recently to be fair and if this does come down and hit this level again at this previous Range High Ill probably be looking to take a long position looking something like this where essentially you come into here you probably get a bit of consolidation maybe a bounce and then head to the upside like this heading up towards that zero two three I do think that that would be a fairly decent trade in my opinion and then Ill probably have some short positions ready up here looking something like this when we do hit this area I do think well probably see a rejection in that local time frame at least going back down inside the range for a little bit unless we do see the whole Market having a massive pump in which case I wont be complaining either so that would be my analysis for chain link today guys thank you very much for watching indeed please like And subscribe if you havent already and if you want to support the Channel please do consider becoming a member a YouTube member as well that would really really help out the channel youll get access to the private Discord which were getting 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