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foreign this is crypto maximalist welcome back to another video please like And subscribe if you havent already and get involved if you like the content were currently running a giveaway for those who are liking our videos so give the video a like if you want to be entered into that giveaway so just taking a really quick look at link here and as we can see over the past few days not really much has been happening weve just been chopping sideways obviously losing a lot of momentum in the markets just low volatility low volume right now basically everything cooling off before we do see ourselves you know make a move most slightly back up into the middle of this range we would say considering how strongly we are testing this support and getting that rejection at those lows there if we take a look at the hourly time frame you can see very clearly whats happened here weve come down Made It Low near the bottom of the Range found support come back up weve found a double bottom potentially looking something like this and you know looking like now we are just coming up low volume low interest in the markets just chopping sideways quite you know you know youd say choppy Bryce action its just mostly sideways action really no real moves in either direction just you know going sideways everythings quite boring etc etc you know chain link potentially forming a little bit of a range like this wed say probably if you come down you make your lower and youre high thats your range that you come down your double bottom back test the low and you form your range fully and then now probably hopefully we would say most likely at the very least as we said at the start of the video probably coming up towards the middle of that wider range up here around 7.30 to get at least you know you would say back up into the middle of the range ish before we see anything else happening in the market but in a realistically chain link on The Daily time frame still inside that wider range that it has been in for a good while here you know you can see how many times these highs and lows have been tested and youd expect you know eventually we are going to see this range break in One Direction or the other but for now holding that lower support youd probably expect a little bit of a move back up towards the middle of the range as we said around that 7.30 level but until we see this you know wider range break then we are just going to be chopping sideways just like we offer a lot of cryptocurrencies for link arent we so so thats it for today guys thank you everyone for watching make sure to check out the links in the description below to support the channel grab yourself some free money bonuses like the video subscribe if you havent already and well see you in the next video foreign This is how Chainlink is looking today!Make sure to like the video to enter our giveaway! Please Like/Subscribe/Share the daily content! UDEMY COURSE TA COURSE/COIN RATINGS/MARKET PSYCHOLOGY The UDEMY course includes our technical analysis course which will teach you pretty much everything we do on the Crypto Maximalist channel with examples. Weve had MANY requests for this, so if youre interested go ahead and sign up. SUPPORT THE CHANNEL. YOUTUBE MEMBERSHIP SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER INSTAGRAM TIKTOK FREE MONEY Bybit: Up to $4,450 BONUS Binance: Free Bonus Kucoin: Free Bonus Coinbase: Free Bonus Blockfi: Free Bonus Grand total over $5000 in total if all criteria are met A N Y T H I N G T O A D D ? Got a question? Write a comment down below and start a discussion. W A N T T O S E E M O R E ? Subscribe To The Channel! Make sure to hit the bell icon and turn on all notifications. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor, nor is any of the content in the video financial advise. These are simply opinions and should be in no way construed as personal advise on investment. This channel is for entertainment purposes only and you should always do your own research before investing. Bitcoin​ Ethereum​ Altcoins​ CryptoNews​ StockMarketNews​ BitcoinMining​ bitcoincrash​ TopAltcoins​ Altcoins​ StockMarket​ Crypto​ BitcoinNews​ StockCrash​ Stocks​ InvestInStocks​ InvestInCrypto​ InvestInBitcoin​ BuyBitcoin​ BitcoinTrading​ StockTrading​ TradingNews​ STOCKS​ XRPNews​ Altcoin​ AltcoinBullmarket​ Top10Altcoins​ AltcoinNews​ AltcoinPortfolio​ DEFI​ DEFIALtcoins​ BitcoinBullmarket​ BitcoinAnalysis​ BitcoinNews VeChain Verasity Polygon Matic Eth Btc Vet USDT BNB USDC XRP BUSD ADA SOL DOGE DOT Link