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a quick announcement for if you want to take your trading to the next level I recently started a profitable trading signal group in which I show you and I send signals of all of my trades if you want to join this group or if youre interested in that go check out the first link down in the description or in the pinned comments whats up everybody welcome back to Linux crypto hope youre all doing great hope youre having a great weekend and welcome to this new video on chain link and in the link token wanted to do a video on that was uh yeah I just thought it was interesting it was it requested or anything but uh chain links obviously as most of you know one of the most important and biggest projects in the entire crypto industry um or at least in the crypto ecosystem and its been very bullish today it actually started when most of the bullish momentum started for cryptos this Tuesday broke above some major resistance levels and right now were challenging 8.8.2 wanting to go up to 8.6 and 8.8 so I wanted to cover that technically um well talk about well briefly talk about fundamentals as well chain link fundamentally has uh its pretty bullish right now as well I think they have uh some big events coming up which Im not too sure about which events that are I know staking pools are coming up things like that um but apart from that uh chaining I would argue its fundamentally bullish at this point of time it also had some major Partnerships recently in the last month and apart from that the market around chain link as most of you know is also fairly bullish to say the least uh volume of chain link is absolutely crazy at around 1.1 billion that places it I think in the top 10 of volume yeah just uh just above Matic and Litecoin and xrp as well um so yeah the opportunities are definitely plenty with link right now but as I said were at a difficult place we want to break above 8.2 which technically is quite a strong level as you can see historically um doesnt obviously always mean the most for the present but still and and its also mixed up with some other levels like this trend line which were challenging uh the 1.618 which we have were above that but we have not broken above that yet um so yeah theres uh theres multiple things that can happen I think in general because of the market circumstances around chain link I think its a matter of time before we do something like this all right before we break above 8.2 and get up to our next level around 8.6 and 8.8 um where I do think well find resistance I dont think the level above 8.8 is this level around 9.4 um I think we can get there in the future but Im not I dont think were going to easily get there after finding resistance at 8.8 so Ill keep monitoring and updating you on chain link if youre interested in that but for now my price tag really is 8.68.9 so lets take a look at it the Scandal closes in probably has already closed once youre watching this video I think its its really going to depend on that candle I dont think were going to break above 8.2 with this specific handle I do think though that theres a chance that we break above 7.9 and eight dollars and its going to be its risky to say this um but I think that could be enough if we just break above 7.9 and find support there so if the next like if the next candle can also stay on top of 7.9 after breaking above that I think we can break above 8.2 and get up to 8.6 8.8 very quickly like tomorrow all right so this actually seems like the most likely scenario even though its a risky thing to say because it would assume that were getting another breakout even though in the last four days weve had two major breakouts so all right thats uh but but I do think I mean purely purely fundamentally and technically this looks like the most likely scenario now if for some reason we find support at 7.7.9 but we cannot hold it then well drop down well drop down to 7.5 consolidate there and do something like this like this later I think so it doesnt matter that much but its um its in the details where money can be made right so this is my take on on link I think this is a possibility but Id say this is a little bit more likely so yeah if you have any questions if you want to discuss the analysis let me know but for now take care and bye CHAINLINK LINK PRICE PREDICTION 2023JOIN THE NEW CILINIX SIGNAL GROUP! Discord Server: Patreon: Telegram: Join the $MEMAG Presale here! - Register on BYBIT & get up to $4,450 Bonus now! - Register on the biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance with this code! - Check out Get a $100 free crypto bonus and up to $5,500 USDT when you sign up with my link and trade: ️ Social links! @CilinixCrypto Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice and it is not intended to be. This video is for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide advice in any type of way.