WHY $LINK is a TOP CRYPTO COIN!! chainlink 2023 roadmapLINK PRICE PREDICTION DONT SLEEP ON CHAINLINK! $100 Chainlink!!!!

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chainlink 2023 roadmap Why is everyone so sure that crypto will always... LINK PRICE PREDICTION DONT SLEEP ON CHAINLINK! $100 Chainlink!!!! WHY $LINK is a TOP CRYPTO COIN!!
whats going on people in this video were gonna dive into chain link why is chain link so important and why is chain link important as far as an investment goes were going to dive into chain link in this video talk about its use cases its utilities and how far its reach is when it comes to web 3 and why in my opinion you should be interested in chain link as well up top if youre already a chain link holder if youve already got you a fat bag of some stanky lankies youre packing up your bag for the next Bull cycle definitely drop some comments in the comments section and share your thoughts your opinion your experience with investing or trading chain link so that maybe someone else that is new to crypto or maybe is just on the on the tip of the iceberg with chain link and thinking about getting into chain link maybe theyll see one of your comments and who knows maybe it will help answer some questions they might have had so its a great way to build our community and interact and engage with our community here on YouTube so go ahead and drop those comments Ill give you a second all right now that youve dropped those comments and of course I know you already smashed that like button up lets Dive Right on into the update and of course make sure you stick around for the entire video guys watch this video all the way through its gonna be jam-packed with some juicy juicy details when it comes to chain link and of course you know Im a TA guy so were going to take a look at chain Links price action so make sure you stick around so you dont miss the TA towards the end of the video so one of the most recent and probably one of the biggest developments for chain link recently is the staking so chain link has announced staking plans aiming to be the Amazon web services of web 3. taking over web 3 okay leading on into a decentralized future chain link is going to be one of those projects that is going to be absolutely necessary okay theres theres no theres no ifs ands or buts about it chain link is going to be here to stay and most likely be a huge part of a vibrant decentralized Global ecosystem so at smartcon 2022 chain link co-founder Sergey nazarov unveils plans to launch staking in December December guys two months away chain link which uses Oracle networks to provide secure access to real-world data for web3 apps as unveiled that its long-awaited staking rewards are set to go live in December together with two new programs designed to increase the economic sustainability of its services now lets take a look at first of all what is a smart contract and what is an oracle what is a blockchain Oracle well if we look at what is a smart contract a smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol that is intended to automatically execute control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement now why are these smart contracts important um not only just for cryptocurrencies but for real world use cases and how is chain link making that possible through what is an oracle or a blockchain Oracle which is a third-party service chain link that connects smart contracts with the outside world primarily to feed information in from the world but also the reverse so in and out information from the world encapsulates multiple sources so that decentralized knowledge is obtained making everything completely decentralized and verifiable and secure and this can be used in many different types of use cases and thats what were going to talk about next you have chain link able to securely and accurately present data for companies and when we want to look at that we can look at use cases and you can go to Enterprise use cases it says here chain link is the only Enterprise grade Oracle infrastructure that enables organizations to securely and easily connect their existing systems to all major blockchain networks and why is this important well if you think about major Global adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and gearing towards and moving towards a more decentralized future then this is huge because without this it would be extremely difficult and hard for as it says here existing systems to convert into the blockchain you know to to be able to put their information onto the blockchain to where its secure and verifiable um and tamper-proof um this this is just huge guys and this is just one little bit of utility that chain link offers right industry standard Oracle Network for D5 guys chain link is the OG Oracle okay weve had some competitors along the way but they have typically failed um as far as coming up and overtaking chain link in the Oracle space so most decentralized and secure why chain link chain link Oracle networks are secured by node operators running security audited software that has been rigorously validated to operate at scale without downtime or corruption is quality data resistance to manipulation most widely adopted Oracle Network in D5 and this is extremely true and well take a look at some of these adoption examples here in just a second rapid integration and deployment a diverse range of decentralized services blockchain agnostic Oracle networks so right now chain link is definitely the one and I talk about chain link a lot on my channel as being a coin that I was buying back in 2018 right buying back in 2018 and um you know its been one of those long-term holds for me check it out leading projects across D5 choose chain link weve got Ave synthetics Trader Joe Lido dodo liquidy I mean multiple different projects and look at this the most trusted Oracle Network in D5 securing billions of value look at these Partnerships I mean look at this you cant tell me that you dont know just about almost every single one of these or have heard these names before this is huge guys Pain Link is going to be huge chain link is also powering the next generation of blockchain enabled insurance they link decentralized Oracle networks securely provide blockchain-based Insurance products access to real world data and off-chain computation and of course if you want to dive deeper into any of that information guys just go to and of course before we jump into the price action just know that nothing in this video is financial advice this is not me suggesting that you go out and buy chain link this is me telling you my opinion my thoughts on it and letting you know that maybe you might want to check it out too but definitely do your own research before investing in trade invest huddle at your own risk now lets jump right on into chain Links price action here and see what weve got going on because chain link could be getting ready for a decent buying opportunity ahead and after that a massive massive move heading into the upside remember chain link staking going going live in December so lets take a look at the chain link price action here what I want to do is throw up my my chart here and just explain to you whats going on on the weekly time frame for you guys okay so basically on the weekly time frame you can see that chain link is in a massive massive beautiful absolutely beautiful falling wedge pattern on the weekly time frame and you can see we have not came all the way down to this POC this local PLC right here thats going to put you in at about 222 there off of some previous support from back in 2020 but what Im paying attention to right now for chain link is the lsma and this nice asymmetrical triangle pattern on the weekly because whats happening right now is you have backtested this support here you bounced off of it here its your resistance line confirmed resistance multiple times on the weekly and now chain Links weekly candle is trading below the lsma moving average youre also below the local POC point of control from the vrvp so what it looks like to me is chain link is coming back down to test this uptrend support from this pattern now if we can hold this support thatll be beautiful this is what I meant by a buying opportunity because if chain link does not hold the support we have a measured move price Target here which is simply the measurement of our pattern right simply the measurement of our pattern and thats pointing to about a dollar ninety to two dollars and if you look that perfectly lines you up you have multiple touches here on your support multiple bounces on the weekly time frame here for chain link off of this support line confirm firming support if we do break this short-term support then it would be likely we could come all the way down and see chain link come down to test this this 190 to two dollar price level um the lowest you could go here um would definitely be in my opinion would be this previous supporting resistance um which is support lines up with about a dollar fifty um now thats thats the worst case scenario in my opinion for chain link right dollar fifty um would be my worst case scenario here for the bottom but if we do not like I said if we do not hold um this support and we stay trading on the weekly below the lsma then its likely we could see this brake support but fill this measure move Target to about a dollar ninety um to two dollars if that happens guys thats okay thats a great and wonderful buying opportunity for chain link because if we Zoom back out on the weekly time frame we have a much bigger picture to look at a much bigger much bigger picture to look at here um what we have is this falling wedge on the weekly and if we put in our measure move Target or this falling wedge this will be massive this will be absolutely massive guys so what were going to do is drag this to our potential breakout point now our breakout point is going to be down slightly lower here if we do fulfill that measure move like I said to the downside of this asymmetrical triangle pattern however if we were to break to the upside out of this then we could expect a breakout Point somewhere around here so were going to first see what the target would put us in there and the target for that is going to line you up with about 40 to 44 dollars here about 40 to 44 dollars is going to be the um longer term weekly time frame measure move Target of a breakout of this falling wedge now of course if we consolidate more if we get that pullback then its going to be slightly lower but not much it would be right back down about 40 so I would want to go ahead and say about 35 to 40 dollars for chain link we do have some decent resistance here at about 35 dollars um right here at about 30 really about thirty four dollars at your candle closes on the weekly um that would be some resistance to pay attention to youve got these candle closes and previous support here on the weekly at about 18 um thats definitely gonna probably play his possible resistance as well on the way back to the upside Im gonna go and move this up slightly were gonna say about were gonna go ahead and put this up at about twenty dollars um so really anywhere between about 18 and 20 is going to be that area of possible resistance coming in um basing that off of your previous resistance here you got pretty knocked down pretty hard here on the weekly but were going to put that in at 18.35 cents and then at about 19 as well nineteen to twenty dollars here so between eighteen and twenty dollars resistance but uh nevertheless you know this is looking fantastic guys like I said if we can get this move here um to the downside this would be a wonderful buying opportunity for anybody thats looking to get into chain link in my opinion um we got a little bit of resistance near 12 here and that actually lines you up um with your measure move Target from this uh asymmetrical triangle pattern right so youre 12.78 cents here is going to be previous support and previous resistance and its also going to be lining up with this measure move Target of that so if that were to happen 12.75 or so um 12 to 13 or so would definitely be one to watch that area in the price action of chain link so guys I hope you enjoyed this update on chain link if you did dont forget please Smash Up the like button on the way out and of course subscribe to the channel um if youre new here we love crypto we love crypto so much we created our own cryptocurrency check it out links are in the description hope you guys enjoyed it and Ill see you in the next one What is Chainlink? 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