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okay here we are in chain link this has been so requested by so many people so here we are doing it before the end of the year now lets have a look at chain link lets look at the history first of all well we were actually around for that peak of the market in 2017-18 and we hit that peak at about the 1.42 level so having that historical data really helps us because we can see that we can use a fib as as you would usually use a fib to see the price projection for the top of this next cycle which would be this cycle but as you can see we like way overachieved that way overextended it so usually when this happens it means a coins got even if you like dont know anything about the coin it means its got good uh use case because people are using it like quickly after the bear market people started understanding its benefit and it would already hit the top of the fibs by you know june 2019 even though the bottom of the market came in in june 2018 so a year later we had an incredible growth for link in in a matter of one year exactly one year it had 2681 percent growth which is incredible so what we do in this case is use our bullish projection our bullish fibonacci which is where we put the top of the 0.236 at the top of the bull run here and as you can see weve revisited this area twice in history so the first time in january 2018 the second time in may 2019 and even still we have overshot the bullish projection the bullish fibonacci that we need confluence to kind of tell us that this is the top of the market and how we do that is we see how much growth has been in the market already for this coin which has been 32 000 was anyone in down here or did the majority of us get in to chain link above these fibonacci extensions if you got in above the fibs then youre down which is a shame and how much down if you got in you know the me the average area around here which i assume probably most of you did youre already 20 youre still 24 down on the market and if you bought in right at the top of these fibs youre basically just up like a percent up what this would suggest to me is that the the run is over for chain link and the chain link is one of the 10 of coins that has actually already run this cycle now i want to show you the difference between a coin thats run and a coin that hasnt run ethereum for example lets draw the fibs on ethereum so thats the top of the market and to the bottom you can see ethereums already made itself its way up to the top of the fibonacci extensions and as a result even though were not at the top top all it means is is that from todays date to the top weve only got 42 percent growth left and for most people thats not interesting bitcoin has also done the same thing let me just get the fibonaccis the top of the bull market to the bottom and you can see weve already been up to the top of the fibs already in this cycle and from todays date to the top again 47 not interested when youve got xrp for example you dont have to like xrp thats got thousands of percent left in the market to the first sell-off point and the top sell-off point is you know up there of 1573 and then youve got the same for neo youve got dash uh z cash bitcoin cash see a coin for example all of these like all of those that ive just mentioned are way down on the fibonaccis if wed seen something up here on the fibs for these coins then yeah we wouldnt be getting into them but chain link is already up here so lets i know this has been a lot of bearish news for people and im not a bear on chain link whatsoever um i just think its already gone up those 23 000 or whatever it was but if we were to follow the rest of the market the rest of the altcoin market were probably looking if my projections are right about an eight trillion um altcoin market cap by the end of the cycle then weve got another six hundred percent growth left in the market six hundred percent so if that were the case and chain link hasnt seen its top what would 800 look like or 600 look like well 600 would take us roughly to this area dont this isnt an exact number roughly to 162 dollars okay so that would be a time six on your money but what i want to do also is im noticing something we look like we have a falling structure here so what i want to go to is the minus chain link chart the minus chain link chart is basically chain link but upside down and it helps us to find falling structures and how we do that is we take our fibonaccis weve got the top of the market that weve seen already the peak of the cycle and we bring that down to where like accumulation kind of happened like around here like the bottom of these wicks kind of area now typically in a falling structure if you havent watched my bitcoin video about this you really really should its probably my most influential most important video ive ever made you see these peaks being made and then a new peak being made but only marginally because remember if we flip this upside down then this is this is a peak of the market so we have a peak comes back down retraces to these areas a new peak we come way back down to the initial breakout of of coming to these areas and then we usually retrace back up to the 702 extension this 702 extension which is the black line hasnt been hit so what i would suggest is that we probably will be returning back to the 41.78 level and then going back on to our bear market now on the normal chart ill just draw that on here so its about at this level so not high enough for the previous peaks either of the previous peaks just lower than that i would assume that that is going to be a level that we come back to based on the fact that the following structure isnt yet complete if it is a falling structure so that would be another 80 on your chain link from today which for the majority of you would bring you back into profit for chain link however it depends how much you value 80 in the market you know when z cash for example lets look at the percentage we have on z cash we have we have 656 percent left until my sell-off point which is a super early sell-off point for zcash but zcash has all the way up to 2264 left just to reach the top of the fibs like only 10 of the coins so far this cycle have um could chain like be one of the ones that has already maybe who knows but we have these numbers in play here um i tend to think well extend past this fibonacci extension and hit this 41 level this cycle i do believe that and if you want to keep 10 left in for it to ride up potentially to the 162 level then thats up to you if you enjoyed this video and this projection please consider subscribing id love to hit a thousand subscribers today even oh my goodness think about that i also have community posts now so im posting a lot of my community posts and because im launching a course very soon im also asking you about the course that i am going to be making and what you most want to see so your input directly has an impact on what the end result is and yeah i 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