Bayer and Vechain develop blockchain solution for supply chain Bayer has chosen VeChain to work on a traceability platform that is based on the blockchain for the delivery of drugs. This aims to help with the complex process involved with the supply chain. Cardano Is a Better Bet Than Bitcoin and Ethereum Right Now And Cardano is also now held in more than one million digital wallets worldwide. Both of these achievements are significant and have helped the price recover from its autumn selloff. crypto chainlink price LINK NEW LOWS!? CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2022 LINK PRICE PREDICTION LINK ANALYSIS
crypto chainlink price Investing In SingularityNET AGIX – Everything You Need to Know... LINK NEW LOWS!? CHAINLINK PRICE PREDICTION 2022 LINK PRICE PREDICTION LINK ANALYSIS
what is up guys welcome back to another video we are just taking a quick look at chain link here and as we can see looking like we have come back down to retest that low as we said that may be the case over the past few days obviously we have seen you know very little volatility in the market but with a bit of volume coming back in here you can see that we have trickled back down to retest this alone at the bottom of this small range that we have identified you can see we made this range all the way back in the FDX crash about a month ago now you can see price came down we got you know support resistance come back down to support we come back up to this area of resistance here we get rejected we come back down to the low we get the bounce here off the low you know been chopping it sideways a little bit and now weve come back down again to retest that low over the past few days if we just take a look at the chart here on the hourly time frame you can see exactly whats happened really we come down we re-test retest chopping sideways and then if you dont get that break to the upside then you are going to come back down and retest that low again arent you and thats exactly whats happened pretty much weve come down here to around you know 5.17 this previous swing low area here which is where were currently sitting at and looking like this is probably where were going to get the bounce just like weve got the bounce so many times in the past you can see back here support support support but you know eventually supports can break as well so just be aware that we could see ourselves heading down if we do lose this level back down towards the next key level of support which well probably be down at this very you know the swing low down here around five dollars and 30 cents if thats the case but as we said before with this long position that we did take just before things actually started to roll over pretty much exactly when they rolled over as well that good old timing in the market say wed probably expect a chain link since it is holding this support to eventually get a bounce to the upside obviously things looking very bearish in general short term in crypto but mid to long term we do still think that things are going to go well its just a case of riding out you know the current embarrassments that we have seen altcoins in general just rolling over over the past few days with Bitcoin going sideways as well so for now its you know we really cant say whats going to happen in the short term mid to long term we are still confident that chain link is going to get this price scooped up heading back up towards the top of this range but right now looking like were retesting this low and you know there is a possibility that we could come down here and make a swing low down towards that 5.55 30 area here if we break to the downside but obviously if we do get a nice little bounce we would want to see ourselves coming back up towards the middle of the range just like a lot of cryptos have so thats our little update for chain link today guys thank you very much for watching indeed please like And subscribe if you havent already and well see you in the next video This is how Chainlink is looking today!Make sure to like the video to enter our giveaway! 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