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all right what is up guys welcome back to another video we are just taking a quick look at link here and as we could see looking like essentially we have come back inside of this little range that we did have here you can see we form the range here weve got the over extension to the high and the low retested it here broke out back tested but now falling back inside the range Again by the looks of things after having a little bit of a move to the upside here obviously weve got that one two three move to the upside right now coming down looking like were trying to find a bit of support I did have a long position a long position here which did get stopped out obviously with Bitcoin rolling over in the markets we have seen chain link also having a bit of a decline back down into this key area of structure that we formed over the past few months but really chain link right now just looking like it is consolidating and going sideways not too much going on really theres not that much to say other than that it looks like weve come down here back inside the range and that now will probably be making our way to the downside if Bitcoin does start to roll over obviously chain link will be dragged to the downside as well but overall I would say chain Links doing fine isnt it its doing what he needs to do its essentially been in this range of this larger range for such a long time now its unbelievable isnt it but really Ill just be trading now I think this overall range until we see it break in either direction I love long positions at the bottom short positions up here at the top and then until we see ourselves moving to either of these levels Im probably going to stay out the market and just wait and see what happens next really going to keep it simple not too much going on at all basically just uh just gonna see what happens next with the markets I do think were probably going to be heading up for like over the next few weeks in my opinion but if Bitcoin does have a little bit of a rollover and a back test then itll probably Drag The Wider Market down as well and chain it will follow soon that is it for today guys really not that much to talk about today just another day of consolidating really so as always thank you very much for watching indeed please do like and subscribe and if you do want to support the Channel please do consider becoming a YouTube member by clicking the join button down below youll get access to our private Discord Im in there pretty much every single day with other investors just talking like crypto Etc so if you do want to support the channel That would be a good way to do so and Ill see you in the next video This is how Chainlink is looking today!Make sure to like the video to enter our giveaway! Please Like/Subscribe/Share the daily content! UDEMY COURSE TA COURSE/COIN RATINGS/MARKET PSYCHOLOGY The UDEMY course includes our technical analysis course which will teach you pretty much everything we do on the Crypto Maximalist channel with examples. Weve had MANY requests for this, so if youre interested go ahead and sign up. SUPPORT THE CHANNEL. YOUTUBE MEMBERSHIP SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER INSTAGRAM TIKTOK FREE MONEY Bybit: Up to $4,450 BONUS Binance: Free Bonus Kucoin: Free Bonus Coinbase: Free Bonus Grand total over $5000 in total if all criteria are met A N Y T H I N G T O A D D ? Got a question? Write a comment down below and start a discussion. W A N T T O S E E M O R E ? Subscribe To The Channel! Make sure to hit the bell icon and turn on all notifications. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor, nor is any of the content in the video financial advise. These are simply opinions and should be in no way construed as personal advise on investment. This channel is for entertainment purposes only and you should always do your own research before investing. Bitcoin​ Ethereum​ Altcoins​ CryptoNews​ StockMarketNews​ BitcoinMining​ bitcoincrash​ TopAltcoins​ Altcoins​ StockMarket​ Crypto​ BitcoinNews​ StockCrash​ Stocks​ InvestInStocks​ InvestInCrypto​ InvestInBitcoin​ BuyBitcoin​ BitcoinTrading​ StockTrading​ TradingNews​ STOCKS​ XRPNews​ Altcoin​ AltcoinBullmarket​ Top10Altcoins​ AltcoinNews​ AltcoinPortfolio​ DEFI​ DEFIALtcoins​ BitcoinBullmarket​ BitcoinAnalysis​ BitcoinNews VeChain Verasity Polygon Matic Eth Btc Vet USDT BNB USDC XRP BUSD ADA SOL DOGE DOT Link