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chainlink bikini HALO: Combat Evolved by Hot... Limited Edition! Ewan The Thing Doer
hey didnt see you there you might be wondering you and whats the hurry well you see this episode of you and the thing doer is only available to watch until this timer reaches zero i dont know what happens when i reach a zero it just showed up in my living space one day and now i have to deal with it this gives me an idea limited editions releases of games that are made in limited quantities are usually released alongside other versions of the same game and are just begging you to spend spend spend most major game releases these days have these and they usually come in various flavors youll have the standard edition which just cost the base price and usually just includes the game then theres the better edition which has different packaging usually includes some extra goodies like in-game skins maybe a mini art book or some art cards and are usually the least limited things in existence ever been to a game stop have a route around youll find about four metric tons of borderlands 3 deluxe editions and then theres the super better edition the one thats in a stupidly huge box and includes just so much useless breath of the wild had one with a big master sword statue and a map of hyrule final fantasy vii remake had a cloud strife action figure with his motorcycle randy pitfords other masterpiece aliens colonial marines had one with a big power loader statue probably one of the coolest ones is borderlands the handsome collections claptrap and a box edition including the game a steelbook smart cards and a remote controlled claptrap robot which had its own limited edition the gentleman claptrap in a box and weirdly of all the games spongebob battle for bikini bottom rehydrated had one of these it had a pair of socks some keychains art cards some stickers and three statues these ones usually are limited because who in the right mind would buy this who i dont know many explicitly limited edition things the most i have would be the sonico 6 holographic sleeve sonic forces bonus edition and the aforementioned borderlands 3 deluxe edition now as for sonico 6 ive searched online for this thing multiple times and ive only ever found two other images of it so id consider this thing decently uncommon to say the least but as for sonic forces and borderlands theyre in no way limited despite sonic forces bonus edition not being in print anymore go to a used bin or any normal bin youll find a couple copies and borderlands while there are definitely less deluxe and super deluxe editions than standard theres not really any shortage of them i wouldnt necessarily call these types of releases limited editions they can be called collectors editions ultimate editions super deluxe editions big stupid buy me additions but come on do you really think thq nordic produces more sandy cheek statues than the base game limited editions arent exclusive to game releases though they can be seen in pretty much every video game related thing for example limited edition consoles the consoles that are usually released alongside a big milestone or game release are released in limited quantities and are just begging you even harder to spend spend spend theres a bunch of these me or someone else two years ago could go on about these for minutes on end these can tie into games releasing at the time like a kingdom hearts 3 ps4 a piss flavored death stranding dualshock 4 just a bunch of game and movie movie-based xbox ones and a ps4 with sonic yeah forces oh only in china huh yeah for some reason whats in my opinion one of the best looking ps4 consoles was released to coincide with sonic forces in china is china really into sonic forces because somehow i doubt that its a shame too because i really love how this thing looks two versions were released at black and white and they both look really great i love the outlines of the yuji uikawa sonic art the scattered playstation symbols around the edges are really nice and as much as i hate sonic forces at the core i have always liked the rough militaristic look of the logo though it being all monochrome blending into the art but standing out against the base color of the console just looks really appealing to me it just bothers me that this thing was released probably the furthest place from me most limited edition consoles are like this even going back to the game boy color most of them just apply some design to the shell of the base console like the death stranding ps4 with handprints of the afrimented piss controller or just changing up the colors like the translucent n64s or a ugly reddish orange atari xbox they were like this until i ran the xbox 360 ps3 and we era when more people were getting into games than ever companies saw the increased sales in consoles after the ps2 and took the opportunity to make limited numbers of consoles look different from each other like making an xbox 360 look like a star wars to coincide with a dog connect game theyve grown increasingly elaborate since then my favorites being these ultra spiky godzilla king of monsters xbox ones these are so impractical looking to a comical degree i love these things these are just limited versions of things already available to the masses though video game related things being released in limited quantities goes way further than an already released thing being made hard to shift to get just by adding one thing to it there are a couple companies that specialize in releasing certain games and a whole bunch of useless and limited amounts for a limited time this plague upon our houses is called limited run games theyre a company that takes digital only games and sticks them on a plastic postage stamp and sticks that on a waste of space i respect what they do to an extent a good amount of the games they physicalize are digital only indie games that probably dont really have the budget to release physical versions of their own from the standpoint of someone whos all for game preservation this is cool with an asterisk sure preserving digital only games in a physical format is really neat but their name kind of gives away what i hate about them like yeah its cool that these games are being preserved in physical form but said physical forms are only available in a limited amount until a certain date thats stupid you could argue its a budget thing like they dont have the money to consistently put these out for more than a month they need that money for the among us button it goes to a good place but have you seen the useless they put in these things some are pretty neat like the doom 64 n64 box or the genesis style scott pilgrim case but then theres their 175 castlevania the collection released with a book posters and a useless nes dust sleeve and whats probably their worst release the aforementioned among us button this is the most pointless release of anything ive ever witnessed since twilight princess hd lets go over what you get here theres a steel book a reversible poster a soundtrack cd with ambient noise a button that makes sense from the game and a steam download code that isnt a physical release not only does this only appeal to people who have played among us and thus already owned the game like who would buy this other than those people im a button fanatic you know me but what would happen if you were to redeem this thing after among us hypothetically gets pulled from the steam store exactly therell be nothing to download and youve wasted your money not like you didnt do that anyway that doesnt count as a physical release the whole appeal of physical games nowadays is preserving them in a scenario in which the digital version gets pulled instead of merely owning the right to play a game you just own the game sure i have a digital copy of a hat in time on ps4 but digital can go itself i want a landfill its especially ironic since they published scott pilgrim versus the world a game that was notoriously unavailable for a decade because it was pulled from digital storefronts so what better way is there to preserve it than only available until february 28th i dont get limited run theyre a company that constantly pride themselves on being forever physical and all for the preservation of games but actively make game preservation harder by producing tiny amounts of the games they publish and you cant argue they dont have the money to produce these for more than a month because they made the double dragon neon billion jimmy figures limited run isnt the only company to do this though nintendo has recently dabbled in the market with one particular release i cant shut up about give me an s give me an upper mario 3d all-stars ive bitched about this game a ton so ill keep it brief pretty much throughout all of 2020 it was rumored that a bunch of the 3d mario games would be remastered for the switch to commemorate marios 35th anniversary september rolled around and that kinda happened meet super mario 3d all-stars a rushed emulation port job done in seven months for 60 only available until march 31st why this is what we in the field like to call artificial scarcity which can be found in a dictionary right next to the word its the practice of intentionally making something harder to get in hopes of more people scrambling to buy it putting a timer on this game made people rush to get it and you know somehow i think it worked in their favor guys i own mario 3d all stars i could be rich someday dammit its shitty enough that nintendo did this for what was one of the most anticipated releases of last year but someone just gave nintendo the button and let them jam it into the wow oh need its like tetris 99 but with the original super mario bros oh look at that its the first fire rumble game fully localized outside of japan for the first time nintendo where do you get off its bad enough they did this to the first official re-release of mario sunshine a game people are either really nostalgic for or really curious about due to it never getting a re-release which wasnt even a great version of the game until they patched it months later but also doing it to the first ever official localization of the first fire emblem game which was notoriously japan only for the longest time making it only six dollars on the eshop to prey on people who are curious about the series is actually probably one of the least shitty things nintendo did last year it honestly kind of hurts seeing nintendo a company ive grown up loving my entire life manipulate their audience in a way like this i understand im part of the problem having bought 3d all-stars for full price around the time it launched and seen people constantly say the subpar emulation in 64 and sunshine is better than nothing outright defending the lack of accessibility in mario galaxys menus and calling the fire emblem localization good enough when it comes to legacy content just further contributes to the issue i bitched about 3d all-stars for too long limited editions could be a fun incentive for people who are fans of a series to support the games and companies they love but it should always be an option and not some stipulation forced upon you like 3dl stars fire emblem really anything limited run puts out because thats manipulating peoples love for franchises and using it for profit holy i just had the weirdest dream there was this weird timer in my room getting down to zero and i owned a copy of sonic forces bonus edition son of a you Don’t blink! In wake of the surprise appearance of a mysterious countdown, local loser and resident owner of Sonic Forces Bonus Edition: Ewan The Thing Doer has only 8 minutes to spout some thoughts on limited editions! Don’t miss your chance before it’s gone forever!!**not really Songs used: Train Rush - A Hat in Time Tabloid Jargon: Press Garden Act 1 - Sonic Mania The Bandits at Jakobs’ Estate - Borderlands 3 Just Like in The Movies - Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game Skate or Live - Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game Chainlink Charge - Super Mario 3D World Train Rush - A Hat in Time again Off Beat - Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time