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subscribe, I say goodnight to all of you in mourning for your very bad money, we will continue to work on the bus that I made without giving sharp investment advice, friends, in the video I shot the day before yesterday, the title was exactly like this I mean, thank God for us, because the reason for this is the possibility of the development of the movement after the test it gave some broken daily, and the opening of shorts like crazy. the information about the movements under it is really an important detail we will follow it now when I come at 12 hours again bt-cd diary this is taken Dangerous Yes now I started to see it at 12 hours So the danger is still not over See this is the first Why is it still not in great condition Now, where is the area that needs to be followed for us guys, look, the orange one, that is, the area that needs to be followed technically after the formation fold is the orange area. This is not the case, it should be noted, but here is a situation like this. A dangerous area for me was broken again in 12 hours. Look at the region where the indicator goods opened support. Where is this 42471 region and then it is testing here for the moment What does this mean again btc So after the night close, its down It shows that it can pull back very hard, if we dont do it on this flat region of 40, I would like to point out that this area you have seen is very important for me, look inside it, especially on a daily basis, at the last time we opened. Here was the area that was already opened on the rope for 12 hours. Look, the Alanson new region you saw was just below that, what it was always for in previous situations, friends brought us the opportunity to buy, look, I have clearly stated this to you in the photo you have seen, that is, it has returned to the third year in 2021. Ive been sharing it with you for a long time, because its important to me, Im sharing it with you. Look, even if a collapse will follow, we experienced a great collapse after the reaction of these regions. I shared it days ago, so if you are going to have an opportunity to get the btc value, it may occur in the green area you have seen. 8.8 after the forward zone, this is an average of 8.8, friends, so far, there has been a pullback of 8.8. Lets go right here with btc. When I was going to look at the pullback, now when we drew a line to the region you saw in the diary, I thought, friends, I will not draw horizontal support, I drew a scratch here, Im already sorry here. It doesnt mean thick because its the region of 41 thousand 976. This is the region of 41 thousand 976. This is just below these areas, lets take a look right here, its an 8 percent pull back look, 4.25 percent after the lowest retreat area, lets see where 4.25 comes in, so where is it for us? Friends, playing 41190, 40000 psychological region has already come this far, I think 40,000 will test according to me. Of course, I knew the reactions, but only my own personal opinion, 18 and 13 will come immediately after the area, friends, lets collect it with an 8 percent retreat, together with you guys 100 Lets see what the 8.25 retracement corresponds to, lets see what 30 baseline 38.8 corresponds to 38 regions from the 38200 region. it is generally considered as a buying opportunity, but one of the dangerous elements here is that it can be considered as a buying opportunity before. It is a really big formation, my daughter, and this formation has targets, so it is necessary to be very careful. In my opinion, a scenario like this can be experienced in this video, I will remind you again that you have seen this formation. there is a movement in the areas again withdrawal here also some testing of the 38000 zones Maybe iteration 38 after that zone come back to the hall that you saw again in the 41000 zone there may be some distraction here this zone Not only the trunk, that is, it should not cover the trunk on the 45 region. For the deterioration of this formation, we continued the new uniform, we need to see a closure that he saw in many regions in the diary After that, it will be followed in terms of support and resistance, here is the picture with my pen after the 41000 region is broken, friends, if the 37 thousand 894 region is broken like this, it is 33 region, and in the 30 region where more intense buyers have been waiting, how can we make a move to see if a review will come here? We dont know that you will not do. Here for now, 12 hours after the daily, a dangerous area for me is on the rope, red lites are taking place at this hour, so it is necessary to be careful. We can see new movements in the downward direction again. a really huge shorts process is opening these days it shows a really big rice The war of the bricks and the moons was really really filmed the movie continues as well guys and if we are going to make an evaluation among the bottom sheep during this time lets see the Dominant sale lets come to the daily market for me at Dominos our soup is again Kılıç For the moment I was going to go to the top but 40.20 region summary is an important area on this area will we see independence closure or not. If btc comes a little lower Dominos here is a tough situation this match Seki has done it before. That could create a disaster for Boğazköy. Look, I state it again, I can clearly state that we are in the area where the zurna says zırna, in terms of Bitcoin and the bottom sheep, thats why these areas are the key region for us, friends, we have to be very careful when opening transactions. Know that, you will make a purchase from the region, you will make a purchase from the region, ten 115 percent in each withdrawal. But these withdrawals should take place in films born 500 percent, I do nt know how right it would be for btc. friends retreats If this is a strategy, you can buy gradually for reaction purchases that may develop again in the morning retreat Because we still do not know if this is the rope here and what is the reaction in that region So this is your capital, you can know it to e-5 I dont know that every percent You start to collect products in the pullbacks with 8 pairs of 150-200 dunes. You can see the reaction angle, and then you look at certain ratios, the reaction comes, the resistances are breaking, this is the classic move that continues to be added on. One of the things that should be done is every retreat, but not the one- percent retreats. Of course, these things mean something. Is there not one in the market from the pullback in this market At least thats why its not good, is every ten percent real? Why do we need to consider it as a buying opportunity In this respect, this is important btc, after the warning that I have given you for the last three days, friends, we talked about the dirty test, the withdrawal approach 13 percent withdrawal, which I want to talk about here, after every day Crimea, the minimum withdrawal is between 100/8 and 18 percent. Currently, thirteen percent have achieved it. I am currently making these posts in this sense, I think it is important there are tides among the sheep in some sheep, there are small separations. For example, even though the link has really withdrawn, look, even if it has been stinging for three days, one of the towers that has been rising for the last three days, interestingly obis.ego, there was a resistance there, but I want to start from here, look, friends with dash. In the region where it showed green areas in 110 102 regions. So when it came to these regions, I tried to calculate the chickpea region in the region with needles. just showed, it really emptied here, worked. As a result, if btc does not retreat until the ones that fall, it will react at certain rates from here. But if it passes in these areas, cpb specifically asks your development of harder movements. But you already see me, one of the sheep when we look at the Total Market cap So, in summary, he is trying to be pressured down, and the selling pressure will follow for me from now on. 38 Before I break this region, I personally want to point out that today the market is already lacking, the head is already clear after the Mynet situation it is trying to recover itself in the coming days Maybe it can recover a little faster in the coming days We do not know this right now, but look, some games are in real terms, albeit small, there is a divergence, at least there is a show of strength, but here btc and the general market It is also very important to follow the bottom line Ayşe I do nt like to follow the knowing sheep very much. When the trend sits, it tries to find the strongest subject and follows it, which is what it should be for me. At the moment, btc is still suppressed. A dangerous area is broken for me in 12 hours. How statistical are we? Although we say five percent, bt-cd does not think that it can be very valid after this formation. We will see it all together, we will see important body closures and independent closings, where will they come, so after the 12-hour long rope, I wanted to share the video with you. It is really dangerous here. there is a situation in this area, Hunters are still waiting, but if they turn to the sellers with these, like the one you saw, lets go down, the movement may be much harder Look, this is why it is necessary to be very careful Why Because daily As you can see in the too big photo, when we look at the TP and green and red areas We know that the mass of buyers is waiting in these regions, that if it stays in this region, this means destruction, so at least a 15-month, six-month retreat may develop after the regions, but I think it will be a long-term Bitcoin bear from now on, thats how it will take two of them three years and five years These are not possible, in my opinion, it is not possible to take it out and the market will not allow it, so the market conditions will continue, but it is an endless bear. 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