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hey people welcome to chain link live my name is andy boyan from chain link labs and this is aaron from colada finance hey aaron how you doing man yeah doing well how are you guys how is everybody uh well im great and im sure our viewers are great as well aaron just logged in and like got in the roller coaster of andy talk which is like non-stop so sorry about that welcome um but really what i want to do i want to take a break from talking and hear about colada will you tell our viewers and me please what is colada what makes it special and and how does it fit into the d5 landscape sure uh i think thats a great first question i mean uh first of all we welcome everybody joining and uh and of course uh calata is a derivatives trading platform and uh a protocol for synthetic assets right so our current version uh supports like a one-to-one pick to the asset prices which allows users from from a traditional finance field to get into the defined trading uh like easily so the users will only need to connect his or her decentralized wallet to karnataka step and then he or she will be able to start trading the global assets provided lets go specific we could say hilata synthetic asset protocol allows everybody to to mint the minters index as a tokens by locking in collaterals so the user could gain the equity of the assets without actually obtaining them which is pretty cool and and currently uh we use the busd to mean synthetic asset tokens and we will support more stable coins in the future uh through the amm automat market maker mechanism deployed in the in the decentralized exchange uh transactions of synthetic asset tokens could be automatically executed without matching buy and sell orders so for providers of synthetic asset trading liquidity they could earn trans transaction fees as well paid by the the traders so i would say this is a this is a brief introduction to the to the operation mechanism of karate and for for those who are interested to learn more in detail you can visit our official website or download whitepaper and and and of course i think part of the questions we want to be special in and we want to develop our own age our focus is always on the user experience so we will provide the highest level of support whether its through communications its social media some some specific demos guides or or technologies on the other hand we customize the popular list of assets from the global mainstream to be launched uh can give some example like uh tesla baidu uh coinbase the the dojos the ark innovation etf uh virgin galactic holdings uh you know uh pacific biosciences or california et cetera et cetera so with all these pairs uh offered an initial support on the bsc chain kalata aims to help with the global uh you know global market which helped help to make d5 trading the mainstream to everybody through our own development and and hope hope this will give some idea to to everybody yeah are those synthetic stocks are they are they live now uh they i think they are among the the first first line of uh to be launched okay cool okay because i mean thats a great list the idea of synthetics um if youre not familiar it takes a little while to get your head around its its its um access to an asset right you get exposure to an asset without having the asset itself so what are some of the synthetics that people are most excited about so so so let me break this down you deposit busd which is a stable coin its pegged to the u.s dollar and you can use that to mint a certain amount of a synthetic token that represents another asset tesla stock or amazon stock or any of the things youve said other places have gold and silver do you will you guys have commodities like that as well uh yeah yeah we we we are focusing on the the us star asset first and we will have commodities well have uh indexes the global market indexes and uh we were focusing on what users need and though we will go implement them yeah so this is an interesting question uh about derivatives because because you can well i can im a im in the us so like i can go and just get on and get derivatives myself i can go get gold i can get exposure to gold and things like that how does this on chain how does it differ having derivatives on chain or synthetics on chain as opposed to a traditional sort of finance manner well yeah uh traditional finance word uh i mean for for derivatives you could even you could not like uh like retail traders lets say forwards or swaps you cannot trade yourself you need to go through an institutional uh bio code so its its like uh we were not talking about swap or i just give examples like how retail traders could not access a lot of the tours so with with our help hopefully we we could bring in all those products cool products to everybody without you know sort of restrictions or the amount limitation or or some other you know things for readers thats really powerful thats a really powerful story that i think we need to tell better in d5 is is that thats the middleman right is the brokers and the fees and the limits and all those restrictions um emin goon from avalanche does a really good job just talking about that those middlemen and why we need that or dont need that and whats cool about uh um synthetics on blockchain and colada as a great example of that is it doesnt necessarily matter who you are youve deposited the busd theres your collateral its minted the synthetic so its not like asking for lending and its not asking for credit and its not asking for trust the trust is in the collateral um and im just just spoiler alert heres why im excited about chain link and chain link provides price feeds to make sure that collateral is accurately priced and its the best way to to provide those prices um i i stepped all over your question i was going to ask you but sir but but but i think this is actually really important and cool is right the chain link price feeds make sure that the prices of those assets are what they what you say they are are what you expect and its provided in a secure and decentralized manner so so this is really cool um and i think think synthetics are uh a really powerful use case as well um what are so heres was another question and we sort of got at this but what are the barriers that many of your users or a lot of people who want to trade derivatives what are a lot of those barriers that theyre having that colada solves sure yeah like very very good question i think we mentioned this a little bit uh giving the some examples uh lets bring in the the statistics right so the market size of of uh the unmet financial needs globally is about the five more than 5 trillion u.s dollars relative to the current defined market which has only uh i have status of like tens of billions of dollars and here it comes to the disadvantages of uh traditional finance right the typical geographical uh barriers is subject to uh we can give an example like this could mean that you are not allowed to trade certain types of assets lets say uh u.s stocks from from part of the world this will be solved by by the emergence of defy uh synthetic as a trading protocol such as calata so of course the barrier could also mean high transaction fees right uh restricted liquidity to of the traditional assets so it becomes like a high threshold of common people to hold these assets uh with kalatas help users could gain equity of assets without you know actually obtaining them uh in other words getting the opportunity to benefit from the changes we hope in the value of asset without you know you have to hold them so i think uh the synthetic assets will be able to provide a larger market relative to native crypto assets right and and for users uh who are from the traditional finance industry with some knowledge of instruments or directives uh they could all accept this concept but also synthesis very easily so we believe that uh with development of defy the types of assets that can be synthesized not continue green and will lead to uh more growth uh you know little more growth of of uh and popularity of the whole field so i hope i hope this will you know bring some insights uh to the problem were trying to solve yeah yeah you know when you talk about the underserved financial market globally thats thats a huge um huge opportunity or problem or both right um right is this part of why you launched on bsc as well is that why youre kind of thinking about low transaction fee environments okay because like when i think about going to a middleman if i go to a broker and i say i want to invest in whatever stock it is they take a chunk of that thats of the earnings so whatever they make they take a chunk of it or theres fees and at some point if im not investing enough its just not worthwhile but to them like they they dont want to do it yet a ton of the world does not have a ton of expendable income theyre theyre dealing with you know 50 of us dollars a year that they have to to play with and save with and do insurance for so when i think about um you know defy and synthetics and really getting the opportunity for financial exposure to have a super low fee environment seems pretty critical right its its critical because uh you know if you try with uh you know ethereum network or i mean the transaction fee difference is uh its not the same and the speed so we if we want to realize the goal we want to serve the unmet financial needs from from people this is critical although i know theres some improvement like l2 solutions of ethereum but thats not another topic yeah i agree with you i im most of a list ive said this before where theres room for bse theres room for ethereum theres room for l2s uh the the unserved market you just said is five trillion is so big thats five the underserved financial market globally is five times crypto total market and thats you know very embedded so let alone the rest of the market so theres room for many solutions in my mind so were not uh chain link is blockchain agnostic and so is andy as far as im concerned um yeah hey everybody we just want to reiterate sorry we got into a great conversation aaron and i welcome to chain link live from people who are now joining im talking to colada theyre on bsc this is aaron from colada uh and were just talking about what derivatives are and what need they serve in d5 and in finance in general uh its a its an important question and a fascinating question as we build out this defy ecosystem we talked a little bit about how um colada is using chain link we announced integration a couple of weeks ago um was there any custom integration work that the chainlink labs team uh worked with you guys on yeah uh you know chaining uh labs teams have been uh very considerate in helping out with the with the whole integration process right as kalata protocol is working on fulfilling uh strong personalized needs from the users for lets say u.s stock synthetic assets i i actually like hear good stories from our management and technical groups so uh again like we we calata team are very appreciated for for the support provided by by the team by by your team uh mr oliver birch and of course the whole chain link labs team and youve been very helpful in you know our like custom customized integration work that you provide to help us shout out to oliver thats awesome um so chain link labs thats who i work for thats different than the chain link protocol chain link labs helps people integrate chain link if you want to work with chain link labs and so i im just always curious how people you know uh projects worked with chain link labs or not on their chain link journey um the docs are there people can use it its open source but its cool to hear uh oliver get that shout out i know hes in paris right now so im actually i dont im a little jealous of oliver because i think hes at ecc enjoying paris um im having a little bit of conference fomo you guys i see crypto twitter and everyones in paris having fun without me not everyone its just a few people um but thanks for talking about that um so we talked a little bit about low fee chains and high high speed chains are you looking at other chains your blog says youre looking to expand elsewhere um is that a part of your roadmap yeah yeah i think so um in our case right we we like i mentioned i we think highly of ethereum l2 release and and also we are preparing to uh implement into polygon uh solana uh lets say uh near protocol uh et cetera so we like to say that uh d5 is like uh you know composed of uh lego pieces well in the process replacing the the role of traditional finance so there will come like a variety of needs uh and what we are working on is to provide the users with what they need so when you see this this like uh uh concept like learning like uh you know derivatives trading it it starts to make sense so i would say with uh security of users assets if that thats granted we would like to keep exploring whats less known uh different chains or in the in the whole blockchain world so i would say a lot of these steps related to uh you know further development uh implementing new change or we we look to like work work with changing for for you know long term and and your support has been very helpful to us in this course you know money legos is such a great narrative i love that metaphor but when you go multi-chain i dont know if you remember but like when i grew up there were legos and then there were mega bloks and then there was another one called constructs and then like there was a bunch of different ones that were all different types and those are like the different block chains and mega blocks just dont talk to legos they dont fit together right you can do the same things as long as you play on the ecosystem you know this is one of the next real steps in d5 is making the connector pieces between mega blocks and legos and this a couple years ago once 3d printing got um really you know capable and actual actually functional people started making a bunch of connector blocks now you can go buy them you just go look them up and connect your you know whatever it is lincoln logs to legos and all this sort of stuff and i think thats coming down the pipes soon so uh great to see a lot of projects you know working on that figuring that out and colada as well um do you think that oh actually we have a question from the audience about your app is your app live yes yes so we we i think we have a test test net version uh its its been tested its being uh you could try that and the functionalities uh its you know that the technical team is working with very hard on that and uh for for the uh overall process we are were of course doing the pre-sale and then of course we are moving you know towards uh you know the the launch everything and its its gonna be very quick its gonna be very quick and hope that uh answers your question coming soon thank you james for asking that uh well get a look at the colada app soon and its on testnet if people join your community do they get like sneak peeks at test net stuff uh we i i think thats uh thats a very good question uh technical teams they are they are working on that and uh i i think there will be like more more news to come or updates for our community all right so the answer is we dont know yet but thats you know sometimes we cant answer things thats okay we gotta keep the engineers happy so im not gonna promise any dates for anything but hey go join their community we got good vibes here from james yeah man yeah were feeling it i love your branding too like i know you guys are a technical project but your branding is really fantastic you got a cute seal go check out their website and stuff like that its a nicely done so props to your designers as well sure um uh were kind of running up on time here so if you guys have any questions feel free to drop them in the chat but i want to ask aaron whats coming up for colada on the roadmap in the next couple of weeks and then in the next couple of months yes yes so about our roadmap i think uh uh of course we can find some information on the on the document the website uh and i would say there could be some small changes or timeline adjustments you know whats first what second but in general uh you know the points on our roadmap were realized based on the market conditions at the specific point so the the overall fram you know framework would be the same uh so whats next um if if we have the i would say if we have the premise that palata has a stable uh decent uh base of users and supporters the plan for next would be extend the available types of assets right uh you know base assets so that more users can access the the u.s stock as representing the trend as well as the global market market indexes like i mentioned earlier as another example so uh meanwhile um i think we are planning to develop leverage in our derivatives trading so we understand that leverage application in derivatives trading would be something requires caution and professionalism so this is likely to come on next given that security and stability uh is insured so uh again realize this goal support from uh chaining is also like indispensable for our team so uh in this case i think uh i its very important because you know chaining is the is the industry standard decentralized oracle solution and the you know price feed and all the asset crisis as well as you know liquidation mechanism everything market prices we we need to rely on that and it is key to to to our uh you know success uh and its reliable so uh at this point i think i can hand back to you yeah yeah awesome no im excited to hear about new stuff when you say leverage um i dont use leverage personally but when i hear leverage im like oh you need channeling for that i get excited so um great to hear that and awesome to have uh you here with me today aaron hey man i appreciate your time will you come back and talk to me again sometime once we are like live and you guys got some some other stuff launched we can touch base later we should we should yeah its definitely and we have we have our you know uh twitter telegram discard uh blog if you want to follow us uh you know you you have your free free tool and i think the support team including myself will be uh you know help with any concerns and well work hard and hopefully uh yeah awesome so join the colada communities everythings down in the youtube description below theres like some text and then youll find links join their twitter follow the telegram or the vice versa follow their twitter and join their telegram and discord and everything like that so hey man its been nice to have you here um im gonna talk to the audience for just a minute ill talk to you in a minute aaron hello people that was cool but i really need to talk to you about some things right now smart con you guys i talked about this at the top of the of the show you got to register for smartcon its a major push its in a couple of weeks august 5th its free sign up for tickets just go google it in fact im going to put the link down in the youtube description as well to make sure you guys have access to that uh packed with speakers i was talking to one of the speakers whos like a superstar and d fight and hes like man everybodys going to be there everybody whos like is there is like a rock star and i was like dude you are a rock star hes like okay i guess i was anyways its gonna be awesome and you gotta go there sign up for for us uh ill be there ill be hosting some events ill be moderating and doing my spiel um as as usual not as much as this but um still be there and do me a favor like and subscribe this channel please um this will give you notifications about when were going live when we have new videos beyond just the q a videos when sergey is doing a talk and that gets posted or we have a new explainer videos or whatever it is like and subscribe join all the youtube channels or all the uh chainlink channels as well um twitter follow twitter of course and join the telegram and discord and community channels hey thanks to my man juan in the chat always good to see you buddy and also thank you to everybody for submitting your questions i really appreciate you guys being here and hanging out with me everybody have a good weekend or if youre watching this later then have a good day whatever day it is ill see you guys next time chain link live Kalata is a derivatives trading platform for synthetic assets supported by a peer-to-pool trading engine, where trades are executed with zero slippage against a real-time Chainlink price feed. Users can trade synthetic assets anywhere with 24/7 access and without traditional barriers.Featuring: Aaron Niu from Kalata Finance Kalata: Kalata Twitter: Kalata Telegram: Kalata Discord: Kalata Blog: This August 5-7, we’re hosting 200+ speakers across the DeFi, NFT, and wider blockchain ecosystem for three full days of panels, AMAs, and workshops. Sign up today to discover the latest research and innovations across the smart contract industry. Chainlink is the most widely used oracle network for powering hybrid smart contracts, enabling any blockchain to securely access off-chain data & computations. Learn more about Chainlink: Website Twitter Telegram Discord Kalata Protocol allows anyone to mint synthetic assets called kAssets by locking in collateral kAssets or BUSD in a Collateralized Debt Position CDP to gain exposure to the underlying asset without having to own it. If the collateralization ratio C-ratio of a CDP falls below a certain threshold, the collateral is liquidated. The real-time value of the collateral, the prices of kAssets, the C-ratios of CDPs, and liquidation prices are calculated according to price data provided by Chainlink. chainlink kalata BSC blockchain,NFT,DeFi,