chainlink emojiiOS 14 Messages: Pins, Mentions & Emoji Keyboard!

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chainlink emoji Top 3 reasons why XRP price... iOS 14 Messages: Pins, Mentions & Emoji Keyboard!
this video is sponsored by North Vee PN yo whats up guys Sam here welcome back to another video your first look today at well what can I say other than the coolest new messaging app on the planet because I message and iOS 14 has gotten some really big new features especially in group chats that honestly are gonna make it so much more fun to talk to people especially in an era of social distancing so if youre looking forward to the video drop a like down below and hit subscribe for more because I mean hey Ive heard you dont want to miss out on the cool videos about I was 14 today so lets go ahead and jump in I was 14 does not have the biggest set of new features but its revamped things like the homescreen I just made a video about that I mean there are literal widgets here now guys so Apple is not playing around it looks it looks incredible and in the messages app they havent been taken vacation either by the way if you guys want to get the new iOS 14 wallpaper I have it available over on my site so you can check it out there and you know start feeling like you got iOS 14 even if you havent jumped on any developer a public beta just yet so going into messages for the first time it largely looks to say you cant really tell if there has been any update until you actually look at your contacts and swipe from left to right on one and then you see theres a brand new way to pin conversations so you can finally get the people that you talk to the most at the very top and you get this grid like UI as Apple has demonstrated here where people that you talk to the most will show up at the top its a great idea I mean theres definitely some people that are down below its hard to find even if theyre one of my most frequently spoken with contacts so those are easier to access than ever before going into a message UI youve also got three new emoji stickers you can send out here so you can give somebody a hug you can blush I think there might be like blow a kiss or one other I dont know guys Im not a big momochi guy I mean theyre fun like every other year I use one maybe but Apple just keeps pushing them theyre like super proud of emojis and like I get it like the art team worked really hard but I just I dont get it I should say that I dont get it that being said what Apple has done with these is pretty cool there are new hairstyles headwear and you guessed it due to everything thats been happening in our world face coverage going outside wear masks please guys its the only way were gonna stop this thing so you can now reflect your dedication to keeping other people safe Im emoji mask on your person the big changes though this year are all around group chats which are honestly how I probably text the most especially when I cant be around my friends as much as I used to be able to so apples got a ton of new features first and foremost mentions this is in group meet telegram name it any other email you can find do this an email you can mention somebody to have just the messages notify them or theres a setting for you where you can only be notified in a group chat when somebody messages you now Im not a fan of meeting group chats I discussed this in a recent video so just dont do it but if you do I mean theres a way youll still be getting our messages on top of that there are now inline replies where you can specifically reply to certain messages rather than sort of adding clutter to the whole conversation which is gonna save so much space and trying to figure out whats going on like you probably have those friends you know they they get into some random discussion and youre like guys nobody cares that you just got I dont know your new car or whatever and the radios messed up so now you can have inline replies that look just like this theyre slick they look really really great and I just cant wait for my friends guy was 14 because you know right now Im the only one on the iOS 14 gang because its still in Developer Preview its not coming out until the fall of this year so I mean I also love about I was 14 is how private everything is at least on device but obviously once you go online advertisers are tracking you people are trying to get your data and thats why it worked with Nord VPN to make this video possible stay an anonymous online is tough because believe it or not guys there is money good money in tracking you and figuring out what you want and then trying to market things T well Nord VPN makes that a lot more challenging and gives you a couple of extra superpowers shows it might not be available in your country but are available in others you can now get to when you connect to a server using your VPN in that country and they might even help you get a better deal on airfare as they cant track you revisiting the site constantly to try and get the best deal the over 5,000 servers are incredibly fast and theres no limit to what you can do which is why free you guys are offering a great deal seventy percent off the three years plan when you hit the link down below in the description at Nord VPN comm slash I update its less than three buckaroos and fifty cents a month to get started today and start experiencing the internet like youve never experienced the internet before you can also now set a group photo so you can change the little icon at the very top of the screen it make it fun and Apple means to make it really fun or unique to your group look at all these pre-made options Ive never seen this many pre-made options like I mean if Apple put this much work into just fixing bugs every year I feel like the software would be perfect you can do all this stuff and then when you tap on one you can search emoji now so thats a new feature in iOS 14 as well you no longer have to scroll through it is absolutely amazing Ive never experienced what its like to search emoji like the whole keyboard is it works to search emoji like thats worth the update right there as well but now you can even adjust the style the color I mean Apple Apple really wanted you to set a picture here and if you dont you just get this UI and the whole UI here shows everybodys mini emoji or profile pictures around it because you know they introduced the iMessage profile where you can set an image last year in iOS 13 its a its nice I dont know if I love the UI it seems a little bit cluttered but its a its fresh I will give Apple that everything and the message that now just feels way more fresh and running out the new conversational features in iOS 14 Apple also made a quality of life improvement for phone calls now I know this is terrifying for some of us but lets say somebody gives you a phone call this is what it looks like now in iOS 14 it doesnt take up your entire display it is minimized it is subtle and for the first time ever you might be able to still watch your YouTube video for a couple seconds but mom dad sister brother friend best friend anybody get sides to give you a ring all right its really really great and its just nice just like Apple did with Syria this year you know that its its smaller it doesnt take up your entire screen you can see what you were up to it doesnt interrupt contact theres also a couple of other goodies sprinkled in here like the fact that you can see like typing indicators at the very top of your screen whenever somebody is talking to you thats pinned its its great I mean I can tell you it is made messaging so much more fun in just a few minutes that Ive used it and I just cant wait for you guys get your hands on it so let me know your thoughts about this down below more coverage on iOS 14 its still coming later today thanks in or vbn for sponsoring and you guys Rock see you in my next video drop a like to be enjoyed hit subscribe for more peace out Get 70% off NordVPN! Only $3.49/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at or use a coupon iupdateiOS 14 revamps the Messages app with some new features to keep staying apart interesting. You can pin your most visited conversations, mention people in group chats directly and even inline replies are supported. Plus, the incoming call UI has been shrunk finally! and theres emoji search on the keyboard. iOS 14 wallpaper: Use my referral code to get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging on a new Tesla: iPhone case: Video gear: This video is sponsored by NordVPN. Timestamps 0:00 Intro 0:49 iOS 14 wallpaper 1:00 Pin contacts 1:32 New Memoji options 2:15 Mention people 2:49 Inline messages 4:25 Group chat photo customization 4:46 Emoji search 5:34 Smaller call UI! Follow iupdate Instagram: Twitter: