chainlink bicycleInstalling Quick Release Chain on your Bicycle

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chainlink bicycle Buy VeChain VET Australia - Cointree How do I buy... Installing Quick Release Chain on your Bicycle
in this video were going to show you how to assemble a quick-release chain quick-release chains have special links that allow you to disassemble the chain without a chain tool youre going to notice that both the ends of your quick release chain will not have a pin sticking out for assembly youre going to take one end of your chain and slide it through the special link take the other special link sliding it through the opposite side of the opposite end of the chain youre now going to line up the holes with the chain push together you can now pull it apart this is going to lock your links now if you need to disassemble the chain you need to squeeze the two special links together and then youre going to squeeze the ends of the chain together this is going to allow you to slide and disassemble the chain Go to: