gate with green chainlinkInstalling A No Dig Privacy Fence Crazy Fast!

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today im going to be installing a six-foot privacy fence but not just any privacy fence this is going to be a no-dig privacy fence and the reason im able to do that is because today i have with me mark from swi fence mark tell us a little bit about yourself so i have a company my brother and i have a company out in wyoming were swi fence and supply and soon to be st augustine florida as well were gonna show adam how to build a fence without having to dig any holes which is what everybody wants to do because the holes are the absolute worst part so were going to show you how to avoid that you came here from wyoming did you did you fly down or did you drive down i flew so are your arms tired yeah its just beginning folks so what are these for so this is a spacing jig its actually made by mr fence tools thatll help us get all your posts proportionally spaced so that we dont have any sections at the end that are you know two foot long or four foot long so that theyre all exactly equal but yeah we dont exceed the eight foot maximum spacing for our rails whoops so this is the bottom okay this is the bottom because if youre going to set this in concrete your concrete would lock into these holes and we also dont have holes drilled all the way down so these holes are where well attach our rails now theres two different ways there is a lively debate anywhere you go on facebook or which way youre supposed to put these in the manufacturer has us running the two by fours here and thats with the way theyre designed but youll have a lot of people that put them on lets say our our good side was going to be this side and theyll have theyll run the two by fours on this face rather than this face which leaves the post exposed and so you can see the post the reason theyre doing that is because they can screw their rails on run their rails long and then just come with the skill saw and run right up this channel and chop them off without having to do any measuring when we turn the post this way if this is going to be our privacy side we have to measure precisely we want to make sure that all the rails fit precisely inside this channel but the nice thing is on the back side we can cover that up with the picket and never see that post i dont know if you told us or not these are called postmaster posts right now these are postmaster posts from master helico we sell a ton of these we ship them all over the country believe it or not i mean these things are like major heavy duty yeah these are nice and theyre theyre engineered for wind and thats why we use them in wyoming is because if youve ever been out there on i-80 in the winter time you know what kind of wind we get it just blows so were going to drive these into the ground thats correct and how are we going to do okay wait dont dont tell me how were going to do that hold up hold up hold it ladder and a hammer huh uh no i like the bucket its orange its definitely safety rated that means its social approved but were gonna have to do better than the hammer okay hold on sledgehammer sledgehammer right were getting warmer clearly you havent watched the channel enough i dont like to work that hard weve got to do better mega heavy duty post pounder yes no this is what well use for this project were going to be using the rhino xpd oh hang on the rhino okay were going to be using the rhino multi-pro xa which stands for extended anvil and this is the only pounder that rhino makes that will drive the postmaster post do you have any gas uh well not till usually like an hour after lunch or so no gas oh gasoline yeah ive got the cardboard here and the reason that were putting cardboard i want to be just a little bit off these posts that way i dont need to be right up against the string line with all the next posts because what can happen is the post can move just a little bit one way or another and well make sure the tops are in line which is what your eye is going to see but if the bottoms out just a little bit its not that big a deal and what i dont want to have happen is for every post to just slightly push the string then all of a sudden we have a big curve or at the end of the string were off by two inches because each one of them pushed it just a little bit so if we just set our posts up about a quarter of an inch off the string the whole time well be in good shape cool you just went down this whole line made sure that it was what six inches in transition six inches above the ground basically six to eight inches above the ground what were looking for is about a two inch above height that gives you a little room to weed eat underneath or something like that or put your mulch down so weve set the string anywhere from six to eight inches above grade with a nice transition right down there where its kind of they got that low spot and then hes going to mark all these posts at 60 inches high which should leave us a minimum of five foot six out of the ground which is what we want okay [Applause] you say win yeah go drive like stole it so theres the first three so can we talk privately here for just a second even though this is adams channel and talk about how the hacks man like hacked it up totally i dont know if it was him or the other guy but sometimes you let the monkeys run the zoo things like this happen this is the bottom because if youre going to set this in concrete your concrete would lock into these holes now we can recover because one of our sayings is we identify we adapt and we overcome so what were going to do is just drill a couple holes in here this is not going to be a big deal well face this over youll never see it itll all be okay i shouldnt be ahead of these guys im ahead of them cutting all the boards and packing them so im the pack meal all they got to do is screw them into place after i pack them over and theyre running way behind i got i got the bit so that i can go ahead and drill out where you put this post in upside down dont even well go ahead and drill this out and fix this be sure to cut this out when when we edit the video though weve already talked about this you were not here oh well im gone we dont want to make the pro look bad unfortunately im not the one editing the video in my drill video people were like you stupid idiot you didnt tighten the chuck right okay so im gonna tighten it im tightening it by hand and then im gonna do one reverse now my my chuck is locked i dont wanna hear anything [Applause] look at there it stayed yeah were building things here in georgia were showing people how you dont dig holes to build cedar pits one thing that makes this go a little bit quicker is that can you see these marks see how theres a marks every so often on these postmaster posts and so i can come down here and i can get that mark right there and ill have to do is line that up on there and thats a time saver i know we dont know each other well and i dont have his permission to be talking to you directly but im going to do that because i feel like what im going to get is a whole bunch of criticism set up here please understand that im trying to replicate what you may have at your own house with bare minimal tools and so because what youre going to be asking yourself is why is that poor fat old man doing all this work on the ground like that rather than on a bench but i want to show you the wrong way to do it so you have a better idea of probably the proper way um so now that you know the wrong way well finish this job out the wrong way the next time we come over here to adams house and do another fence well do it the right way was he making fun of me over there or was it was he still was he self-deprecating did you just deprecate in my yard dude okay dont be deprecating in my yard thats disgusting so we havent really been working all that hard and i have substandard help but we in three hours probably roughly about three hours and one trip to lowes yeah cause um you forgot the screws uh was that me i was on screws and then we were almost about to check out and we had to go back because you were gonna get half the amount of screws we needed we were still in the aisle were in the aisle anyhow this represents about three hours worth of work here laying everything out driving all the posts measuring everything with the equalizer and really once we get all these stringers up were probably only looking at maybe another hour a shower and a half maybe to finish this thing out yeah well show you some other tricks to finish that up its actually been extremely easy and the biggest issue weve had is just the sun just the heat thats it i didnt think it was that bad oh cause you you were you were over wyoming or you were crying earlier you took advil no were you were crying from wyoming were used to the heat we can handle the humidity humidity it was humid its never the heat its the humidity he was very sad earlier just downtrodden look at that fence look at it look at it look at that sweep down there the gentle sweep as it comes down the land looks beautiful i love it 15 hours later how far did we how far did we set that in three and a half feet three and a half so thats three and a half it was a nine foot post and we just drove it three and a half feet so the next question everybody wants to know is is this really going to stand up because whatd you have rolled through here a couple days ago a little hurricane yeah little well tropical storm it was upgraded it was upgraded oh okay yeah hurricane elsa well call it a hurricane or was it a blizzard with a name like elsa thats probably a blizzard lets eat on it a little bit see if you can pull it up see if you pull it up oh yeah no im not gonna pull this thing up no no definitely not let me give it a shot okay you got this here we go youre a little soccer you got gloves thats cheating by the power of grayskull no thats not good were gonna see if we can okay now were fine now we can see if we can get this thing up so we did not ruin the grind this is nice sandy ground too so this is about as easy a ground as you can get if you have heavy clay or something like that its gonna give even less oh another quarter of an inch hell pass out dont get lightheaded on me okay half inch yep only like three feet four to go we got this yeah okay like a good inch and a half that wasnt i dont like how close i am to your crotch ill be honest with you okay uh we have abused it so the point is the ground didnt give way and all of a sudden we were able to pull this thing out now in full disclosure we did cheat and we used a driver that cost about three thousand dollars but somebody if they did want to do this they could rent one of those um some people can rent those locally and stuff you know obviously we sell them if youre a professional but yeah some rental stores carry those and maybe you can talk to a rental store and get them to pick one up so once we get him over theres a heavy load upon my so what were gonna do here is were gonna build a sacrificial picket that we use for getting all of our heights cracked and well use that in conjunction with our uh bump board and so were just what were gonna do is were looking for a six inch reveal so we measure down six inches nail on a block when you do this okay come over here make sure you support it well before he shoots the nail in okay go ahead just kidding im kidding dont do that i was sitting here i was like okay go ahead now you can go i do not want shot in the hand i need two of them like one run there and one there now we can set it there and we dont have to risk it falling off itll never fall off just added because i im all about safety i know i get that from you ive gotten out this whole process world champion world champion all the way from wyoming to show us how to miss two by fours all day long yup kate olsen thank you ladies he is not taken he probably still thinks youre gross actually oh my gosh icky i can put them all in if you want okay if you want to do that so as youll notice on this were using the bump board and this is a specially designed bump board you can find at the reason we like this is because its got enough weight when you bump up against it it takes a lot of force to actually raise it which you want most people would use a string for this were not using string but instead were going from post to post now what we dont want to do when we use this is extend it out like this because if we do have a roll itll screw up our roll so we want to make sure that this is basically going between posts and only between posts we can extend it out maybe one ticket past the post and then thats it and then we need to do exactly what were going to do here transition it sit it down like this and then keep going but it takes a lot of force so i can tell when im lifting this up as opposed to a string where it takes a lot more time and finesse i can quickly reach over here grab boards slide them up under there and i can feel real fast where that where that picket needs to be so im getting them very consistent the other thing we do is every once in a while or when we come to a post we just make sure our pickets are even with the post and correct for plum if we need to what are you looking at my shoes really they are bright im talking up here this is where all the important stuffs happening not down here anyhow so what youll find is if you dont watch for your plum as youre doing these pickets theyll kind of the bottom will end up working this way the direction of travel that were going so every once in a while i want to pull just a little bit of a big gap in here at the top and thatll help keep us plum and we can see that when we cross a post whether or not its straight up and down with our post and correct that as we go so makes it super fast and super easy ready im ready i should mention normally this side will be the side facing the inside of your yard but weve got an unusual situation out here where nobody really sees this so we flipped it the other way but now we got these posts back here so what do we do about that how do we cover these up magic youve already prepared one look magically one has been prepared for us we have magically prepared it so all were going to do is we use our block same height as the fence and then were very very careful kades going to show you what a professional nailer he is boom that was that was touch and go on that one there you go we have to stay right on the edge of the board just barely get it well edit it out okay we dont edit that stuff and that friends is how you build a no-dig privacy fence i will put links in the description and you need to go check out marks channel swi fence because its not just about fencing i mean it is about fencing but yall do a lot of fun kind of crazy stuff on there too we do we like to test things yeah even if you dont care about fencing youll still be amused by watching that channel ill put all those links mark okay thanks for coming and helping me do this it looks amazing i am the laziest fencer youll ever meet send them some business and i will see you next time yeah it tends to focus on the best looking person thats just kind of like what player model am i supposed to focus on here Can 2 1/2 men install almost 200 feet of wood privacy fence in 4 hours without digging? Build and install a strong wood fence without using concrete. With help from Mark from SWI Fence, Ill show you how you can avoid the worst part about installing a new fence. Digging the holes. We used pressure-treated pine but of course, you would use this same method on a cedar fence. SUBSCRIBE: Merch The Secrets Fence Installers Dont Want You To Know! A DIY SMOKELESS Fire Pit That Actually Works! DIY Projects For The Backyard Building Raised Garden Beds Postmaster posts price includes freight - Rhino Pounders - Nail Gun - Stainless Nails - Picket Topper Bump Board - SWI Channel - I hope to inspire you to create your own projects at home after watching my videos. In everything from DIY home renovation projects to custom furniture to projects that help us become more self-sufficient, I hope to show you how with a little ingenuity you can make stuff at home too.