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- Delicious. Hey, Dan with SWI here. We wanted to show you guys how to fabric a chain link gate. Were going to use this thingy. Its called a bear hold. upbeat music This one is an inch and three eighths. Brown is an inch and five eighths. Blue is inch and seven eighths. Yellow is two and three eighths. Orange is two and seven eighths. White is a four inch. Were going to use the blue one because our gate is an inch and seven eighths gate frame. When we make our chain link gates, what we do... Our chain link swing gates. We make them two inches shorter than what the normal fabric height is. Were going to take these 70 inch, or six foot, tension bars and were going to cut two inches off of them. Safety. See how I didnt lose any fingers? Ive done this a time or two. Were going to stuff our tension bar down our chain link, like that. If we were to go ahead and put chain link up in the field, were still going to match that half a diamond at the top rail there. Theres one tension band. Were going to put five on each side. So since we did shrink the gate, youre going to have one thats a little odd. Were going to go four on the last two. So you got 1, 2, 3, 4, that would be your half. Then you start over. You go 1, 2, 3, 4. You got a half there. So now you got a whole one again. You go 1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4. I know what youre thinking, Come on, lets see the bear hold. Were getting there. Hold on one second. Just bear with me. We dont have the nuts and bolts sucked down, but thats fine. Right now, we just want to go ahead and put some stretch to this. They work best in pairs. So were going to use one here. After we put that one on, were going to put one on about down here. We want the center of the first diamond to be in the center of the top rail. So when we put that first bear hold on, we got to pull the fabric up just a little bit past where we want it to be. So that way, when we stretch it, its going to bring it down and bring it where its supposed to be. Because, as you notice right now, Im stretching it and its pulling that fabric down that direction. But now its 100% correct. This is where the tension bars are going to go. So were going to put it there and that little U-shape right there is where were going to put the receiving side of the pipe. So again, were going to bring it up just a little bit, bring the handle down and it locks into place. Again, were going to grab five tension bands. Were doing a four and a half spacing. Do another four. And then down here, we cant quite get one on yet because we need to stretch that with another bear hold. So now were going to go ahead and take off that first bear hold. So as you can see, the bottoms free. Its locked in right here. Its just brought half-mooned around that pipe and its catching right here. Thats where its locked in at. So now were going to take this and just jerk up on it like that a little bit, pop it free. So now well put it on down here. But youre not supposed to put the bear hold where you want to put the tension band. Sorry. So the bear holds are really good for gates. What else are they really good for? Interior cages, such as really short runs. You dont have to break out the pole jacks and then suck them down all the time. Half inch socket. I cant get any squeeze out of that. And you can see the gate flex actually flip up when I was putting the tension on the gate. Its good. Its snug. Youre either going to be really tight or you might be a little bit on the loose side. You cant control it because youre dealing with a certain dimension and you only have so much fabric. You cant stretch it just a little bit more or put a little bit of slack into it to accommodate it because its not a long run of chain link. If youre going with something really smaller, such as like two feet, thats where youre going to be limited to how tight you can get it. And if you get it so tight, then youre going to start stretching those diamonds out. And its just not going to look right. You remember how we said that all of this is wrong? Its all two inches too long down here. Were actually going to cut them. Were going to take our nines... Were gonna take our Klein nines... Tool I love. Were going to take them and were going to set the cutting face and were going to cut this first knuckle off. That was supposed to get cut there. Now were going to cut there. This one is an odd man out. Its all by itself. So it gets cut a half a diamond lower. And then we bend it back to make it look nice and clean. Then were just going to keep trimming right there. Why do you make your gate shorter than the actual fence is? Lets say that youre on top of concrete. So if youre on top of concrete and your chain link is really close to that concrete because your homeowner or your contractor wants it that close, you got to shorten it just a little bit so that way the gate can open freely and not drag on the ground or the concrete. See how easy? What did I just do? Lets say I cut like 20 of those, its easy. I didnt even break a sweat. Good housekeeping is key. So this thing is called, hold on, a knuckle twist tool. So were going to take this tool, were going to stick it right on there, so it slides right over it. And it re-knuckles it for you. If youre making your own gates and you dont have one of these... Theyre pretty nice. So now that we did the top and weve bent it over and over and over and over, now were going to do the bottom and fold it under and under and under. Youre going to turn your tool that way. It works really well. Sometimes, occasionally, you do have to break out the nines, but not all the time. So the last thing we got to do is we just need to put some ties on the gates. Easy twist ties on everything. Why? Because they hold for one and theyre fast. I wasnt snacking. Were going to put two ties on the gate per rail. 1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So four and five. Youre going to have an odd man out somewhere. Remember, if you are using easy twist ties, make sure and put your drill on one and put it in the highest gear that it can go on the drill speed. Now that we got our gate done, I saw some comments on the easy twist ties about are they safe and do customers complain about them? Easy twist ties are safe and theyre 100% secure. Theyre the most secure tie that you can get out there. But to make them extra safe, what we do around schools, playgrounds and residential homes that have chain link fences installed on them, we will knock that tie back to that chain link. And the purpose of that is because if somebody was to come up and bonk their head, they would just hit the top rail at that point. They cant run their hand past it and hit that tie and they cant come up to the top rail and hit that tie either. And you can go around and knock them in with your set of nines. Or you can actually take a real hammer and you can go around and knock them in with that. Thats how you fabric a chain link gate with a bear hold. And you knuckle your chain link fabric with a twist knuckler. Hope you enjoyed the video. Until next time, you have a good dang day. crackling ๐Ÿป Tool Links Below!If you have to install chain link fabric on a gate, you may as well do it as easily as possible! Today well show you exactly how we install fabric on a chain link fence gate, including stretching it with our favorite Bear Hold fence stretchers, trimming the fabric down to size, and re-knuckling the trim with the knuckle twist tool.๐Ÿป Get your own Bear Hold here! ๐Ÿป Grab a Knuckle-Twist tool: ๐Ÿป Easy Twist Ties! ๐Ÿป Easy Twist Drill Tool: Contents: 00:00 - Intro 00:28 - Setting up the fabric 02:22 - The bear hold 05:40 - Trimming and re-knuckling 08:38 - Easy twist ties