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so TJ actually wants a rematch for me clapping his gold bride Punk deck up all across the street my brother is in Christ this man is goldfish he already said what 100 it lost it oh this time around top deck TJ wants a rematch Im gonna go up the Annie this time see if he gonna try to spend some more money because I love being able to spend them on Yu-Gi-Oh cards and keep in mind if you guys are buying Yu-Gi-Oh cards then make sure to use my TCG player link it really does help me as a content creator but lets go see what hes up to before we get into this game hello look who comes crawling back oh you you want that hundred dollars back you you think you can win it bro okay I tell you what I will give you an opportunity to dual again for this 100 but this time were gonna double it up and you need to bet 200 this time I gotta bet 200 200 all right all right fine fine oh bro free money lets go so were gonna run it back with the oldie but Goldie Ive updated my Ninja deck since winning that Regional and uh I dont think he stands a chance running these games against them on Twitch by the way you guys can catch me on Twitch Monday through Friday at 11 A.M Pacific Standard time we literally destroyed him I dont think we need to make any changes its gonna be easy to oh I need to redeem myself with this gold Pride deck so this is what Im choosing to play in the ratios that I chose I really feel like making the changes that I did to this deck is going to send it over the top and Im easily going to beat Cali in a 2-0 straight if Im lucky all right big dog you ready to lose ah I was about to ask you the same question what you mean bro youre on something if you think that Im gonna uh lose here go ahead and pick I know you so well every time man every time I could never win the rock paper scissors thats the benefit of growing up with you dog Uncle Paul Ruckus over here I dont want to hear it start out with um better luck next time because you gonna need it and Im gonna go ahead and search a uh gold Pride monster from my deck to my hand and I think Dion which Ive said hold on you said search yes you said search anymore so youre good Im just gonna go ahead and troll in life thats fine I dont have any more to search anyways wait what do you mean uh Im gonna go ahead and normal summon share koozai and Im gonna pay that 600 life points to be able to Fusion summon from my hand and field you know my buddy boy the one the only rise and cart Im gonna go ahead and activate its effect to be able to summon from the deck to non-level eight monsters were gonna go ahead and use this xiamen and this deer note to be able to summon out a copy of Draco Berserker then this is going to trigger the uh deer notes effect which will allow me to summon back Im gonna summon back the share koozai here Im gonna go ahead and special summon rollerballer to my side of the field what the hell my life points are lower big dogs so I got a free summon Im thinking what this card does I still dont I still dont respect it youve summoned it every time and youve lost every time you saw me all right okay Im gonna go ahead and use both of these monsters for a Syncro summon into dragite well then and that is you going to special summon Leon from my hand and use its effect to special summon back rollerballer hey yo Im then going to set one card and I am going to pass my turn bro your your board is dog water all right so if Im getting this correct if I remember rollerballer lets you Fusion something yes Leon lets you Synchro Summit yes and then you have dragon resight to negata spell a trap Berserker to Spanish a monster yes ah um thats pretty trash Im gonna go ahead and start off by normal summoning ninja Grand Master Hanzo aha um no effect Ive been gonna go ahead in special some admits you to my side of the film were gonna send them both to graveyard now I get to summon a monster of my own Im gonna maze in the battle ninja so I have a response here Im going to declare a rollerballer Im gonna trigger the effect of Mason with Mason I will be able to special summon coggy boy Im gonna go ahead and fusion summon out pinballer now as turn player you do have priority of course were going to declare the effect of kakeros I am going to declare the effect of pinballer and Im going to snatch both of these cards wait hold on wait you didnt do that before thats what that does yeah it equips face up monsters on your side of the field to it also my life points are lower you cant activate or negate its effect thats trash dog here just take the curtains resolving the effect of cook Arrow I will special summon a ninja Grand Master Hanzo to my side of the Philadelphia defense position Ill set two cards face down Kyla and thats the end of my turn turn so at the end phase I have some effects to resolve pinballer does have to return itself since it activated its effect but in response to pinballer Im going to activate National Warrior surprise and Target this face down card to destroy theyre so trash at the game oh my God I got rid of it oh this goes to the extra deck these leave pinballer summons itself out and I draw a card from my continuous spell start my turn Im gonna go ahead and switch this to attack and Im gonna get this like bad Gladiator Beast dont you dont you dare disrespect my gold Pride monsters how dare you I dont know how much this is gonna be Im gonna attack with Draco Berserker oh all right well you attacked to Hondo Im gonna declare the effect of Hanzo allowing me to add ninja monster from my decks my hand were gonna add Baku for my deck to my hand but since I added Baku Im gonna use its effect right now Im gonna special summon it to my side of the field and add a ninja monster or ninja card from my graveyard to my hand well sir I am going to declare the effect of Draco Berserker and banish your Baku but you still here no I dont it has to be something oh I just read main phase of two Im gonna say it and Im gonna set end of turn so were gonna go ahead and draw holy yes yes yes prosperity for six theres my six dragon yeah okay okay all right whatever bro you only won because youre trash Yu-Gi-Oh deck like youve got to jump on me Ill give you that thats really all you did you just got the jump one youre still losing all of your money here if Im not gonna lie thats how I win most of my rounds I will go first Im going first right Im going first come on man I thought as your little bro youre supposed to help me out what the hell I should have went third with this hand Im gonna go ahead and set three cards face down wait what and uh thats all I got dog wait what yeah oh one draw phase Im gonna anti-spell fragrance you I Im going to chain emergency teleport ha I wonder what that card does thank you Ive got a special summon share a koozai and defense I am going to declare the effect of sharacuzza yeah Im gonna improve that all right wait what yeah Im gonna imperme that you record me right wait what Im going to imperme the Syracuse all right you did it to yourself Im gonna normal someone were gone holy God yo Im getting destroyed here Im gonna overlay into Chariot Carrie here and I think you know what this does from the last time we did this on stream but you know its cool its cool Im gonna detach and Im going to dump and add a spell and Dumbo monster and the choosing of my monster will be its gonna be Nitro head and then Im gonna go ahead Nitro head and add a Crowd Goes Wild to my hand I am then going to enter battle phase Im going to attack directly for 1900. I am going to move to main phase two I am going to set one card Im going to set two card Im going to set three card Im going to set four card Im gonna enter my end phase and Chariot carry since it used its effect will recycle itself summoning out a captain carry from my deck bro this is Gladiator beast and itll also search to my hand The Crowd Goes Wild or not the Crowd Goes Wild start your engines Im gonna drop return here Im going to summon hold on that thing is 1700 defense yes dancing leaves targeting my pocket all right were gonna send big Baku to that big body uh Im gonna special summon ninja Grand Master Hanzo use the effect of my grandmas or Hanzo here Hanzo will allow me to add go ahead and admit you to my hand and then Im gonna go ahead and special some admission to my side of the film all right and this is where I activate a summit limit youre kidding me show me the summon limit you pleb I dont have it were gonna go in the battle phase and Im gonna declare an attack main phase two Im gonna go and Link off both of my monsters Im going to make ninja Grand Master seizo and declare its effect allowing me to set when Ninjutsu art that will get me back into the Ninjutsu art dancing leaves to my side of the field Im gonna go ahead and activate better luck next time because you need a big dog yeah whatever doc Im gonna go ahead and search my deck for a leon you know I keep searching you dog I dont know what youre doing in my deck but how old is your life because I searched a leon which is 1500 attack bro Im gonna start paying like points watch because you uh added Leon to your hand im gonna give you a nice little healthy present dog here you go that drool oh thats it yeah that that should be more than enough thats it all right Im gonna go ahead and special some in this Leon I just searched in attack position um Im going to special summon a rollerball in a tack position oh and then Im going to normal summon Madame spider Im gonna activate Jiu Jitsu are dancing leaves here okay yeah get to your Goji Joey Goji OG this man is Beefy ah its like hes not what youre talking Geo effect were targeting Madame spider and the rollerballer here you already know whats happening here Im gonna activate this rollerballer to be able to Fusion summon so were gonna go ahead and summon out this pinballer and then yeah you can set this matter spider yeah Im gonna Im gonna take that from you are you ready to lose here sir yeah what else you got Im gonna go ahead and activate that came out of nowhere now youre free to special Summit a monster but its effect is negated and it can be a special summoned from the hand or the graveyard but I get to special summon out a gold Pride monster from my hand or graveyard also I get the special little monster from my graveyard but its effect is negated all right well come here ninja Grand Master Hanzo defend me defend my honor battle phase shut up Im going to attack with the Nitro head interior Hanzo and Im gonna do 3 000 damage to you Im then gonna move into main base two Im going to set a card face down that you do not know what it is Im going to return my pinballer because of its effect Im gonna draw a card for it sir sir sir trolling lockbird uh uh judge judge Im gonna go ahead and draw for turn here normal summon hanzu and activate its effects were gonna go ahead and add our new Jitsu art notebook of mystery here Im gonna use my Hanzo to attack into your face down Im gonna go ahead and activate the effect of dancing leaves this allows me to return it to the hand I will set two cards face down two mystery cards I wonder what those are I wonder what those are the dancing leaves in between the dancing leaves and the anti-spell fragrance again isnt it go ahead well good sir its been fun its been real no screw you Im not losing like this I am not going out like this not like this not like this I might just let you live another turn bro youre losing all right all right or when I activate Ninjutsu are dancing leaves hey you did place it in the other Zone its cool thats fine Im gonna tribute off my Hanzo Im gonna summon Geo here Geos effect activates one summon well I also have a starter engines I figured you out that trashy geocard you saw me on my target yeah I know my targets are Geo and obviously the starter engines and the Nitro head and the Geo yeah um well let me go ahead and get some monsters here Im gonna reveal to you a leon Im gonna reveal to you a pinballer and Im gonna reveal to you another Nitro head now go ahead and roll a dice how many Nitro heads are you playing I play yesterdays one two polar ball is three four Leons five six go dice roll dont get okay yeah lets go Leon effect Leon is going to special summon out rollerballer are you ready to admit defeat here sir no Im going to attempt to attack for 1500. Im gonna activate the effect of the Jitsu art notebook of mystery Im going to set the Geo to my side of the film and then I am going to set a the Jitsu art duplication to my side of the building I am not going to continue to attack into that Geo but instead I am then going to set a card face down and um well that is that is that is my turn holy Im like fighting for my life out here Im gonna go ahead and drop return Ill flip summon Geo declaring its effect well Target rollerballer and Leon I am going to I see the player going for youre gonna attempt to activate your dancing leaves here Im gonna declare the effectively on here to Synchro Summit its a Synchro screws all right yeah thats fine Im gonna go ahead and Synchro Summon into Draco Berserker wait what it can secret someone into anything Im gonna activate Ninjutsu art duplication Im gonna tribute off to jinjo to be able to summon monsters to my side of the film Im gonna summon ninja Grand Master Hand Soap oh something Mitzi to my side of the film and Im also going to set a green ninja activate the effect of my hand soap well get big kaga Saba boy Ill add kagero to my hand we will then normal summon kaguero and then declare its effect well use that to bring back Big Daddy Geo boy Im gonna go ahead and use kaguro in ninja Grand Master Hanzo for a link well go into crossy Ill then use my green ninja and my Geo for a contact Fusion were going amazing cross sheep is chain link one green ninja is chain link two to flip your Berserker face down ah not much I can do then yeah all right so resolving cross equals special summon honzo hanzos effect because it was chain link one we will add from the deck to the hand Well add big body tabari to the hand next I will link off the cross sheep and the Hanzo were going to make the nightmare unicorn Im gonna declare the effect of unicorn yeah discarding the cart to the graveyard to spin the new card yeah uh yep yeah and then the unicorn plus the mitsu makes access code talker using its effect we will Target The Nightmare Before you got uh yep nope that yep yo bro what happened to my dick again its getting cooked I lost the cushion game Im chilling I get to go first in game three sir bro your decks are not winning your decks bad its not good I dont know who told you that one all right are you ready to get Clap the sand is oh this hand is good I dont even know why youre saying that youre getting destroyed my hand isnt got him I dont think so Im gonna go ahead and activate a Crowd Goes Wild Im gonna reveal to you a leon to be able to search a bold Pride from my deck to my hand I am going to search uh yeah you probably guessed it rollerballer Im going to not choose to uh summon so I dont lose any life points there I just search but Im gonna normal summon ziamen Im going to pay 600 for its effect to be able to search Im going to search a boxy tune to my hand and then Im gonna go ahead and use the effects of Foxy 2 to be able to summon from my deck Im going to discard the rollerballer as well and this will allow me to summon share koozai to my side of the field I think you know this I do it all the time Im gonna declare the share queen size effect and pay 600 life points to be able to Fusion summon into a poke monster a special summon the rising carp you already know fast scoundrel but what Im gonna imperme your uh Rising cart right here lets go ahead and negate that effect right there thats a card yeah yeah so Patrick why do you have it obviously so I can play get that out of your deck throw it out of here Im going to special some in that gold Pride Leon you saw from me earlier and Im also going to use its effect to be a little special out rollerballer here to buy side of the field um unfortunately that is going to be my turn thats it oh yeah youre losing big dog Im gonna go ahead and draw for a turn here all right Im then gonna go ahead and prosperity were gonna prosperity for three this time Im gonna go ahead and add the reinforcement Army to my hand ah now I get to Ash Blossom yeah yeah whatever Doug I am then going to activate said reinforcement of the army Ill get Ninja Grand Master Hanzo to my end Ill normal summon hand soap and activate his effect with hand soap Ill be able to get nujitsu Arts mystery Ill special summon Mitzi to my side of the film I am going to chain rollerballer here yeah I figured trash like you would you Id get a YouTuber Im gonna take you yeah Im gonna go ahead and um Set uh set and uh set go ahead oh yeah whatever just this resolved the effect of your pinballer here you can have your card can I go under my turn are you you dont draw in special something to do a whole bunch of the trash uh oh I do special summon but I dont draw youre so bad the continuous spell has to be face up for me to draw I see I see I see um okay thats the end of my turn draw turn use scoundrel I have a few things that I want to do here activate my jiu jitsu archery notebook here I would just like to get to my main phase to just bash your like points in no no no no no no no no youre not bashing anything the only thing youre bashing is youre not bashing anything Im gonna go ahead and set the ninja Grand Master for my deck and then uh lets set up for game next turn my guy you are not a winner yeah next turn were gonna set the attention to me bro youre losing youre next year youre losing next turn bro youre losing gonna be an external bro I hope you got my 300 ready or my 200 theres got to be a next turn though bro still in standby phase you can subscribe oh let me get the main thing no Im not gonna let you use your rollerballers effect what are we doing here dancing League Ill tribute off my Hanzo Ill special summon big body bins Geo to my side of the field thats it thats all you have toji will Purge and permanently set your Rises no that means no Fusion somebody thats all you have special somebody that means you lost my God you have bro what do you got I got a better look next time because youre going to need it Im going to search a gold Pride monster from my deck to my hand and take the attack as life points Im gonna search a Nitro head okay uh own resolve Im gonna activate duplication here obviously activate another effect do something else Im gonna turn my Geo bro chill out let me finish it let me cook you youre summoning it no no its just adding to the hand oh okay yeah I forgot your trash cards like make you you know take life points Im gonna summon a Hanzo to my side of the field Ill summon tabari to my side of the field so thats five okay okay I hope youre ready you got three more some admits you to the side of the film okay all right and were not done we got one more one more thats thats all I I for some reason I think I cited out to Barry like a Goofy Goober Ah thats all you got bro if I had the tabari set youre losing youre losing Hanzo effect yeah you can search Baku gets added I can special somebody you a fact sure bro bro bro were gonna go ahead and add Hanzo back to my own okay bro Im not done tamari effect confusing Im gonna lose it if I die bro Im thinking losing bro youre getting clapped right now no were gonna summon Mason right here bro bro what you got what you got what you got what you got what you got I got a whole Rocky youre kidding me man you did all that for all right gecki wait no youre kidding me you did that oh right gecky who the plays my daddy wheres my daddy expect the unexpected my guy we were in a multi-negation format where cards like brageki book of eclipse and book of moon are just bad guards and here you are playing rygaki expect the unexpected whatever dog just just go just go just go just go just go I am then going to special summon Nitro head to my side of the field Im going to normal summon Syracuse no youre kidding me Id seek grow something into psychic and Punisher now Im gonna use this effect to pay a thousand life points Ill banish my rising carp and your dancing leaves Ill chain dancing leaves to bounce into the hand thats fine battle phase 8K exactly exactly I have taken 4 500 it is at 3500 and that is game foreign welcome back what happened when Im gonna give you money do you want the 200 or not oh yeah I want that 200 are you talking money with me dog Ill FedEx it to you all right Ill fax it to you yeah oh yeah I hope you I hope you feel good how long bro its gonna take at least 45 to 120 days thats just how FedEx works you might not get it whats your shirts sure its Dogwood you just sucked me who plays my daddy you got slapped up I dont know what you want from me all right man all right Ill give it to you dog you played well I I guess um that gold Pride deck is a lot better than what I expected it did some Saucy things Ill give you that but the right gecki come on man the the one of well its not even how many did you side did you side right here did you mean it uh bro there are so many questions my first question no so you cited by gecki going first into game three yes due to Menace I had 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