Ill Be A Crypto Millionaire Soon! how many chainlink to become a millionaireI Bought 7.68 Chainlink LINK Today!

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how many chainlink to become a millionaire Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade: Can ETH Prices Soar Again? The Ethereum... I Bought 7.68 Chainlink LINK Today! Ill Be A Crypto Millionaire Soon!
my friends you will love learning about chain link with me as a part of my mission to review every single cryptocurrency for you I like chain link so much which is not common when I review projects most projects I dont like this one has huge potential I think this could 100x over the next couple of cycles and Im going to tell you exactly why right here lets take a look at the data for chain link its a number 20 right now and if you exclude stable coins it is truly at the number 16th spot in crypto the current market cap is 3 billion or so what does chain link actually do and why do I think it could go up so much chain link provides data feeds for smart contracts you could call it an oracle for example if your smart contract needs to know the price of uh Bitcoin or it needs to know the price of usdc then chain link is the number one provider for all these smart contract Protocols of that information chain link is the leader in the Oracle space its got some fantastic Partners it basically works like this youve got whatever Market data youre looking for then it the chain link Network brings that data on and then sends it over to wherever its needed and this allows all these smart contracts to actually operate then chain link incentivizes oracles to provide high quality data that people can rely on and for that people pay for the data using the link token and they commit the link token and lock it up in order to run an Oracle in this most simplified version of this which Im looking to give you here chain link is also just taking a look at getting a staking system set up in the next year or so and theres just a ton of success stories on chain link theres 19 billion dollars of value secured through things that chain link provides and if you look at the chain link website youll see the chain link has enabled 7 trillion dollars with the T seven trillion dollars of transactions theres truly no other competition that is significantly close to chain link right now at providing data feeds and the more all of these platforms grow the more data feeds will be needed to supply especially as D5 grows things like gaming you need chain link for gaming to provide random numbers and then the oracles that are most trustworthy at providing random numbers can get chosen to power games theres so many use cases for chain link theres a lot of holders and all these are linked in the description you can see my exact act portfolio Linked In the description with videos reviewing most things that I hold so I bought fifty dollars of this today because dollar cost averaging is the way most people become millionaires this I got 7.68 link today for about six dollars and fifty cents each my Target price to sell this is when I can sell for 500 or so each which will be about a hundred X so Im looking at someday cashing out around six thousand dollars for this 50 and Im going to hold on until then because I see link is in a very good position if we compare link it has 655 000 holders its an erc20 token which I generally dont like to buy because the withdrawal fees off of most exchanges are high for these which means if I buy one then Im stuck holding it on an exchanger Im stuck getting hit with a two three dollar fee to put it in my heart Hardware wallet however this is so good that I need some of this and the max I love tokens with a Max total Supply this has a max supply of 1 billion link and I think this can easily get to the ethereum market cap today or the Bitcoin market cap today more accurately and where ethereum has been in the past so Bitcoin right now is sitting a little below a half trillion dollar market cap and I see that as crypto continues to grow the chain link will grow with it and it is one of my picks to be up here in the top five and when Bitcoin gets to multi-trillions of dollars a market when ethereum gets to multi-trillions of dollars a market then chain link is going to come up to and I see chain link getting to where Bitcoin is today in the future now look at heres a comparison I showed you the holders 655 000 holders for chain link thats almost double what uniswap has as and uniswap has a bigger market cap today than chain link if you look its about just like a billion or so dollars bigger but you can get an idea from that many people holding chain link as well as a very clear use case you also have hundreds of thousands more holders on the link pegged token on the binance smart chain this to me looks like an absolute no-brainer that Ive got to have some of this in my portfolio because as I keep researching crypto after crypto Im aiming to review thousands of cryptocurrencies in the future the more I review the more I get an idea of what stands out and is truly different versus what kind of sucks and is not going anywhere chain link to me it looks like its going somewhere and thats why Ive bought it now this is just what Im doing with my own wallet buying fifty dollars a day and I hope this has been useful for you if youd like to see what Im holding Ive got reviews for most cryptos Im holding in the description right now Im cranking out three new review videos a day and if youd like to give me a suggestion for what you want me to review next then go on Twitter I put up these polls like this saying what you want me to buy and review next and thats a great place to suggest a future review topic for my video if you want the best experience go to my website you can schedule a call and join my millionaire Mastermind and I always put whatever I buy each day on Twitter so I put chain link today yesterday I bought Bitcoin I tell you what I bought and why I bought it I appreciate you watching to the end of this video I hope youll find another video of mine to watch after this I love you youre awesome and Ill see you on the next video Chainlink LINK is a blockchain abstraction layer that enables universally connected smart contracts. Through a decentralized oracle network, Chainlink allows blockchains to securely interact with external data feeds, events and payment methods, providing the critical off-chain information needed by complex smart contracts to become the dominant form of digital agreement. I bought $50 of LINK today on my road to crypto millionaire! 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