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hello everybody good morning good afternoon and good evening depending on where you are in this amazing world my name is Donovan jolly and welcome everybody once again for another amazing video of DIY investing I have became a chain-link maximalist yes the rumors are true I have now dived in a chain-link Ive done a ton of analysis and research into this to fully understand why I believe that its a good project and now Im fully come to terms that I want to start investing a bigger size of my portfolio into this project moving forward I strongly believe the chain-link is tackling one of the biggest if not the biggest problem surrounding the cryptocurrency market and that is in operative ility between blockchain - blockchain as you guys know it is currently impossible for me to send Bitcoin to an etherium address and aetherium to a Bitcoin address this is a big issue that currently plagues the current ecosystem for the cryptocurrency space and chain link is aiming to solve exactly that problem from now on using chain link we no longer have issues with sending and receiving data back and forth from blockchain to blockchain and I strongly believe that this is going to be revolutionary inside of this ecosystem not only that but chain link is showing an identical fractal to the Amazon bubble in the early 2000s which led it to a monumental increase in price make sure you guys stay all the way to the end of this because you guys are not going to want to miss out on any of this exciting analysis that Im about to share with you today always remember to smash up that like button for me lets get this video out to as many link marines as possible I know that you guys are such big supporters of this crypto and I know that this analysis is really going to make you guys excited about the long-term prospect of chain link were getting so close to my goal of 20 thousand subscribers as well we only need 1.3 K left so make sure you guys smash that subscribe button and then click that notification bell so you dont miss out on any new videos like the one provided for you here I also have a discord server with over 4,000 members and its growing super super fast so if you guys want to actually join a community where you can talk about crypto share your own thoughts and perspective as well as congregate with some of the other members inside of my community you guys are definitely gonna want to join the discord its totally free all you got to do is click in the description of this video and theyre gonna find the invitation link on my discord server I also offer some of my more exclusive content like my video course and signals the video course is 20 education videos that teach you guys all of the strategies that I use the profit inside of crypto so if youre somebody that wants to actually learn how to do this by yourself you want to learn how to invest in these markets and be profitable at it that is definitely the go-to resource now the signals are a way for you guys to actually copy all of my investments that Im taking over the course of this next cycle as well as any short-term trades I will also share with you guys my long-term portfolio with exact percentages of which Ive allocated to each along with exit plans as well so if this is interesting to you guys make sure you guys join the discord server and shoot me a message and Ill get back to you as soon as possible but with all that being said I know that this video is going to completely blow your mind because what is coming for chain link is going to be monumental so lets jump right in this video today alrighty guys so here we are taking a look at chain link and Im going to be comparing it to Amazon back in the early 2000s this is going to be such a cool video for you guys Ive been looking at a chain link significantly over the last couple months basically ever since it was added to coinbase I started looking into it when it first started rallying up here but obviously I didnt want to actually buy during the hype I ended up waiting until it was about here at a dollar and sixty cents before I started accumulating I bought some of the dollar 60 cents I bought some here at two dollars and 50 cents and Im waiting for this to come back down just a little bit lower before I add to my third bag this next bag is going to be a pretty big one this is going to put it into my top-five cryptos for my long-term portfolio and I do strongly believe in the long term prospect of chain link now if you guys dont understand what chain link is or what it aims to accomplish like I stated in the intro of this video chain link is an Oracle blockchain if you guys dont know what an Oracle is an Oracle based off of the dictionary is basically somebody that can that can communicate between the physical and the non-physical now with chain link obviously this is a different sort of connotation but an Oracle blockchain just means that its a way if its what they view chain link is what they call it as middleware and they view it as the plumbing of the current cryptocurrency ecosystem basically we have this issue where its hard for me to send crypto to another blockchain and in fact you really cant because these are separate identities with chain link chain link is a system that merges all of the block chains together and allows a middleman for me to send Bitcoin two and a theory for me to send Bitcoin to an aetherium address and vice versa I can send any crypto to another cryptocurrency and I can issue it through chain link and through the chain link ecosystem and so chain link is a really cool tool its actually going to be very incentivized for you guys to hold these long term as well as exchanges for to hold these long term anybody thats running a chain link node spur in operative ility between their blockchain to blockchain it is incentivized for you to hold a significant majority of those so that you can actually earn more doing so and so chain link has a big incentive to hold long term on top of that it is going to be the framework of the entire ecosystem of crypto currencies that allow data transfer from blockchain to blockchain and this guys is word enough I dont feel like I need to explain any further if you guys want to go research into this I highly recommend that you go do so you will not be disappointed I think that over all this out of all the Kryptos has one of the best use cases out there it fixes one of the biggest problems inside of the space and for that Im going to put some money forth and actually invest some into this now lets actually go through here and do some analysis real quick Before we jump into the Amazon comparison now this is such this is the chain link chart obviously we had a massive crash this one crashed harder than virtually any of the other markets out there but it was also more overvalued compared to the rest of the pack now the way that this is looking for me Im gonna map out the Elliott Wave real quick basically this was the top of our three wave and now weve retraced back into support of the four and now in my opinion we should be getting one more final five wave impulse back back up right now with this final impulse its hard to say exactly how high it goes because we can have a very extended five wave and like we saw right here we had a one we had a three and we had a massive five wave that went all the way up this and it overextended both the one and the three we could see something similar happen in this next wave up maybe we see a really big extended five wave or you know maybe we see something like this big extended three wave and then a short five right we could see something like this but overall Im still expecting well get one more final impulse still to come now with this impulse like I said it really just depends on how impulsive this thing gets we could see Chaney go from anywhere of about six dollars all the way upwards of about ten bucks and so the thing about Elliot wave theory guys is Im not trying to accurately predict exactly where price is gonna go Im just trying to map out and show you guys what I think is happening now lets actually go here and look at the real chart that I want to share with you guys today here we have the chart of chain link and here we have the Amazon chart what Ive noticed here shout out to the guy that actually found this comparison I really tried to look all morning to find the guy I had find his chart on trading view and I even looked all through Twitter and I just couldnt find the guys a handle but there was actually a person that pointed this out on Twitter that I personally saw first hes the first person that pointed this out but I like I said I just cant figure out what person it was for me to actually give credit to so Im gonna go through and actually share this because I think that this is really important so here we have the original chain link cycle and here we have the cycle in Amazon this was after the internet bubble we go to the early 2000s and then weve basically impulse from about you know six bucks and you know were still breaking out of new all-time highs today and were currently worth over $2,300 here current inside of Amazon now what Ive noticed here is that this Amazon chart looks almost identical to the chain link consolidation that were seeing today and if we layer over the two charts you guys are gonna fully understand what Im seeing here now obviously I like chain link beforehand but now that Im actually seeing a big correlation between Amazon and the chain link cycle today makes me very confident that were gonna continue to see a very bullish outlook for chain link moving forward because like I said guys if chain link actually fulfills its prophecy of what it says sets out to be come with this Oracle blockchain and being the leader of Oracles out there guys this is literally the entire framework were talking about of the entire cryptocurrency market every single block chain would be implementing and using to some degree chain links Oracle system and its really important that we note that because you can actually make a an epic and portion of money holding it because of the fact chain Lee is currently worth about three dollars and fifty cents I actually do believe that its going to go down a little bit and well have a better time to actually enter this market but heres the thing guys Shane Lee is following this cycle really really closely in fact theres a big strong correlation here market structure doesnt always have to look exactly the same but oftentimes Rhymes and guys if we go back and take a look at some of the previous cycles here you know some of you guys might be looking at this chart and you might be thinking oh my god theres no way chain link is just gonna go straight up in the air like that and let me get to this point in a second because there actually is a significant reason why I think that we could see a parabolic run like this in chain-link now if we come in here were gonna see how correlated these two cycles are now we get the tops of the cycles right here we sell-off we come back down retest the support and then this is where we get our first higher high on this trend right chain link barely made a higher high it did come down really low to this support level here whereas whereas Amazon maintained a little bit of a higher high here but it doesnt change the fact crypto is gonna be a little bit more volatile than stocks and we always have to remember that but the fact is guys we still saw the same market structure we ended up coming back up to retest the previous breakout we ended up retesting the previous highs only to see the price is correct significantly and have a strong sell-off now I think that the reason chain link sold off so strongly and actually came all the way back down to retest the primary support levels was because of all of the FUD thats recently come out crypto being such a volatile asset it makes sense that when theres max fear inside of the market and we have this Black Swan event being the corona being the pandemic it makes sense that were gonna see a lot of volatility and so thats why I believe that we saw more volatility recently compared to just this short term correction inside of Amazon but we got an immediate buyback and channeling rallied almost the entirety of that drop and so that was a very encouraging sign now for me personally I have shorts opened since about yesterday in chain-link on the Bitcoin pairs and so I am in profit on those because I was expecting a short-term pullback here but it doesnt change the long term bullish nature that I have I can short the market I can long the market and I can have an alternative bias while doing so you guys got to remember that just because I might be short term short doesnt mean the long term has changed and if we zoom out here were gonna see that this is almost identical to what happened now it would be really encouraging to see chain Li continue to break out and go into new all-time highs but you guys might be wondering you know you just barely told us that you expect chain link to go to $10 thats not going like this in that cycle now let me make a couple points here lets go back and look at some of the other cycles from the last full run and then I think itll kind of start to make sense because this is what I wanted to point out here now if we go back and look at most of the major coins in the last cycle virtually every altcoin pumped it did not matter which one you invested in you would have made about a hundred extra turns if you would have just bought at these lower support levels before the big rally now I think that crypto is going to be very similar this next cycle around I think that will get another big parabolic run and really were just waiting on the dollar to start showing some short-term weakness which i think is coming very soon were right behind this having the having spent a major catalyst before I expect it to be a major catalyst again now this is an example of bitshares basically its not the market structure itself that Im pointing out its what happened once the real bull run actually ensued because obviously the markets basically went stagnant they didnt do much for a significant period of time before finally out of nowhere it just exploded and you guys got to understand that had you have just bought anything down in these levels these markets rallied so so so hard you would have made a lot of money another example would be - this was another cryptocurrency that had a very parabolic run and it all started out very similar we have you know our first market cycle we kind of round out and then we break the all-time highs and you know we go into that new parabolic cycle and things just get really really really crazy everything just goes straight up right now in my opinion I think that were still back here in this space I still believe that were back in here because obviously most of the curt dos havent even broke all-time highs I think that a lot of them are right here a lot of them have just started finishing their bearish consolidation and chain link has really been the only major crypto thats broken out of the all Im high and has maintained that stance now obviously if we go back and look at another major cycle that I know that you guys have heard about if we go back and take a look at a theory Im were gonna start to understand kind of what I think is playing out for us now if we go back and look at the theory Im aetherium made its first impulse with Bitcoin and aetherium really maintained that bullish stance it was really the best performing altcoin at the last cycle and it was the only one that really made a significant higher high compared to the rest of the market this one was the one that led the market now with the theory Im a theory of impulse and once again everything just basically went straight up and thats what I think that were slowly just waiting for here inside of chain-link today I mean obviously lets go take a look at chain-link real quick we have had an accumulation phase this one accumulated throughout the length of the bear market and then actually broke out and made a higher high now for me this has broken out of the previous all-time high and weve consistently stayed above it I dont expect this to fall back below this level because in my opinion weve just started this bull run weve got a couple years of up trending markets and were about to see really what the parabolic moves are gonna be in my opinion this just started going parabolic and this is mainly just the first sell-off in that phase because if you guys actually take a look at the charts finance is the only one that has price history from clear back in here for the most part most of the other major exchanges actually added chained Lincoln about right here now obviously that shows that smart money just barely started adding to this to their exchanges and so I think that well still have a pretty big increase to come as this Bull Run ensues now on a shorter time frame I actually opened some shorts here I actually open them on the Bitcoin pair but we shorted about right here and in fact if I were to actually draw exactly we shorted right here it was this little close its a hanging man candlestick pattern or formation dont quote me on that Im not really big in candlestick formations but we did manage to open a short here so we are currently in profit I expect this thing to drop back down pretty low I think that will come back down and retest about two dollars and 35 cents approximately and then from there you know we might start that next impulse but were going to have to Chansey overall its hard to say exactly whats gonna happen with chain-linked because it all hinges on Bitcoin if Bitcoin bills for a stronger sell-off you know we could come back and all the way retest some of these lower support levels down in here it really just depends it depends on Bitcoin for me personally the fact that I have a short open right now Ive already hedged my investments were gonna drop down Im gonna profit on the way down and then Im actually going to be looking to buy chain-link after this reach ace retrace thats actually what Im going to be adding to my portfolio when you guys are watching this video and Im telling you guys that Im going big in the chain-link Im not going big in a chain link right here Im going big into chain-link as it comes back down to a better price for me to invest in and so I just wanted to make that very clear overall because we are seeing such a correlated move between Amazon and between chain link today chain or Amazon was really one of the best performing stocks of all time its one of the biggest companies ever and you know these guys had a I think these guys were the first to hit a trillion in market cap it was either them or Apple I cant remember but either way guys this one has a strong fundamental use case in society everybody uses Amazon its only continuing to grow bigger now it makes sense that if you know what what Amazon did to online commerce and you know just online purchasing in general I think the chain link could do for the data transfer in the blockchain ecosystem and it makes sense what everybody will use is going to be chain link in my opinion I think that if there is going to be an Oracle thats used its going to be chain link because this one is showed the most strength out of the rest of the pack Im not saying that none of the other Oracles out there cant perform well because look at what happened to a shares when it rebranded to kneel everybody said that it was the Chinese aetherium and that thing went a thousand X plus and so you know we could see a lot of these other Oracles out there do similar to what aetherium deduce to do similar to kind of what happened with ant shares of neo following aetherium into that cycle we might see chain link lead like aetherium and then we might see a lot of these other Oracles just follow that same lead and really make a big rise now in my opinion what were seeing here in chain link is a very positive sign the fact that this is performing so well compared to the rest the market the fact that weve still maintained higher highs above the previous cycle here that makes me very bullish and you know guys because weve just barely broken out of the previous cycle high and weve only made a match macro higher high on this bullish trend in Bitcoin I personally being a long term bull look at this as one of the best long term positions that you can be holding and I will be looking to actually scale out you know by the end of 2021 somewhere right around there so these are gonna be my long-term holds Im currently short in chain-linked Im gonna hold this down a little ways and Im gonna aim to rebuy here a little bit lower because I think thatll set me up for a better risk reward entry but anyways guys this is the video I had for you I wanted to share some light and spread some things and awareness on chain link I wanted to let you guys know that this is now going to be added into my top 5 for my biggest portfolio investments heading into this next cycle I think that if theres going to be a cryptocurrency that solves a major issue its going to be chain link on top of that its also going to be tackling major issues that plagued the decentralized finance revolution thats currently taking place in crypto chain link solves all of these issues that it aims to accomplish this thing is going to be one of the best performing assets in history not just cryptocurrency and I think that it already is overall now thank you guys so much for tuning in with all that being said Ill catch you guys in the next video as always peace o Welcome back!ChainLink has been one of the most talked about Cryptos in the entire space. Link aims to tackle one of the biggest if not the biggest issue plaguing crypto. If accomplished, ChainLink will unite the entire blockchain community into one giant server. Want more Updates? Discord: TradingView @JolleyCrypto Twitter @Vajolleratzii Instagram @D.I.Y_Investing Facebook @D.I.YInvestingllc Email: Disclaimer: I am not a paid financial adviser. All analysis done on Youtube by D.I.Y Investing is for my own trading plan only. D.I.Y Investing cannot be held liable for any losses you may take trading cryptocurrency. By watching my videos you have agreed that you understand and follow my rules regarding this Disclaimer and you waive your rights for any legal action against me or my channel.