Bullish Crypto News does uniswap use chainlinkHUGE NEWS for Uniswap UNI, Polkadot DOT + Top Coin Analysis!

EthereumQué es, características, cómo funciona, objetivos, para qué Ethereum es un tipo de criptomoneda que puede funcionar por medio del protocolo conocido como PoW y utilizando un algoritmo llamado Etash. Este tipo de algoritmo ha sido diseñado para ser efectivo, eficiente y al mismo tiempo exigente y se trabaja utilizando la minería por GPU. Ether ETH Price Swings Upward After Ethereum Upgrade, but ,19 hours agoEther has risen more than 9% since the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade, which held center stage in crypto markets for much of the week. Bitcoin held fast above $30,000. does uniswap use chainlink HUGE NEWS for Uniswap UNI, Polkadot DOT + Top Coin Analysis! Bullish Crypto News
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all right whats going on everybody joshua from crypto busy and today weve got a lot of news to cover a lot to get through were going to do some technical analysis as well and some main coins uh but on top of this theres something i really want to share with you guys so the other week or other month now actually we got the honor to travel up to london and we had a sit-down interview with kryptonite and kryptonite has spelt like this as you can see and we did this proper like you know 4k setup hd interview which has got over 30 to 40 minutes of content of us talking about trading investing our top tips our best coins all of the best stuff that you can find uh from us and this is actually coming out tonight at 8 pm bst so by the time you see this video itll probably be up within an hour of that so what i want you guys to do and if you do want to hear more about it which i promise you theres a lot we cover in this and very very good stuff um go on to youtube type in kryptonites like this and you can just subscribe to them put the notification bell on or you can just click on this newest video here and were going to be having a premiere you know go ahead give it a like as well and you can chat live when the premiere comes comes live at 8pm and you can watch the whole thing well be watching along as well so if you guys do want to do thatll be fantastic and lets see if we can get sting a lot of views and we can share the information around but yeah so thats me and then thats tom and this is a very very cool experience and were very excited to see this thing come to light we havent seen it yet either so hopefully it is very very good and im sure it will be so yeah if you guys are interested in that definitely go ahead and do that ill be sharing the links down below as well just so you guys dont forget anyway lets get into the video so well start off on luna crush check out which coins are popular so were currently sorting them by social volume so this is what is talked about the most right and as you can see bitcoin is the coin of the day and is being talked about the most and bitcoin pretty much is always top there but youve got uniswap uniswap is number two today which means its getting a lot of traction um ethereum is actually uh is number three right now weve got wi-fi which is you know yeah and finance and uh thats thats doing very well socially xrp as always chain-link cardano the usual suspects really doing well there so were going to be covering most of these coins in a second on the technical side but were also going to be getting into some news articles which i think are very very interesting so were going to start off one and id really like your input down below guys you can just leave a comment and let me know what you think but here it says 93 of the top 250 coins declined in price in september d5 hype faded in september dragging prices with it now i want to hear your thoughts in the comments guys do you think the d5 hype is over do you think d5 was just that bubble that a lot of people are talking about do you think its just its not going to come back or do you think this is just you know a little blip and that things will go back to normal with the d5 market obviously we have a lot of we had a lot of booms a lot of coins that really went up in that d5 hype and is this something that is going to return i just i just thought i would mention this just to see what you guys thought because uh we actually do talk about d5 quite a lot in the interview tonight so itll be interesting to see how our opinions compare but aside from that were going to cover some ripple news so xrp slash ripple right obviously theyre two different entities ripple is the company xrp is the token but ripple might actually be moving out of the us now this is because of crushing or thats the word they use at least regulations that are being made in the u.s and now ive always said this about u.s regulations i do think its a little bit crazy i mean they are very very locked down on cryptocurrency over in the us and luckily in the uk theyre not so much um you know we still do have taxes on cryptocurrency however in the us they literally dont let you use binance and loads of the other major crypto exchanges so it is really difficult for you to get your hands on some of the best coins so i really do hope things do change for a lot of you i know are in the us and it must suck not to be able to get those coins on demand but you know it is what it is unfortunately i know theyre obviously just trying to be safe but hopefully things do kind of lessen in terms of regulation soon for the us or at least they can regulate it in a way which means the u.s can still you know have access to these major exchanges so well see what happens there but like i was saying yeah ripple are thinking of actually moving out because they said its just not really a feasible right now and uh you know the things arent really doing with the sec this is just uh its not really working for companies especially crypto companies because they need to be able to do certain things and they just cant always uh you know avoid certain rules so its going to be interesting to see whether this happens and whether other us crypto companies do uh follow through with that now with us will this have any impact on ripples price or xrps price probably not because as we know the two arent necessarily in tandem with each other so news on one doesnt always affect the other however we could see maybe something happened there but i dont expect any kind of crazy price jumps or crashes based on this news alone i just thought that would be interesting to cover and also uh to talk about kind of regulation in general up next we have some uniswap news so the d5 craze propels uni swap monthly volume over to 15.3b dollars surpassing coinbase which is just insane so uni swap something that is really pretty recent in the grand scheme of things has already surpassed queen base one of the most major crypto exchanges in the world and uh this is absolutely incredible to me and uh you know unisop is kind of at the forefront of that d5 hype the d5 craze and uh people are now using it and like i said this kind of ties in well with what were saying about the us regulation people that cant get certain tokens or finance theyre going to start to look to places such as uni swap to pick them up now the fees on uni swap are quite high and thats what annoys me because i think if they could just find a way to get the fees lower then that is where youd see even more people do it and im sure they probably will do that in the future but uh but right now the fees are extremely high and that does put off a lot of people well do some analysis on uni swap in a bit but right now lets get on to the next news article so we have ethereum hash rate hits all-time high which means mining it is now three times more profitable than btc so ethereum mining might be something that people turn to now being seeing that bcc mining really isnt as profitable as it used to be i mean back in the day when bitcoin was worth very small amounts you know bitcoin mining was definitely all the rage and it was definitely worth it whereas i think you know now its getting to the point where you can barely break even from mining so unless you have like some crazy setup going but that probably will cost you more than the bitcoin itself so its interesting to see and itll be interesting to see what happens with mining but you know ethereum seems to be the way to go now you can also go down other rates if you dont want to do mining lets say you dont have the setup for it you could go down like a masternode route which is where you buy a coin that has a masternodes you have to buy a certain amount of a coin like you know dash for example and uh then each year or in monthly segments usually it will pay out a certain amount of dash and that will usually be some kind of passive income obviously its not as stable as you know maybe interest from a bank however to compensate for that you usually will get a pretty good interest rate on your masternode amount so it kind of all weighs up however you know when dash used to be at 1 000 plus dollars you know you were getting a lot of money but now its not its down quite a lot you know youre probably not getting as much out of it but you know it is what it is and could be something worth it if you are looking for an investment in the future and finally weve got polka dot reveals initial parachain offerings to counter traditional ipos so polkadot actually reveals details of a new crowdfunding mechanism the initial parachain offering so much of the current blockchain ecosystem has been built around traditional concepts therefore its not surprising to see crowdfunding mechanisms tailored specifically for blockchain projects that resemble initial public offerings which is an ipo now obviously weve had icos in the space before back in 2017 we had that big hype and craze but now i think a lot of people are a bit more skeptical about icos now which i think they should be because you know if somethings not on the market how can you ever really guarantee especially with the lack of regulation that things will go on the market and im sure lots of people end up getting scammed by some fake icos and that really sucks and then we had ieos come in 2019 so weve got tons of different you know initial offerings but the science behind initial power chain offerings which is what polkadots bringing out so as the blockchain space continues to mature another crowdfunding mechanism has come into play so referred to as an initial power chain offering or ipo but obviously not the normal ipo this framework comes from web3 foundations flagship project polkadot so polkadot is a protocol of protocols where the relay chain provides layer 0 security and interoperability and all the power chains attached operate as sovereign layer one blockchains so weve seen many thousands of exciting projects launch implementations as smart contracts on protocols such as ethereum and any of those and more will find life as polka dot as a polka dot power chain a much more efficient powerful and optimized developer and user experience so this is going to be very interesting to see if a lot of projects will actually pick up and start on polka dot rather than ethereum or something else so its very interesting to see and im going to be very excited to see what kind of projects come soon now lets cover some coins so heres some technical analysis so this is bitcoin right now and this is doing pretty much exactly what i stated in my last video i thought we were going to break down here and come down to 10k and it does seem like were going to be doing that very shortly id be very surprised if we go up from here but uh you know its bad news for most of the coins out there however i do predict a bit of a drop for bitcoin now uh thats just quickly on bitcoin lets take a look at uni swap because we just covered it so uni swap still in this downtrend and again it did what i said in last video i said we might break through this 3.70 and come down to 2.60 and we did and weve now hit that and you know things arent looking too great for the price of uni swap which is weird because you know unisop itself is doing so well but uh you know uni swap itself might break out in the near future this seems to be a decent level of support and i cant really see things going lower than 2.50 really id be very surprised if they did lets take a look at chain link so chain link is within a bigger downtrend its within another downtrend were gonna have to break out of this trend line here and then were gonna have to try and test this major trend line and if we could break out of here then we can get to fourteen dollars potentially all the way up to twenty dollars so again keep your eye on chain link now these are some of the coins here that weve been looking at for the month however i think were going to go over and were going to take a look at polka dot since you know we just covered it so polka dot is in a pretty nice kind of downward trend right now and i think we are probably looking at something like a breakout coming very soon you can see weve got a very very strong level of support here that has now hit and i would be very inclined to see this thing go up from here break out and we could see ourselves back up to 5.50 potentially even six dollars and above so keep your eye on polka dot and finally i thought id share with you guys a random coin just to uh you know see if you want to uh invest in it or you know trade it whatever but basically its bnb so binance coin but what i really like is were in the triangle formation and were getting to the end this is a very strong level of support for this coin so what i could see happening is i was coming down to here bouncing off this and then really breaking upwards through this triangle and uh retesting 33 and above so if youd like maybe a 10 to 30 gain that could potentially be one but again if bitcoin does drop dont expect this thing to go up as much so uh just bear that in mind and dont risk too much this is not financial advice but anyway guys i hope you enjoyed this uh you know technical analysis the news everything like that and uh like i said make sure you join us live at 8 pm or you can watch it on demand afterwards on crypto busys interview on crypto nights so go over there give them some love and give this interview some love it was a really great experience big thank you to them and yeah i hope to see you guys over there and i hope you guys enjoy this video and that video so with that guys ill catch you in the next one dont forget to like and subscribe bye - VIP Coin Calls: - Get 10% off Token Metrics: - Join our Telegram: - Business Inquiries: Dont forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! 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