central florida chainlink by the footHow We Do It: Building a CHAIN LINK Security Fence - Part One EP7

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central florida chainlink by the foot ETH to USDEthereum to US Dollar... How We Do It: Building a CHAIN LINK Security Fence - Part One EP7
[Applause] gday my names steve walters and heres another edition of the contractors guide to rural fencing and ive got the nice high-vis shirt on were working um on our construction site and were putting up a security fence so a chain wire fence were going around this this site but i want to talk through how we do it and let you know its very similar to a rule fencing for this job were using 100 mb medium oil posts for the gateways 40 nb medium wall for the line posts and 80 nb medium wall for the corner posts gateways and corners a bit over a metre in about 1.2 is the hole that we dig the line posts are 800 million normally youd only go 600 but on this job they specified they wanted them in 800 you can see what weve done weve set some a line so exactly the same principle if were doing a rural fence except instead of anchoring the line to the strainer posts which we do in a rural fence we have to use our an offset star post in this corner for example weve got two star posts weve set each line separately so that we can set the line then we can mark the holes at three metre centers then we can move the wire away dig all our holes clean them out then we restrain the wire so we know were in exactly the same line and then we use that wire and offset probably about 25 30 mil and thatll give us a nice straight line all the way down so were using our sight wire to also give us the height of our posts so if you see this obviously we cant look over the top of the post like we would on a rural fence so what weve done on each of these theres a little we make a texture mark which is our ground level you can see that one was right in the concrete this mark is actually you know a good 75 mil out of the concrete but it follows the wire so what we do is we set this wire up to give us our line to flow and you can see its automatically uh counted for this hollow here weve got a high point back there where the wires on the ground and then the wires on the ground here so it just allows to give us that nice flow as you can see down the line it flows through that without all the ups and downs without having to use a ladder so we can use that bottom mark to get the line spot on what well show you now is some footage we shot earlier the concrete truck actually beat us before we could get some filming done this morning and weve got some footage of us using the vermeer and the kibble to actually put the concrete in the holes and stand the posts yeah what are we up to today yeah you know doing a bit of security yeah just a little bit so hey okay so heres a spot that were going to concrete shortly um weve got all the posts lined out holes are dug weve got our sight wire set and were just waiting for the concrete truck so you can see the corner here where the lines cross over is where the corner post will sit snug against those lines and then well offset all our line posts off the wire as we normally do in a fence line what we have to do now though is were going to grab another couple of star posts and well put them in tie that line wire to it so it doesnt move when we put concrete in the holes my name is steve walters and this is the rural contractors guide to contracting every time my names steve walters nearly forgot my name how do we stop this startup so much because ive got so many things i want to talk about so for this job were using 100 mp posts This is part one of our chain link security fencing How To guide! Hopefully it answers some of the questions you might have on this type of fencing. Comment down below if you want to see part 2!