hang chainlink with tposts andHow to use a T-post hammer

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hang chainlink with tposts and  oinbase* Pro: Login - #Sign_in... How to use a T-post hammer
in this segment of the Grand Ledge garden in the garden Im going to show you how to counter t-post this is not the way to find peoples ah your hammer right no thats not the way to do it either heres how you do you get a t-post pounder now a lot of people first time getting this me included dont know how to use one of these so were going to take a minute and were going to show you most folks grab a hold of this like this hang on here dig in sin pound really hard well try this number two and pound really hard youre not going to get very far the way to properly use one of these instruments is you lift it up and you throw it and at the end of the throw you let go now you dont have to let go exactly like I did there but basically let your hands loose so that your hands arent getting all that tension and it actually does a better job knead it in observe dont worry about it being too straight because we still got a lot of room to flex it move it around you want to get it near where you want it but it doesnt have to be absolutely accurate so again the way to use one of these pounders you lift it and you throw it like that now as far as how deep to go were working with a 48 inch fence so I want to use a ruler and keep mine you dont want it all the way down because youre not going to put your fence all the way to the top were actually going to bring the fence one to the third notch down is going to be the top we want to leave a couple extra here because were going to run a wire or line all along the let the area here onto which will place shiny objects so they can spin and this helps keep the animals away as well as the fence so you dont want 48 inches all the way to the top you want a little less than 48 inches to the third and lets see how were doing and the reason I see a little less is because you want to be able to have a little room down there at the bottom to be able to attach the holding wire and then you can pound it just a little bit more with the heavy hammer if you feel the need to or what were planning on doing is having an extra little 30 inch wide screen fence that that swings six inches up and then onto the ground to keep the critters from digging under the fence from see right here theres 48 inches so weve got about three inches or so more to pound in on this stake maybe two leaving ourselves about an inch and thats about two two notches were going to bury two more notches and this will be ready to go thanks for listening I hope you enjoyed if you get a chance theres still a couple more bowls left here to get pounded in row row row row row row one more thorough target come out and enjoy the Grand Ledge community garden my name is Vee thanks for listening you How to use a T-post hammer . Installing a t-post is not done with a sledge hammer. It is done with a tube shaped object that is thrown onto the pole as demonstrated in this video. At the bottom of the the throw, you loosen your grip. Less impact on your hands this way AND it does a better job of hammering! Taken at the Grand Ledge Community Garden.