how to attach chainlink rail endsHow to Stretch a Chain Link Fence

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how to attach chainlink rail ends Eth Pro Miner APK Download - How to Stretch a Chain Link Fence
how to make a come along fence stretcher on the cheap ill just take a two by two about three foot long because ive got a four foot chain link fence and in three spots along there you can see ive ive put a hook and threaded it pre-drilled it and screwed it in real tight and in the middle ive got an eyelet there drilled a hole through it put a bolt in it what i did with the fence here im going to take this and stretch this whole fence that corner down there id imagine thats 50 foot and uh were going to stretch it down to this post here how to do is go along the top first and tie it to the top rail loosely so it holds it in place then i come back about three maybe four foot and anything you can find that will thread down in there ive got a dial rod ive used it a couple of times and it hasnt broke on me yet that i thread it through there put this back here okay ill take this and hook it around in three spots take one in there here ill take the slack out in his slack come out and just come along this ratchet strap your ratchet a little you want to pull so it pulls it pretty tight now i take my flat rod just pull it as snug as i can its going to come back a little bit but and now all ive got to do is take my clamps and bolts and bolt that in down and release this and youve got it a stretch fence on the cheap oh How to stretch a chain link fence with items you already have at home.