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hello and welcome back to the channel my name is vijaha and today we are talking about staking and chain link now earlier on in December chain link announced staking its a new way to participate for users and essentially what we can do is we can use our link tokens and stake them to earn some passive income now how does it work exactly well were going to cover that today and were going to just quickly show you how its done now initially they announced a a small amount of Link tokens that could be staked 25 million to be exact and that filled up quite quickly now at the moment youre not able to stake anymore however they have announced that there will be a further 50 million allocation you know four further linked tokens to be staked and so thats why I think this video is going to be very valuable if thats something youre interested in now how much do you earn well at the moment its just over or just under five percent uh per year and thats paid in the link token as well so for example if you had 100 link tokens in about a years time you would probably have 105 link tokens now unfortunately at the moment youre unable to unstake and thats because in the near future chain link are making you know future updates to their staking model uh and once thats out approximately in around 9 to 12 months then users will be able to unstake so you know there is a cost here you are essentially you know having to wait 9 or 12 months that liquidity that you could have in case you needed it or in case the opportunity arises to do something else with the link tokens you sadly wont be able to it will be locked within a smart contract now lets just go and have a look on the training website uh and you know lets see how that how do you even access um the staking system so you can go to the chain link main website here and what you can do is you can go to economics and you can see theres a staking up here and then all I need to do is just click on view the app and itll take me directly to this platform and you can see Ive connected my wallet already all you need to do in the top right corner is connect your wallet and they uh allow you to connect with a number of different wallet providers and its as simple as just entering you know however many tokens you want or however many tokens you have uh and just clicking stake link and you can see at the moment its about 4.75 as the reward rate uh now you can see that as I mentioned you know 22.5 million link tokens are currently in the community pool being staked and its filled completely and filled very quickly however they are going to allow a further 50 million plus to make it 75 million link tokens in total and so thats why I think you should pay attention because this will again fill up very quickly I think and again you can see here theyve got a nice tab here where you can see the total amount staked your staking rewards so far and kind of the the percentage reward that youre going to get now an interesting thing is there is only an allocation of 7 000 link tokens per person but you know that does add up to a fair amount of you know over 30 thousand dollars so theres a theres a limit but you know its quite a fair limit uh and you might be asking right when youre sticking what are you helping secure well youre actually helping to secure this specific data feed the eighth USD data feed uh and you know if there is any uh abnormalities with any of the node providers and the values that theyre providing for this data feed as a Staker you can raise alert and this is all you can do you all you have to do is a payload transaction fee and you can basically help with the security and basically thats your role as a Staker your Staker is to help with the security by raising alerts when you know Answers by the by the node operators are incorrect and you know we want chain link to be the best Oracle we want the Oracle to work very well um and essentially thats pretty much how it works now at the moment theyve only got the one day to feed but with time they are going to add many many more and you know that right at the moment chain link does provide services for 50 plus different data feeds um so Adobe is you know in the near future we will see you know a lot more that comes with this um now Ive got this a tab open which just shows some of the roadmap for chain link stake in you can see at the moment weve got a version 0.1 thats come out so weve got the training stake in rewards weve got the partner growth program uh reputation tracking alerting the network which I just showed you now and weve got the eth USD feed now when version one comes out were gonna have a few additional things now were going to have slashing so at the moment theres no slashing but for those who perform badly or incorrectly verified data well they will be slashing over rewards there and Ive read somewhere that it could be you know around three months of rewards that can be taken off um so weve got user fee rewards as well no delegation you know Advanced tracking and of course more option to feeds and thats kind of what we discussed before and then when version two comes out uh were gonna again have more services plus lost protection and I assume somewhere around this version two point is when users will be able to unstake and kind of get their assets back um Ive read that this is going to be around 9 to 12 months you know weve had that story before so uh dont be surprised if it is going to take longer than that as well but yeah approximately 12 months lets say uh so were looking you know pretty much 2024 before um you know users will be able to really unstake and you know get their assets back so thats pretty much it with chain link staking for the time being I think its an interesting way for for you know normal everyday users like you and I to actually incorporate ourselves within the chain link network and to actually participate in its security uh by raising alerts so Im very much looking forward to that um Ill leave a link to this um uh blog post in the description which basically outlines training staking and kind of exploring its long-term goals and talking about its initial implementation so have a read of this its got some very good information here but otherwise thats pretty much it you can directly go onto this platform uh and stick your link tokens are in some nice passive income so thats all Ive got for today make sure you smash the like button subscribe to the channel and of course Ill be back with another video soon In this video we cover how to stake Chainlink and talk about the staking model for the Link token.Chainlink staking information - Stake your $LINK tokens here - Make sure you smash the like button and subscribe if youre into weekly crypto videos covering the entire Defi space! ️ My Free Newsletter - Instagram - CryptoTwitter - 🏽 Tiktok - @wajmug