6ft by 10 ft chainlink gateHow to Set a Fence Post the Easy Way

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6ft by 10 ft chainlink gate How to Mine Dogecoin? Best Dogecoin Mining... How to Set a Fence Post the Easy Way
hey guys its jeff from homerun vision here with my son matt today we are going to be installing some fence posts yeah i know real tricky right were using this new product ive never used it before so i thought you know this might be fun well make a quick video here while were building our horizontal fence and ill show you what i think about this product and if it lives up to all the height it says uh one of these bags should set one or two of these posts in our condition and it sets up in like three minutes lets get this done um matt first can we get a level on each side im gonna go to the right side ill go to this side sure why not all right lets see what we got all right and heres another use for electrical tape if i just strap it to the post then as youre holding on to the levels you can manipulate the pull real easy okay all right okay so i read the instructions im pretty confident what im doing and im not using the safety gear feel free to use the safety gear if you want to and it says just roll it its a two-part mix and after you break the seal in the middle you got 20 seconds to mix it up cut a corner pour it in and then stand back so here we go oh yeah see that thats actually doesnt take a lot of pressure anybody could do this okay so were going to give it a mix that sounds like about 20 seconds to me and that should be holding it level at this point right yes sure all right lets see if that works that didnt look like it came out like its supposed to maybe you should have read the instructions i did read the instructions it said roll in that direction yeah break it mix it for 20 seconds pour it out the foam didnt expand oh yeah thats my bed well try that again so you got to shake it back and forth in the in the bag stone is not comfortable um theres more material here than here this is like the arrows tell you which way to roll and i did that properly what i didnt do right matt is i never forced all this material to come in here and mix so there wasnt enough of the mixing agent and its foaming now you see it growing yeah shut up look at that maybe i wont do this i think it just took longer for the reaction to happen all right lets just give it a minute its still growing too so it is growing so it is finally reacting i just okay so how long would i have to stand here keeping it three minutes yes the chemical reaction is happening its growing now the only question is did i need a whole bag or is this just gonna be like one of these volcano science experiments from grade eight its expansion foam so its growing pretty good now this is kind of fun to watch i think we struck a pepsi reserve pocket yeah its its its odd i feel like um were in a bit of trouble here has it got any ability to stand on its own power yet or is that foam not solid no i wouldnt even try if it if it looks like foam on the top of a pepsi well this is a real time challenger i mean yeah you just keep it level and well see what happens and when its all done well just cut away the extra foam that we dont need but one thing to note is when youre pouring it in make sure youre not pouring it from from really high up youre going to stain your wood and you have to sand it all off after so its really growing so i drilled a three foot hole with a six inch auger bit and im using a four by four post and according to the instructions it should only take between half and one bag then it might be a better idea if you uh have your post anchored with another piece of wood so but were just trying to see if this if you can cheat if this works i dont have one of those post levels you see those little plastic yellow thing that has a strap on it what does it level itself to well it attaches to the post and it has a level on both sides like were doing oh okay this is kind of like a homemade diy poster but i like it better because the longer the level the more accurate the reading yep okay uh three minutes apparently should i spin it to like no no no no no dont dont do anything its setting up pretty good if you let go is it going to stay still probably not lets find out that looks pretty good all right lets leave it alone then no no no no dont touch it im just poking at it youll get it you wont be allowed in the house for like a week oh yeah yeah wow you can really fine tune that eh thats pretty incredible yeah its still growing yeah like okay well three minutes has gone by post is holding itself up okay its uh doesnt feel incredibly solid though does it like no its definitely you can move it yeah so im curious to know how much more embedded it feels after a couple of hours anyway well were done with that supposed to drop into something like concrete isnt it yeah well should be able to hold the fence up in the wind so yeah well have to wait and see all right well ill tell you what were going to come back later on this afternoon and uh give it the old shake test and see how well its anchored in the ground it shouldnt have been much problem because its mostly ga compacted here so youd think itd be a good base for a post should be all right bud fingers crossed if this works thats great because its better than the alternatives oh right its a lot faster than working with cement a lot cleaner costs a few more bucks but we got enough work to do around here i dont mind uh spending a few more bucks getting something done fast and easy right this is awesome well we just got our lawn seeded and were watering if you want to check out how to seed your yard you can click the link up here but this is awesome wow okay so its been about a half an hour right about 30 minutes now this is really set if it gets any more dense i would be really surprised i think the secret for me now is um probably add some water tomorrow help compact whatevers laying around but that foam should expand and fill up every nook and cranny in the ground wow maddie this works oh you got this cancer stick in your face do you well thats gonna thats gonna hold sweet all right i was a little skeptical to be honest with you the package had uh homes approved on it im always hesitant to take the word of a tv star lord knows they never get paid for their opinion all right well listen there you go now we know that this is gonna work you can try it at home too im pretty confident i like that um i dont know im here its not as comfortable its not as solid as a bed of concrete the next day but like i said its only been 30 minutes well im really happy with the product thats good because this will make it quick and simple for me now listen if youre watching a video about how to put a post in the ground youre probably interested in a lot of these videos right here deck and fence videos that weve done over the last few years its a playlist of all kinds of different projects maybe some information there can be there to help you out well see in the next video soon Today we are going to be installing some fence posts! 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