handla chainlinkHow to patch and repair a chain link fence DIY

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handla chainlink Convert 50 USD to ETH... How to patch and repair a chain link fence DIY
all right a huge tree fell and squish my fence and really damaged actually damage the chain-link itself so Im replacing this whole area because it was all bent to heck and actually that tree can be seen falling on one of my other videos but were going to replace this section with my new role I have prepped it Ive got the top rail set in already I had to go back mutants theyre all bent up my my fence is the its the same even though it looks like its bowing up its the its the ground that does thats not a chance so its equal to the ground so the way it looks mowed it Ive flipped all the old fence away but in the new top rail and I want to start putting in a new section Ill show you how to do that all right for this we need a few things a good pair of clippers while I use a little linesmans pliers because theyre theyre pretty strong and they clip through a lot of stuff Im going to give a pull along oh come on Im sorry and a fence symmetric if you dont have this stuff it would be quite difficult to do it Im also going to use my golf court because its a mobile stable force if you have like trees and stuff nearby your fence that will work too but well just go from there all right I have the fence laid out Im going to do some weaving Im going to weave it together to this piece Im going to pull it tight at the end and Ill weave it on that end then Im just going to tie it on down to the poles very simple Ive noticed some damaged and bent pieces on the end here now if you want it to you can meticulously bend them back into place Im going to just probably going to pull a piece out of straight pieces like here what well do is well unbend one of these pieces we just twist this piece out and thats the weaving whenever you ever you put it on to the existing fence just weave that one piece it looks like this when its out leave it down into the fence twisting it until it goes down to the bottom you bend the little piece which this ones cut off but you bend the little piece back that hold it in place and then stretch it Ive cut this piece close to the pole some with the new fence to mix it to a slot shiner so its going to mix in with this pole basically and it didnt get it exactly close because I need an outer piece like this one to attach the other piece Im going to weave in basically all you do is just like I said just twist it out and taste right out of it I clip these seizures and put them in it just undo the loose every time but like I said if youre short on material then you can either meticulously bend or save every piece down there somewhere got weaved in you see where I see the old wire and you are the difference in color have a fence pulled out its not stretch it so its really wrinkly and Ive got a golf cart set in place to hook up the fence stretcher into the pulley strips it alone Ive got it pulled kind of tight and I have it right before the where were going to hem it in here what Im going to do is Im going to pull it on this side make it a little bit tighter it as close as I can to here want to hem it through then I want to let go of the tension and that will make the fence as tight as I can get it its not quite as tight as I kind of first installed it but itll be will be as good as I can get it these circumstances see how its got a little bit of instead of wrinkles in it hopefully well be able to pull all that out get it even with the ground - so Im we trying to even it out in the next few minutes all right a little bit of a mess up pulled it too tight or at least this at this section to tighten it wasnt allowed to stretch out that section so I have to go and pull that section out by hand the best I can we have to fix that section thats Im not going to have that up and be bored up by fence and Ill try it again a few minutes okay this time I did it a smart way I use the come-along to tighten it up and it didnt bend the individual piece of fence its got it pulled tight Ive started to unwind this piece out of the sense like that almost done its hard to do in one hand but why dont be everything on video Ill remove that piece I will put this piece back here and leave these two pieces together when I let go of this of the the come-along that pulls it should pull this back tight enough where the whole fence is still straight it should be good Ill just tie it down with a little metal tines like that focus there it is we should be good to go although I cant do it with only one hand so I put this down all right Ive got it weave back together that should fix itself run for tightens up heres that little monster running through the yard what are you doing and she fix itself whenever I let go of it you just come back to go for it and take this off and hopefully itll be tight enough all right I weaved it together Im just Im not happy with the tension this - really you can see from this side snaps back real quick this ones kind of bouncing wobbly so Im going to do is pull this another link in and then weave it together all right I took two whole links out of it which I think made a big difference thats the last piece right there and you can tell the difference in distances snaps that still kind of wobbly but I think a couple rains will set it in the ground pretty good so I got to put some more ties onto it well once again especially with the patch patches are hard to stretch I think slow alright its pretty decent I was left to do is clean up and tie it down a couple more places it will be done its almost 60 feet battery be replaced its almost even on the top except right there theres a big hill here so it looks like the looks like Ive measured it wrong but its not A huge tree fell on my fence as seen on my other video. 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