4 Tricks. cracked chainlinkHow To Open A Tight Chain Quick Link, Without Special Opener Tool.

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cracked chainlink Mining Settings for Nvidia RTX... How To Open A Tight Chain Quick Link, Without Special Opener Tool. 4 Tricks.
hi guys this is quick link and yes my viewers were right that this quick link was put on this testing bike in the factory wrong because this arrow was directing that direction was pointing out that direction when the chain goes forward through the cassette to the crankset this arrow should go with the direction of the movement like that now im going to show you a couple of ways of opening this quick link which is really stiff because its new without a special tool were gonna use anything you have at home that might be helpful and that would be the pliers or the adjustable pliers or hydraulic pliers if you if you call it like that and then some old shifting cable just old cable like a charging cable this is i think the cable for the camera or a wire we dont want to have tension on the chain while breaking it because it will kind of explode so just remove it from the crank set and it will be very easy to operate now with the links me oh [Applause] foreign [Applause] [Applause] thanks for dropping by to my studio see you in the next one you Opening an old quick link is no brainer - you can basically do it with you hands, but when it comes to a new one, maybe 12 speed, youre going to need some simple things, in order to remove the chain from your bicycle. organic food I use once a day our cycling forum our Facebook group