chainlink earnHow To Make Passive Income With Crypto - ChainLink and Binance Dollar BUSD On BlockFi

Why Is Bitcoin Going Up? – Forbes Advisor INDIA Ethereum ETH, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, has followed a similar trajectory over the last month, and is currently trading at its highest level since Ethereum: Fairly Valued But Potential For High Returns Ethereum ETH-USD is a smart contract platform where value is determined by the applications built on the platform and as a result, a valuation of Ether should be based on an estimate of the chainlink earn How To Make Passive Income With Crypto - ChainLink and Binance Dollar BUSD On BlockFi
chainlink earn DOGEUSD 1-day price chart: Following a low point, DOGE rises... How To Make Passive Income With Crypto - ChainLink and Binance Dollar BUSD On BlockFi
hello everybody my name is sanad and welcome to another episode of the clever millionaire in todays video we are going to be talking about one of my favorite platforms to earn some passive income with crypto ive been using this platform since last year and i absolutely love it youre probably asking yourself what platform is it it is block five i have been with blog five for a while now and i love how simple it is to make some passive income the way block five works is pretty simple all you have to do is create an account link will be in the description box below and then buy some crypto either on block fi or deposit some crypto from an exchange or wallet onto block five and every single day your crypto will earn you some passive income best of all the interest is accrued daily but they do pay it at the end of every single month so every single day you are going to see your interest grow your passive income grow and at the end of the month it will be paid out to you in the cryptocurrency that you are holding lets say you are holding bitcoin every single day that you hold it on block five you are earning even more bitcoin at the end of the month it is paid out to you and then you will be earning bitcoin on top of the bitcoin that you had plus the bitcoin that they gave you it will get compounded and you will earn even more bitcoin so over time your bitcoin will compound and you will be earning more and more every single day which in my opinion is absolutely awesome with block fight you are earning two ways lets say you are holding bitcoin the price of bitcoin goes up now the bitcoin in your account will be valued even more plus it will cause it to make you even more daily passive income it is a win-win situation but one thing that i like about blockfi is that they are constantly improving and adding more features you have probably heard about their credit card which in my opinion is going to be a major success when they launch it also you can take loans out against your cryptocurrency and they have a ton of other features but now block fi has added two more coins which i believe is going to drive more traffic to the block 5 platform youre probably wondering what two coins did block fi add block 5 adds support for chain link and binance usd we all know block 5 is an awesome platform to earn some interest on your crypto and right now they have added two new coins and here are the interest rates that they will be paying if you are holding these two coins on block five first for binance usd youll be earning 8.6 every single year also on chain link youll be earning five point five percent so if youre a fan of these two coins check out block five and start earning some daily interest in my opinion this is excellent use for block five for chain link and the binance usd first off if youre a user of block fight you want block fight to add as many coins as possible this way we can diversify our portfolios on block fire also if you are holding chain link in my opinion this just makes chain link look even better chain link is an awesome project and especially if they are getting partnerships left and right and they are one of the few coins that is accepted on block five in my opinion chain link has a very bright future ahead so here are all the coins that you can earn interest with on block five first we have bitcoin as you can see i only have about 155 dollars on my blog fire account in bitcoin but i have earned over 323 dollars in free bitcoin on block five and then i ended up withdrawing it to buy some altcoins but it will definitely be coming back so i can earn six percent interest on my bitcoin also ethereum right now is paying 5.25 percent litecoin is paying 6.5 chain link the new edition is paying 5.5 and then pax gold is paying five percent usd 8.6 binance usd 8.6 pax is 8.6 as well and gusd is 8.6 as well as you can see all the stable coins are earning eight point six percent and bitcoin and all the other litecoins are ranging between five and six percent personally i cant wait for the block five credit card to come out so i can start earning even more bitcoin they have some awesome bonuses awesome benefits where you are able to earn some free crypto and once this credit card comes out i will start using it and i will start accumulating even more bitcoin especially over the long term it will compound i will be getting more free bitcoin from the credit card it will be a win-win situation where i will accumulate even more bitcoin in the long term all right everybody there you go a quick little update on block fight if you want to check it out link will be in the description box below and as always smash the like button subscribe to the channel if you have any questions whatsoever do not hesitate to drop them in the comment section below and see the next video peace out you Join BlockFi And Get Up To $250 Worth Of FREE BitCoin – Earn Passive Income With Your Cryptocurrency On BlockFi KuCoin Best 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I will show you how much money I made on blockfi my passive income. we are going to go over the interest rates that blockfi offers on bitcoin and eth. As part of our commitment to providing a robust end-to-end experience for crypto investors, we’re thrilled to announce that BlockFi now supports Chainlink LINK and Binance USD BUSD in eligible markets. In addition to the ability to earn compound interest in crypto on each of these currencies in your BlockFi Interest Account BIA, you can now buy, sell, and trade these new currencies into any currency currently available on our trading platform, which includes Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Paxos Gold PAXG, Paxos Standard PAX, Gemini dollar GUSD, and USD Coin USDC. ChainLink,PassiveIncome,BlockFi,