chainlink gate constructionHow to Make a Custom Gate With an Outer TC Rust 2022

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chainlink gate construction 9 Exchanges to Buy Crypto Bitcoin in New York... How to Make a Custom Gate With an Outer TC Rust 2022
hey guys welcome back to another video today im going to be showing you how to build my favorite custom base design so ive got my triad base which will be linked in the description and a card up in the right corner maybe so first what were going to do is build up a few foundations so we see that upkeep and building privilege sign disappear just keep going and see its disappeared you want to make sure it disappears at least to here so that way when we put the triangle down well be able to place our tc so then upgrade like so then place our tc in put a lock on it grab our window upgrade it and then place it on the window frame next what were going to do is come back here grab our wall frame place triangle like so and now there are two things you can do here you can place your window or like that and then like so now there are two things right here one you come over here place a vertical embrasure like so offers you could shoot it out but if someone gets tc then they can easily just pick it up and get in so personally i prefer to use shop fronts that way i just can see out there so theres some pesky door campers while not risking people just picking it up and gaining access so once you got that done i also like to add another shopkin to the back within a garage door on the front like so now you want the double door here for quick and easy engine put the garage door on the back for extra rocket cost so then were going to connect it up like so upgrade like that then when youre placing these shop fronts right here theyre actually going to be facing out because its weird sometimes that you cant rotate it because of how close that one is so then once youve got that its all much pretty done all you can do now is just come over here and press that it should remember the building privilege then what youre gonna do is build yourself up here like that and then were gonna be going with the three barricade method where you got one and then you place your other one over here you wanna make sure those bottom like triangle bits are lined up with the edge of the triangle uh floor place that in and then id recommend putting it closer to the middle but not too far away from the front that way people cant just jump over but also not just sit there and shoot out turrets and such so you can just do that like that then you can just come in here and remove all of these like so now i will recommend that you build these gates and put in the shop fronts before you put up any walls as depending on how close you put them to the shop the uh frames you might not be able to place them in later which i have accidentally done in the past and there you go this is my favorite outer gate design because even if they raid the tc then they still have to go through a door and then a garage door or just straight through the shotgun so lets bring your total cost up to about lets see three right here four and then seven if you enjoyed the video like and subscribe and comment and ill see you in the next one bye so Today I will be showing you how to build my favorite custom gate design. For more tutorials like, comment and subscribe!Triad Base Design: Materials: Wood ~ 700 Stone ~ 3400 Metal ~ 2400 Music: The Joint is Jumpin - Joel Cummins The Thought of You - TrackTribe