chainlink ice iridium rectangular mens sunglassesHow To: Interchange the Oakley Chainlink Lenses SportRx

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chain link chain link chain link everyone this is Rob from sport rx and we are here today to talk about how to interchange the lenses on your Oakley chain links so its really easy youre going to be a pro here in just about a minute what you want to do is get the lenses out this way so away from you and then when youre putting the lenses back in back towards you so the way I like to do it is I like to hold it vertically like this basically what Im going to do here with this motion and putting my fingers right there fingers right there thumb right there as I open up the frame a little bit its got a little bit of give just kind of pull it that way pull it that way and as youre pulling it open with the thumb with your thumbs push that lens and itll come right up shouldnt be too hard boom and then when you want to get the lens back in what you want to do is start with the lens and the groove theres an obvious groove in there just plant that groove right in there start with one corner just make sure youre kind of nice and lined up evenly and then youre going to have to get the other side in thats worth a little bit of skill comes in with your thumbs youre just going to push in youll hear a beautiful little snap and boom youre in so to get the lenses out a little bit of open motion push that guy out get the lenses back in seat it in the groove follow the lines a little bit of a snap boom of course you got your fingerprints on there so clean them off with your handy dandy microfiber cloth if you need lenses for these you can get them from sporter XCOM rx yes prescription we can get you prescription lenses for your chain links yeh call us up email us we got opticians on staff wed love to help you out and get you seen better while doing what you love sport rx baby hi thanks for watching that video subscribe to our channel over here check out our latest video right somewhere around there please please like this video or dont like it if you dont like it but put something down there but you should like this video and then check out our website our awesome website is right over here sport rx calm baby and forget on your face or in the case that way you dont have to replace Rob from SportRx shows you how to change the lenses on the Oakley Chainlink sunglasses. The Oakley Chainlink sunglasses are designed for the active lifestyle and your protection will never be compromised in these impact resistant, O-Matter sunglasses.Shop Oakley: Shop Oakley Chainlink: CONTACT US: Email: Phone: 877 789-3633 FOLLOW US: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Find the best sports prescription eyewear for your specific needs at SportRx